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Cobra Starship – The Church of Hot Addiction

Cobra Starship – The Church of Hot Addiction
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Polls open in Egyptian elections

Polls open in Egyptian elections
Egyptian voters headed to the polls Sunday in parliamentary elections that critics have said could be tainted by fraud and intimidation.
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Rowlett citizens turn out to support council
The council chambers resembled a church Tuesday as Christians showed up to support the council鈥檚 decision to continue an invocation despite recent challenges from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) that the council was in violation of the Constitution.
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In Alexandria, a quiet Egypt election, a weakened Muslim Brotherhood
After weeks of intimidation and a roundup of dozens of Muslim Brotherhood activists, the Egypt election is looking like a landslide for the ruling National Democratic Party of President Hosni Mubarak
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Q&A: What are the similarities of the church & state issues vs. science & religion?

Question by RBLee: What are the similarities of the church & state issues vs. science & religion?
Brainiacs untie! 馃榾 Think hard. Avoid speculation or defense.

In the exacting, evidence requiring nature of science has there ever been any evidence to disprove evolution and the convictions of the state from their own perspective?

By the same token, by the faith, scriptural & biblical acheological based perspectives of the church & religion (religion,not in the label definition, but in the broad term of the denominational umbrella) has there ever been more contradictiion by their own evidence than fact?

Try to answer that without an emotional response!

Best answer:

Answer by Mesperanto
Try to answer that? I had a problem trying to understand it. Could you rewrite it in atheist please.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Latest Equality Vs Freedom News

A day of thanks, seen through the eyes of a Pilgrim: editorial
Today, Americans in every imaginable circumstance give thanks, as well they should. For the blessings of providence down through the years, the only fitting response is gratitude.
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Final resolutions to the 7th international conference on EU, Turkey and the Kurds
The 7th International EUTCC Annual conference has once more brought together contributors including leading academics, writers, legal experts, human rights organizations and prominent Turkish and Kurdish intellectuals from all over the world to debate over two days the progress that has been made in Turkey鈥檚 bid for accession to the European Union and examine the situation of human rights in …
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What Makes Millennials Happy?
As if life weren’t complicated enough in an era of technological and economic flux, today’s 18-25-year-olds must also cope with unpredictable shifts in gender roles. It’s one aspect of the culture wars in which no one is granted the safety of non-combatant status.
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FreedomVOICE Systems Offers New Telecommunications Agent Opportunity for Hosted VoIP PBX

Encinitas, CA (PRWEB) January 24, 2008

FreedomVOICE Systems, a licensed telecommunications carrier specializing in virtual office solutions, has developed a new agent opportunity for its Hosted VoIP PBX service, FreedomIQ.

“We see FreedomIQ as the future of telecommunications,” says agent Jason Silvis of Telepathy Networks, LLC. “Before we found FreedomVOICE Systems, we had explored several other vendors to find a PBX to complement our other voice and data services. No other compensation plan or product could match what FreedomVOICE has to offer. FreedomIQ has become our primary product.”

According to FreedomVOICE Systems officials, agents receive commissions for initial and ongoing revenue based on a tiered structure:

20% commission for direct sales.
10% commission for sales made by recruited agents.
3% commission for sales made by recruited agents of recruited agents.

Silvis believes one of the greatest benefits of selling FreedomIQ is how easy it is to demonstrate the product to potential clients.

“We can bring the phones to a presentation, plug them into an Ethernet connection, and take calls on them immediately,” says Silvis. “Compared to the complex wiring involved with a traditional PBX phone system, that’s incredible. The flexibility of FreedomIQ is amazing for closing a sale.”

In addition to this advantage, Silvis enjoys the streamlined ordering process and back-end support FreedomVOICE Systems offers.

“With other products, we had to order equipment for a single client from multiple companies. We were on our own to put the pieces together and make it work,” Silvis remarks. “FreedomVOICE Systems makes it easy on us. We place a single order for all of the FreedomIQ equipment, and then have FreedomVOICE technical support to help ensure the client’s PBX is configured exactly the way they want. It cuts our installation times in half.”

Sameer Datoo of Strategic Onsite Solutions, Inc., has found that FreedomIQ opens doors for his other telecommunication services.

“FreedomIQ allows us to offer a more complete office package,” says Datoo. “When clients see the cost savings and flexibility that comes with using the product, it builds a strong trust relationship. This makes them more open to other IT services we offer, like networking and web design.”

Datoo has worked as a telecommunication agent for another Hosted VoIP PBX provider, but sees FreedomIQ as a superior product.

“When I became a FreedomIQ agent, I moved several of our existing clients onto the service and they immediately noticed a drastic improvement in the clarity of phone calls. For VoIP technology, that makes a huge difference,” claims Datoo. “FreedomIQ also has features that other Hosted VoIP PBX products lack, like the ability to listen to live calls and view advanced call reporting online. Without these features, it’s hard to convince clients that you have the best product on the market.”

Eric Thomas, CEO and President of FreedomVOICE Systems, says he developed the agent program for FreedomIQ to bring the system’s benefits to more small businesses.

“FreedomVOICE was established with the goal of providing services to help small businesses grow,” says Thomas. “I see FreedomIQ as the solution to the daunting investment of a premise-based PBX. These systems are costly and difficult or impossible to scale. Small business owners end up overpaying in the hope that they will eventually grow and make full use of the hardware. For this reason, there’s a need for a more cost-effective, scalable solution. With the FreedomIQ agent program, we’re enlisting the help of others to better reach this vast market and show small businesses the alternative they’ve been missing.”

Interested parties can learn more about the FreedomIQ and its agent program by contacting FreedomVOICE System Channel Sales Manager Peter Burinskas at 800-477-1477 ext. 821, or by sending an email to peter@freedomvoice.com.

About FreedomVOICE Systems:

Founded in 1996, FreedomVOICE Systems develops and markets a comprehensive slate of integrated virtual office solutions and tools that allow businesses and professional offices to interact more effectively with their customers, clients, patients and associates. These tools range from toll-free voice mail systems to online faxing to reservation-free teleconferencing. Business owners use these telecommunication services to enhance company image, communicate seamlessly with customers, track marketing effectiveness, and increase profitability by eliminating missed opportunities.

For more information, please call 800-477-1477 or visit www.fvscorporate.com .


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Media and it’s views on Religion

I have taken a lot of time to analyze religion and influences on both the secular and sacred worlds on one another. My overall view of religion has not changed how I feel about my decision not to join an organized church. If anything, I feel that I have gained a more solid view about religion and grounds for my beliefs. I feel that people that do not grow up in the church only join when they feel they are missing something in there lives. Usually, it is either a means to correct a behavior or to fill a void. I almost look at religion as “rehab.” You often hear about people joining a church after going through something tragic in their life, usually addiction or the loss of a loved one. I feel that religion is something that people turn to when they don’t trust themselves enough to make the right decisions throughout their life. I think that this contributes to the fact that in the United States, our culture has become exponentially more religious in just the past century.

I have always had some disagreements with certain beliefs that I felt were universal among religions. When I learned that within the Christian religion, there are more than 30,000 denominations, I began to wonder if there was a denomination that I could agree with one hundred percent. The problem with any religion for me is if I do not agree one hundred percent with the churches beliefs, I will not accept the religion even one percent. It’s an all or nothing deal with me. This is based on the idea that if I disagree with even one belief of the church, than I would not allow myself to trust any other belief that I had previously agreed on as it would require me to question every thought, every idea, and every motive.

Another thing that made me think was the immense volume, 30,000 denominations! If there are 30,000 denominations out there just under the Christian “umbrella” and there is only one truth, either 29,999 denominations are wrong or all 30,000 are wrong. I believe that everyone has their own truth, but religion is looking for God’s truth. With all of these different interpretations, it is logically impossible to find a religion that carries God’s truth. I have however learned to pay attention more to the world around me. I have always been the analytical type, and I feel that I read people rather well. I have found that there is a major hidden player in the secular world that I had never analyzed, religion. Because I had never been trained to look at the world through my “religious binoculars,” I never noticed the significant religious contributions within the secular world. I have begun to watch closely for religious themes, symbols, or meanings in everyday objects and events. I do not have a religious background therefore I find religious themes a lot more disguised than someone who might have a Masters in Theology. I can look at an advertisement with people posing as if they were a part of the Last Supper and not immediately recognize the symbolism or resemblance.

The crossover between secular and sacred occurs in all different aspects in the American culture. Even as our country is built on the freedom of religion, America is clearly a Christian country. I believe that our current president, as well as every other president in United States history has believed in God. They have all been Christian. The United States currency reads “In God We Trust,” and our Pledge of Allegiance says, “one Nation under God.” We have secular songs with references to God and television shows that are based around the church. We even have national holidays that are Christian based.

One of our nation’s largest holidays is based on a religious event, the birth of Christ. This holiday is so widely celebrated that it is expected that most businesses across the United States will be closed. This holiday affects more than just the Christians in America as this holiday has an impact on every person living in America. I work with several people from India, their religion is Hinduism, but on Christmas, they take off work just as the rest of America as the Christians celebrate the birth of Christ. For a country that does not have a set religion, it’s quite odd to have religious events marked as national holidays.

Not only is God apart of the secular world, but the secular world plays a part in the religious world as well. With Christian music evolving into all different genres, the musical sound of Christian music has become more secular while remaining faith-based lyrically. Other secular aspects have also entered the sacred arena as megachurches are developed and have begun to make profit on their services.

The megachurch purchases their service materials, plays Christian rock music with expensive sound equipment, and has built-in cafeterias/restaurants, as well as other Christian stores. The megachurch has become more of an event than a church. The megachurch has moved away from the traditional church setting with pews that everyone is accustomed to and toward theater like seating for their mass audiences. The megachurch has taken mega-steps in providing religious services to a secular world. I don’t feel that a church of any kind should be made to operate like a business. I feel that the megachurch is exploiting the sacred, and by removing the tradition from church, I think it is also manipulating religion into something they believe the secular world wants to hear and be a part of.

I have respect for individuals that have a strong faith and strive to become better under the direction of God. Personally, I have not found myself traveling the religious path at this time in my life and I don’t know that I ever will. I do believe in God, but I cannot accept religion.

My personal faith, beliefs and experiences help me to continue forward and make, what I believe to be, the right decisions for myself. I continue to have an open mind about religion but I don’t feel an overpowering need to “belong” to something, or retain direction from what other’s believe to be of the “higher up”.

At this point, my view of religion is all speculation. The bible is something that is translated in many different ways and by many different groups of individuals. None of these people or translations can be certain of their theories. I just want to live my life as a caring, loving, courageous, faithful, trustworthy, giving, and humble human being. My truth is that a good person encompasses these characteristics as well as many others. I have vowed to myself the things that I will and will not do. My being is dictated by my truth alone and no one else’s.

Jesus was born to write. Writing is his career and his hobby. You can check out his recent site at聽http://lentekmosquitotrap.com where he writes about a聽Lentek Mosquito Trap.

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Stay Focused. Don’t waste time on tasks that

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How have changes to immigration law improved national security in the US?

Question by Justice: How have changes to immigration law improved national security in the US?
We read and hear about national security constantly. Lawmakers are interested in changing immigration law. How do you feel changes to immigration law can improve our national security? Are national security and immigration law linked together? What specific changes do you feel can be made in order to ensure US safety and security? Presentation on Monday. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Neddie
the bill in the house ,,,,or the presidents, and the senate bill,,,, has either one passed both houses yet,,,, on immigration reform…..I think the law is still being debated,,, in the meantime,, we have immigration laws,, but the justice department and Alberto Gonzales,, along with George W Bush have made a mockery of our nations laws,,,,,,,,,,,

What do you think? Answer below!

Basic Structure of Constitution of India a comment

Amendments in constitution at time become necessary to adapt to the changing needs of national development and strength, to overcome the difficulties which may encounter聽 in future in working of the constitution and to realize any popular demand for changing the political system e.g State reorganization, provisions of ST SCs, lowering of age for voting etc.

However the amendment of constitution often been used to achieve political purposes or to override judicial verdicts.

For providing the compatibility of Constitution with the changing society needs , constitution maker provide the聽 Art 368- Power of Parliament to amend the Constitution and procedure therefor

for the purpose of amendment the provisions of constitution fall under 3 categories.

(a)聽 Amendment by Simple Majority.

(b)聽 Amendment by special Majority.

(c)聽聽 Amendment by special majority and rectification by states.

Sankari parsad V/s Union of India AIR 1951 SC 455

This is the case which in route the theory of Basic Structure, in this case SC held that

The power to amend the Constitution including the fundamental rights is contained in the Art 368,
And that the world Law in Art 13 includes only an ordinary law and does not include constitutional amendment which is made in exercise of constituent power.

In Sajjan Singh v/s State of Punjab, SC held that the world amendment of constitution means amendment of all the provisions of constitution.

Golak Nath V/s State of Punjab AIR 1971 SC 1643

SC held that Parliament cannot amend the FR,
Rejection of argument- Amendment of Constitution was a Sovereign Power and that did not permit any implied limitation.

Keshavanand Bharti’s V/s State of kerela AIR 1973聽 SC 1461

This is the case which emerge the theory of Basic Structure first time.

The Golak Nath Case聽 was overruled in this case, and SC held that Art 368 ever before 24th Amendment contained the power as well as procedure of amendment.
The Parliament has a wide powers of amending the constitution but these powers has not the unlimited nature, and does not include the power to destroy or abrogate the “Basic feature of constitution under article 368.

Basic Structure Theory-

Ac to Sikri , CJ, the basic structure was build on the basic foundation i.e. the freedom and dignity of the individual, the feature of BS T are:

a. Supremacy of Constitution.
b. Republican and Democratic form of Government and sovereign of the country.
c. Secular and federal character of Constitution and
d. Separation of power between Legislature, executive and Judiciary.

Ac to Shelat and Grover, J.J also included :

a. Fundamental Right
b. Directive Principle.

Indira Gandhi V/s Raj Narain AIR 1975 SC 2299

In this case 39th Amendment 1975 was passed by parliament for validating with retrospective effect the election of PM Indira Gandhi which was declared invalid by Allahabad High Court on the ground of having committed corrupt practice. Anew article 329 A has been added聽 that provided that the election of a person who hold the office of PM can be challenged only before such a body or forum as may be established by Parliament by law and not in court.

The SC in this case enhance the list of Basic Structure which was emergence in Keshavanand Bharti’s Case :

a. Sovereign democratic republic status
b. Equality of status and opportunity of an individual
c. Secularism and freedom of conscience and religion
d. ‘government of laws and not of men’ i.e. the rule of law

Minerva Mills V/s聽 Union of India AIR 1980 SC聽 1789

Struck down clauses (4) and (5) of the article 368 inserted by 42nd Amendment, on the ground that these clauses destroyed the essential feature of the basic structure of the constitution. It was ruled by court that a limited amending power itself is a basic feature of the Constitution

L. Chandra Kumar case

“That the power of judicial review over legislative action vested in the High Courts under Article 226 and in the Supreme Court under Article 32 of the Constitution is an integral and essential feature of the Constitution, constituting part of its basic structure“.

Now we can say, there is no hard and fast rule for basic feature of the Constitution. Different judge keep different views regarding to theory of basis structure. No law can be enacted or amended in a manner that violates the spirit of the preamble.

Hi, my name is Naveen Kumar Shelar. I reside in New Delhi, India currently employed full time as a Facility & Administration Professional .

I started out as a Executive Administration late in 2005 evolved into a Facility & Administration with time and now I’m into New office development and Planning . I am mostly involved in new office infrastructure planning, procurement development, execution, and operations, not only this but I love to policies and procedure drafting for office operations.

When I’m not working I am mostly into sports like Cricket or Chess. I’m also into movies and music big time. I love spending time at home on holidays with my mom, dad, wife Anu, daughter Shrishty, Siya 聽and my pet Ronny, chutki (Labrador) who is simply on his moves all the time to keep you busy at home 馃檪

My father and my mother has been a great source of inspiration for my life.

Specialties: New office set up and it’s whole life cycle, in technology driven organizations. Competitive analysis, process compliance & improvements, policy and procedure drafting, legal Agreement drafting.

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