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Freedom of information on the web

A documentary created by David Raymond, Amber Keating and Mark McAlister exploring the topic of Information on the internet and what we should and should not be able to see/post on the world wide web. 1st year Digital Interaction Design Project – Dundee University.

New Book Asks: Do Christians Really Believe in Jesus or Just in The Ten Commandments?

Front Cover

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) October 4, 2007

According to mainstream Christian teachings mankind does not have to observe The Ten Commandments because Jesus has already fulfilled them. Author Truoc Duong challenges this assumption in his new book titled The Ten Commandments Are for God’s Beloved Children!.

“Does being Christian really mean that once a person believes in Jesus he or she is free to worship other gods, to bow down to idols or to use God’s name in vain or to commit other biblical sins?” Duong asks. “Do Christians really think this, or like to do those things? And, if not, does that mean they are really believers in just The Ten Commandments?”

The author says that all these contradictions and confusions prompted him to write ‘The Ten Commandments Are for God’s Beloved Children!,’ which does not promote organized religion. To the contrary, it points out that The Ten Commandments are violated and misrepresented by many religions. It also points out that The Ten Commandments are not a burden to mankind as most religions make them out to be. Rather, they are the key that releases mankind from the land of religious slavery, to give mankind a total freedom that God has intended since the days of Creation. God never told Adam and Eve to worship God or anybody or anything, and that God never promises an everlasting life in heaven for a good person or an everlasting damnation in hell for a bad one, Duong states.

To back these assertions, he presents the full text of the Ten Commandments of God in his book as they are recorded in the Bible books of Exodus and Deuteronomy — and each commandment is also discussed in great detail. The book also provides a rich, detailed history of the Ten Commandments. It does not promote organized religion, he adds. To the contrary, it points out how the Ten Commandments are misrepresented or violated by many religious institutions.

“The Ten Commandments are not just for religious people, but for everybody because keeping God’s Commandments is a duty of every human being,” Duong says.

At the end of the book he concludes The Ten Commandments are the greatest lessons of love that God has given to mankind to teach them how to live with true and honest love with God and with each other, with all human brothers and sisters, and with all creatures big and small. If all mankind lived by The Ten Commandments, there would be no war. Mankind would no longer hate or fear each other, and animals would no longer fear humans, and all creatures would enjoy full freedom, happiness and peace. The earth would become the heavenly paradise God intended it to be.

Title: The Ten Commandments Are for God’s Beloved Children!

Paperback, 88 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4303-2909-1

Price: $ 10.95

Published by Lulu.com (May 27, 2007)

The book is available through: Amazon and Lulu.com. On Lulu.com, there are also a downloadable PDF version, which is priced at $ 2.50, and an updated color version, in which the picture of Mount Sinai, where The Ten Commandments were given, and the pictures of the stone tablets, on which the author prints The Ten Commandments, are all in full color.

In addition to “The Ten Commandments Are for God’s Beloved Children!,” Duong has published a number of self publishing guides. All of his books are listed at: http://stores.lulu.com/truocduong .

About Truoc Duong:

Born and grew up in a peasant family near Rung U-Minh (meaning “Twilight Jungle”) in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, Truoc Duong loves God. But he does not belong to any religion. Nevertheless, he has acquired an extensive knowledge of Eastern and Western religions during his 40 years of active involvement with various Eastern and Western religious institutions. He also possesses a strong knowledge of the Old and the New Testaments, the Hebrew Scriptures, the Koran, and various Buddhist sacred texts.


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Attention: Property investment can seriously improve your wealth (Part 3)

When you are looking to make money, the old adage holds true: “Buy low, Sell high”. In other words, “You make your money when you buy, not when you sell”.

This is a fundamental concept that you must grasp in order to be a successful property investor. You must always buy your real estate for a low price, never for the full market value. Never forget this simple yet crucial rule and you’ll always make money. You may think that is all well and good but wonder how to go about doing it.


Well the great thing about real estate is that it has no absolute, set price. No one can say for definite what a piece of real estate is worth because valuation is an art not a science. Contrary to a popular misconception, estate agents don’t dictate the price of real estate. When you arrange a valuation with an agent, they’re just giving their best guess as to what they think people will be prepared to pay for it. The true value is whatever someone is actually willing to pay for it. For example, someone with an emotional attachment to a property might be willing to pay lots more for it than everybody else. In contrast, an investor might only be willing to pay less than other people would pay for it. Do you see what I’m getting at? The value of any given piece of real estate is very much an unknown quantity until the point of purchase. Different groups of people, for their own individual reasons, will value any given property differently.


So the emotionally driven buyer might pay, for example, £50,000 more than the majority of people are prepared to pay, in order to secure it for himself. Consider an analogy with an art lover at an art auction.

Fortunately for us, it’s not only vendors who can benefit from the fact that property values are not absolute. Indeed, vendors are human and can be emotional too. Therefore they might sell their property for less than it is generally considered to be worth. There are many reasons for this which I will discuss in other articles. Wouldn’t you like to be the lucky buyer who snaps up that cheap property? I certainly would.


You should never buy property from anyone who is not motivated to sell to you at a discount. If you ignore this advice and buy at full market value you will run out of money very quickly and find it difficult to make a profit. If you don’t know how to find these emotional vendors and their great deals you should use the web to get some free property investment education.


So, when you find a great deal, how are you going to finance it? If you were buying equities, you would have to use your own money. No bank will lend you mortgage money to buy equities because they know how volatile the market can be. No. They are happy for you to take that risk alone. In contrast, when you want to buy land, houses or apartments, you can do so using the power of a mortgage. You borrow and use “other people’s money” i.e. the bank’s, to buy an asset that will make you money forever more! Amazing!


You see, they know that real estate is a safe, reliable investment and that as time goes by their investment grows ever safer. From their point of view, if things go sour they can sell your asset for a lot more money and get their mortgage money back. Banks aren’t stupid. They demonstrate their faith in the property market to the public every day by lending on property purchases. We’ve all heard the expression “as safe as house”, right? If the banks class property as a safe investment, shouldn’t that tell you something? Now don’t get talking about the credit crunch and all the trouble that banks are in. That is nothing to do with them lending money to responsible people like you and I to buy safe, solid investment properties. They made mistakes in other areas of their business but we’re not going to get into a discussion about the credit crunch and overpaid bankers. Let’s get back to the magic of real estate.


Compare buying real estate with equities (shares, bonds etc). There is a fixed market price for those assets and if you want them you must pay full price just like everyone else. There are brokers fees to pay and tax on any profits with no breaks available from the tax man. Your values of your equities are probably volatile and could rapidly decrease in value. You can probably only hope to hold a very small percentage of the total number of shares on the market. With such a small voice you have no realistic, practical say on the running of the company that you have invested in so you can’t influence the value of your investment.  Compare this to property investment, with the ability to buy below market value, add value and the many generous tax breaks available. Surely the evidence is weighing up in favour of property investment vs stocks and shares.


So I hope that you understand why real estate is such a good investment in comparison to some of the other choices out there. You probably want to learn how to use mortgages like the pros to finance your next investment. You probably want to learn how you can become rich in real estate. If so, I recommend that you look at the next article in this series and hope that you find it useful.

Dr Bradley Tomkins is an enthusiastic property investor and webmaster at WWW.PROPERTYINVESTMENTEDUCATION.COM
His comprehensive website is dedicated to providing a wealth of FREE articles and educational resources for the new or experienced property investor. He writes a FREE educational newsletter on a wide variety of property investment topics, which you can subscribe to.
You can get everything you need to become successful in the world of real estate investing FOR FREE at WWW.PROPERTYINVESTMENTEDUCATION.COM.

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FreedomWorks Vice-President of Strategy, Kent Lassman and Ken Hogland from Americans for Fair Taxation discuss the feasibility of 2008 Presidential Candidate Senator Fred Thompson’s Flat Tax proposal on Fox Business.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Reasons why Wikileaks is not a threat to national security?

Question by Serhat Tas: Reasons why Wikileaks is not a threat to national security?
I’m on my high school debate team and we have to write a case on Wikileaks being a threat to national security. I am writing a con case for this and I need some help coming up with arguments saying why Wikileaks is not a threat to US national security. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Joseph the Second
-Because most of the “leaks” are SO old by now, they’ve sealed Themselves over Time. So They no longer have any Relevance to the Present Day. 🙂

Add your own answer in the comments!

How US Constitution was supposed to protect the interests of the states? Which provisions?

The Constitution
by wallyg

Question by kosovar: How US Constitution was supposed to protect the interests of the states? Which provisions?
I need to know when US Constitution was first drafted, how was it supposed to protect the interests of the states since the states gave up a significant part of their sovereignty?
Carolyn – yes but the Bill of Rights protects more the individual liberty. My question is since the states gave up a huge portion of their sovereignty because of some provisions of Constitution which would reflect the interests of states rather. What were those provisions?

Best answer:

Answer by Carolyn D
The dates should be easily accessible in your textbook.

It’s true that they gave up part of their soverignty but many states wouldn’t ratify it without the Bill of Rights which guaranteed more protection than the actual Constitution. Plus, they realized that the Articles of Confederation did not give the federal government enough power so changes had to be made.

Are you asking what provisions of the Constitution actually took rights away from the states that they originally had in the Articles of Confederation?

What do you think? Answer below!

Barbara Jordan’s irrepressible voice still rings clear

Barbara Jordan’s irrepressible voice still rings clear
The Texas lawmaker’s faith in the Constitution left impressions on all who heard her speeches.
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Va. Senate begins process to strengthen private-property rights
RICHMOND – The Democratic-led state Senate handed a victory to tea party activists and other conservatives in Virginia on Tuesday by agreeing to start the process of adding new protections for private property to the state constitution.
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Timeline: Cameroonian history, political events
President Paul Biya has ruled the African nation of Cameroon for 28 years. Organizers called for “Egypt-like” protests, demanding the secretive leader’s ouster. Protests are planned for Douala and Yaounde for Wednesday evening.
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Monotheistic religions have one message: God is, God is to be worshipped and to be obeyed

Monotheistic religions have one message: God is, God is to be worshipped and to be served

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the only monotheistic religions in the world, present, past and perhaps, future. They all have the same message. This message is a divine message. They all have their messengers delivering the same message.

These are Moses, Christ and Muhammad in respect to every religion. The Torah was revealed unto Moses after the Exodus from Egypt(about 1272 Before our Era), the Gospel, or the Evangel was revealed unto Jesus Christ (33 AE), the Qur’an was revealed unto Muhammad between 610 and 632(AE) The birth time of Christ is at zero hour of the time of human history.

The three messages are considered by their fiddles as divine messages of God. They all have the same contents. That there is God, that this God is the creator of the universe and all life manifestations. He is one and unique. He is to be worshipped and served and obeyed. Each one of the divine Scriptures prescribes its laws to its people.

Thus, Jews are confided to their Law or the Torah, Christians are confined to their Gospel and Muslims are confined to the Qur’an and the dictums of Muhammad. But all religions represent one content and one message.

 Every fiddle of these religions is charged with the personal responsibility to believe in God, not to associate anything with God, fear God, venerate God and worship only God. However, major deviation has occurred in the four books of the New testament.

The apostles, John, Paul, Luke and Marc, known as the disciples of Christ, have ascribed Godship to Christ. They have considered Christ as the son of God and as God the father and as God in trinity with the holy spirit, archangel Gabriel. In this the two other religions depart company and deny anything to be associated with God, the unique, the indivisible, the eternal the All Mighty.

The three messages, however, declare a Day of Judgment where all humans shall be brought to death and resurrection shall be next. Then, every human being, whether believer or disbeliever, shall be brought to account for his. Or her, own deeds and beliefs in their worldly life. For this religion considers two lives prescribed for all human beings.

The first is short, temporary and transitory and the second is eternal. Now then, man has the freedom of will to choose between belief and disbelief in God and the Last day, he has also the freedom to obey or disobey the divine messages.

It is according to man’s decision that man shall be judged and then those who have chosen belief and performed good deeds they shall be rewarded with eternal felicity. As for those who disbelieve in God and the Last Day of Judgment, even if they do good deeds all their lives they shall be punished eternally in Hell Fire. For disbelief is considered, according to the dive messages as the ultimate evil and cannot be recompensated, or swapped, for good deeds only.

The divine messages are reminders to mankind. No attempt in any monotheistic religion is made to coerce humans to believe or disbelieve, to obey or disobey, to worship God or not. Man is totally free and his responsibility is complete. In this lies the value, worth and dignity of man. Whosoever chooses to take the path of God can do so and whosoever chooses other path is free to do so.

Believers are considered those who believe in God and the Last Day. Their duty is to worship God and only God, the one and only. No associates, idols, humans or otherwise, to be taken beside Him or with Him. Humans are invited and reminded to take heed against the day o reckoning.

For the plausibility of the religious argument, man is invited to look into the universe and himself and make his own mind and heart as the arbitrators of the existence of God, the plausibility of resurrection and the certitude of the other life whether in paradise or in Hell. There are two categories of humans, those who believe and those who disbelieve. Skeptics and those who are in doubt are considered as disbelievers as long as they did not pronounce their belief.

So make your own choice as you like!

Article from articlesbase.com

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How much damage do you think this Wikileak will do to our national security?

Question by oohhbother: How much damage do you think this Wikileak will do to our national security?
“No matter which political party forms the Canadian government during your Administration, Canada will remain one of our staunchest and most like-minded of allies, our largest trading and energy partner, and our most reliable neighbor and friend.”

The document could not be made public until 2019, for national security reasons.

Best answer:

Answer by Beaver.Tail
Zero, everyone knows governments lie, bend the truth, hide information. Now we just get to see it.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Common Hour Clip: Security vs. Freedom of Information

David S. Ferriero, archivist of the United States, highlights one of the ways the National Archives serves its customers. For the full lecture, please visit: www.vimeo.com
Video Rating: 0 / 5

Town of Markham disrespect Freedom of information and protection of privacy act. They tried to scramble up some excuses. At the end of argument, they promised to get me the info by end of this week. The law clearly says they should respond within 30 days (calendar days). They chose not to and felt no big deal about it. It seems to me is the contempt of the law and obstruction of justice. It delayed my ongoing legal process which needs this information.