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Ambrose Video Launches Documentaries on U.S. Constitution

Ambrose Video Launches Documentaries on U.S. Constitution

David L. Hudson, Jr. – First Amendment Scholar

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 25, 2011

Ambrose Video Publishing understands the vital role the government plays in the lives of its citizens. In their newest documentaries, Ambrose strives to give an unbiased and in-depth education about the Constitutional rights of the American people, the Supreme Court decisions regarding these rights, and the rich historical background that brought these rights to fruition.

“Every student should understand the history behind our Constitution and what Supreme Court decisions mean to our lives. We had such an overwhelming response to our initial series A History of the U.S. Constitution we felt it important to expand on that and include more issues, which we have done with these three new series,” says William Ambrose, President and CEO of Ambrose Video Publishing.

The First Amendment in the 21st Century series explores decisions affecting guaranteed rights made by the Judicial Branch of the government. Each of the eight programs is hosted by expert David L. Hudson, Jr., a scholar for the First Amendment Center and published author of a collection of books on the subject.

A History of Equal Rights in America documents the ongoing effort to gain a clear and permanent guarantee of privileges for women and all economically disadvantaged groups, from the right to own property to the formation of labor unions, women’s suffrage, consumer rights, equal pay, Title IX and the Disabilities Act. Key historical individuals such as: Susan B. Anthony and Horace Mann, along with contemporary figures like Madeleine Albright; and issues such as the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade are included.

A History of Civil Rights in America is a series that delineates the development of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the 13th and 14th Amendments, civil rights legislation, and court decisions, as well as examines fearless civil rights leaders such as Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, Thurgood Marshall, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

The programs include historical and legal documents and are available to Universities, Schools and Consumers, and can be streamed at:


or purchased on DVD at:


About Ambrose Video

Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc. has been a leading educational producer for 25 years specializing in History, Science and Drama. Ambrose hosts a collection of over 1000 educational videos featuring timely science and history topics.


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Request removal of their US citizenship? What is it called and can it be done?

Question by Romantic Rob: Request removal of their US citizenship? What is it called and can it be done?
With the health care (lack of it). Illegals getting food stamps an help from the gov’t but a regular citizen can’t get much help because they made to much money last year while self employed. This is a great miscarriage of justice. Among other issues why be a US citizen? Freedom? huh, there are more freedoms in other places in the world than here. 16 year military veteran.

Best answer:

Answer by David
You can renounce your citizenship … Once you have another citizenship to replace it
Then you have to leave the US …

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Q&A: Why would the government want to privatize intelligence work? Isn’t that national security?

Question by BekindtoAnimals22: Why would the government want to privatize intelligence work? Isn’t that national security?
I’m watching CSPAN right now and they are discussing this. Why is the government trying to take over things like health care which is not their responsibility and dumping their real responsibilities such as military and intelligence? Doesn’t this seem a little strange since the Constitution calls national security a primary responsibility of the federal government?
Why would this be permitted. Doesn’t the constitution mean anything anymore? Isn’t our government over stepping its bounds? If so, why are we allowing them to do it?

Best answer:

Answer by signal20leo
95% of it already is and has been since I was at USCENTCOM in 1999.

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Q&A: How many countries use a Constitution written centuries ago without updating into new ones?

Question by Nancy Pelosi 2016: How many countries use a Constitution written centuries ago without updating into new ones?
The more I think about it, the more it seems that the gridlock in government is due to the system itself.
We need a new and more modern Constitution, with modern values.

Best answer:

Answer by Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
You mean to tell me liberty is too old fashioned and outdated?

I couldn’t tell at first, just from your name but after reading this, I’ve concluded that you must be trolling. There’s just no other explanation.

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Acidic Constitution-hard to lose weight? Small steps for you to become devil

Fast food, high-calorie food, various of snacks are all filled into people’s life. No diet eating, outside eating-the results are very serious-gain weight. For those women, who are worried about lose weight but can not resist the temptation of food, just simple diet can not slove problems. However, the opposist effect is that you will felt faitigue or even fell faint. What is the method to easy lose weight?

As a fat girl, I was worried about my weight for four years. Throwing away high-calorie food, various of snacks and dinner, I still fat. I can’t image why? One of my friend just drinking water can lose four pounds. But I can’t, by asking my teacher, she said “This is about people’s physical. The human body is divided into acidic and alkaline. You are acidic, so food is very absorb as soon as you eating.” I’m upset, did I need to cut the stomach? It maybe illness. I surf on the Internet and find some tips for those who are acidic.

-Eating health food can change your constitution

Good food almost always acidic, such as: fish, meat, rice, wine, sugar, etc., are all acidic foods, on the contrary, basic food such as kelp, vegetable, radish, tofu is not easy to appetite but most of good food on the body. Can refer to the food in the calcium and phosphorus content to determine, calcium is more alkaline foods, phosphorus is more acidic foods. Therefore, we should make a review on their everyday to eat, whether there is a tendency to over-acidity. However, since the diet can lead to acidic unreasonable, then the more alkaline food, eating acidic foods within the environment must be able to correct the acidity.


First, you should know PH of food, I would like to introduce some for you as reference.

Strong acid: egg yolk, cheese, sugar, West Point, persimmon, mullet roe, dried cod.

Acid ham: chicken, tuna fish, pork, eel, beef, bread, wheat, butter, horse meat.

Alkaline: grapes, tea, wine tomatoes, bananas, strawberries, protein, prunes, lemon.

Second, eat less in dinner. Don’t eat until you are full. Just five percent saturation is best. Eat more low-calorie food, eat slowly for ten times. Thirty minutes to one hour for dinner is Ok.

Third, doing exercise after dinner. After dinner, do not set down at once. Keep standing for thirty minutes. Or walking with your family. Just walking is not enough, you’d better wear a health shoe, which can adjust your body activity. I suggest you to wear MBT shoes (Masai Barefoot Technology) is creating a stir over the last few years. Many fitness trainers are impressed with the health benefit which gets while wearing MBT shoes. The MBT shoes is more different from other sports shoes and it do more emphasis on the overall movement of the comfort and safety. Because the mbt shoes are all designed with the breathable fabric, wear-resistant rubber outsole and strengthen the stability, Nike Air Griffey Max 1 even you meet the winding mountain roads, radii shoes streams or other more severe cold environment, you will be OK because you wear the mbt shoes and you will understand the outdoor sports exciting.

Forth, playing basketball or just dancing can make you thin. Everyone what to lose weight need do sports for one or two times a week. Just playing basketball is better. I played for two month and I lose 5 pounds during vocation. A designed basketball shoe-Nike NBA series can match you. With Nike Shoes, you can feel light and jump high. You can easy change direction and feeling succeed.

So it is important to resist doing exercise. Don’t waste anytime, keep going. The devil is waiting for you.

Nike Joshon is an author who would like to introduce you something new, please contact him in www.nikeca.com or www.nikeou.com.

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blackbird covered by panic! at the disco FIRST TIME EVER! , he said so himself… in bakersfield ca on 9-21-09. FYI blackbird was originally sung by the beatles .I HAD TO EDIT WHAT I WROTE HERE SINCE SOME PEOPLE WERE TAKING OFFENSE. i say the constitution cares to differ. update* heres a link to the mp3 if you LOVED this so much www.megaupload.com

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Psalms of David: Parent of monotheistic religions

Psalms of David: Parent of monotheistic religions

Psalms of David are the parents of all the three monotheistic religions. It is the forefather of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is the sources and backbone of the Torah, the Law, the Gospel and the Qur’an.

It is among the first written revelations sent to mankind. It is prescribes exactly the same concepts and ideas. The same prescriptions and the same commandments revealed in the three divine religions. It deals with man’s foremost and essential purpose of existence. It tells us about the structure of the human self. It informs us about good and evil. It informs us about the freedom of will and freedom of choice every human being has. It informs us about the path of evil and path of good. It informs us precisely about the consequences of those who take the path of evil and of those take the path of good.

It informs us manifestly and succinctly about the destiny of the wicked and the destiny of those who are good. It tells us the nature of sin and who are the sinners. It tells us about the nature of what is good and those who are good and perform good actions.

It tells us about the finality of those who do evil and those who do good. It draws out a precise finality for the wicked and for the good. It tells us about a day of judgment. It informs us about the final judgment where every human being shall have to account for his. Or her, own deeds. It prescribes the first and final

Objective of mankind. It informs us about the definite end of humans, namely a day of judgment.

It informs us about destiny of those who are sinners and are wicked. It informs us about the destiny of those who are good. It draws a precise comparative distinction between the wicked and the good. It predicts the destiny prescribed for those who are sinners and those who do good.


It creates a principle  and only two-fold classification of mankind. No third classification exists. Only two categories of humans there are: the evil and the good.

It tells us about the nature and form of what consequences these two categories of persons shall endure and shall suffer. It advances the ideas of ‘punishment’ and ‘destruction’ for those who are wicked and sinners. It advances the idea of the reward of those who shun the wicked and do not sin, describing them as being ‘godly’. The godly are those who obey God and His law. They are those who keep God in constant remembrance and abide by His Law.

It tells us about God. It tells us about the one and only God. It tells about God who is the surveyor of all humans. He is the absolute controller of their destiny. He is the one who ordains their finality. It informs us about God who observes human actions and then administer His will in terms of reward or punishment. The Psalms informs us about the nature and form of the life of those who are good and those who are wicked. The former who are good are joyful and full of hope and happiness ( prospering fruits)and the latter, those who are wicked and sinners, are unhappy and are the outcast of humanity (the Chaff)

The Psalms announces to us about the primordially of:

A. Acknowledging the Lord, God: One and Only God (Monotheism)

B. Believing in Him.

C. Believing in His Law.

D. Keeping God constantly in remembrance.

E. Keeping God and His law in constant remembrance.

F. Abiding constantly by God’s Law and no other thing: absolute and firm obedience.

H. Humans must take heed ,for God watches over all humans and sees their good and evil actions.

I. Taking heed against the Day of Judgment with its finality of reward and punishment.

The First Book of the Psalms of David, revealed unto David about three thousands of years ago, about 1000 Before Our Era, informs of us of all these early and primordial concepts that are the foundations and cornerstones of the three monotheistic religions in the world today, namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

In Book One of the Psalms we are told:

‘Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners or join with scoffers. But they delight in doing everything the Lord wants; day and night they think about his law.

‘They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season without fail. Their leaves never wither, and in all they do they prosper.’

‘But this is not true of the wicked. They are like worthless chaff, scattered by the wind. They will be condemned at the time of judgment. Sinners will have no place among the godly.’

‘For the Lord watches over the path of the godly, but the path of the wicked leads to destruction.’

Psalms of David, Book One: 1- 6

These divine verses represent the principle thesis of all three Scriptures of the Torah, the Gospel and the Qur’an, in a succinct, precise, manifest and concentrated description and prescription identifying and defining the finality of all humans.




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how environmental problems can be considered a problem for national security?

Question by SYCT: how environmental problems can be considered a problem for national security?
The Earth’s resources are without a doubt dwindling. While the direct cause of this phenomenon may be debatable, there is cause for concern that competition over resources will lead to conflict within the international system. If you can write a memo to President Obama and explain how environmental problems can be considered a problem for national security, what will you write? Discuss this with reference to three problems within the global commons. Are these short-term or long-term problems? What efforts have been made to solve these problems? What needs to happen in order for the Earth’s environment to thrive in the future?

Best answer:

Answer by Think Outside the Ballot Box
Business dealings with the fascist country of Saudi Arabia might be a good place to start that memo.

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What Constitutes Unfair Dismissal?

A term that denotes dismissal of employee by the employer without valid reasons, unfair dismissal has always been subject matter of hot debates. Not only the experts but the courts vary in their concept of such unfair dismissal. In legal terms it refers to termination of the employment in contravention to the employee’s rights prescribed under the law of the land. For instance; in England, Scotland and Welsh, such violation of law refers to contravening the provisions laid down in the Employment Rights Act 1996.

Such unfair dismissal is different from various other types of dismissals. Sometimes dismissal could be wrongful or lawful. Wrongful dismissal is the result of insufficient notice contravening the provisions of common law. Dismissal could be Actual with notice and intention or constructive resulting from fundamental breach. Dismissal could be unfair according to statute, and can be combination of discrimination, and wrongful as well as constructive dismissal.


In most of the countries, the claims of unfair dismissal can be claimed before the employment tribunal specifically constituted for the purpose. Also such claims are brought within a period of three months from the final day of employment. In any case, such unfair dismissal is just opposite of fair dismissal.

Employees are required to bring up such claims before the tribunal themselves. In some countries they are allowed to deploy legal representatives. However, in some others they have to represent themselves. Of course in such countries the Trade Unions may support the employee. Under the federal laws, solicitors approved by the Ministry of Justice can represent employees in such cases.

Multiple reasons are there that could render the dismissal unfair. Some reasons requiring lay off and leave are applicable to all irrespective of their respective length of service. For instance; women can face pregnancy and consequential leave. At the same time they would require continuity in job. If they are dismissed on such grounds for prolonged absence, it will not only be unfair dismissal but also a crime against law, humanity, and ethics.

Only when the dismissal is for a potentially fair reason and has been implemented following fair procedure, and employer has acted reasonably, it would be considered fair dismissal. Such fair reasons could be misconduct, incapability to work except on health grounds, the job having been rendered redundant; employee is below age, violated laws, or some other substantial reasons. In all other cases, dismissal would be unfair.

Search engine that helps find the right site with all relevant information; jrank.org has an informative and educative law section that educates viewers on unfair dismissal as well as fair dismissal . It also has an excellent database of cases relating to dismissal.

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Getting Modern with Home Security in Washington and Michigan

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The question of how to get up to date in technology will always occupy the minds of business owners, but it should also be answered as you install a home security system in Michigan or Washington state. While certain items like door locks and fire extinguishers are timeless and never lose their purpose, others like security cameras and new motion sensors are being updated by the year. The more you know about the options, the better off your home security plan will be. Here are five ways to make sure you’re up to date.


1. Channel your smoke detectors and all other devices to your alarm console. Sometimes, it’s not what type of home alarm you have, but how you use it, which makes it modern. Bring any and all sensors in play at your house into your main alarm console to make sure the signals will be heard. You can have a security technicians handle this job for you, or if you are working on your own, it also won’t be too difficult. Just make sure you run a test or two afterwards to see if the setup worked.



2. Invest in an anti-pick lock and metal frame door. While strong doors and locks never go out of style, the type of lock and door you use can be updated. New deadbolts which cannot be picked are gaining in popularity among homeowners looking for that extra oomph in a security plan. At the same time, metal frame doors have been proven to be the toughest thing on the market, though they are not going to win any beauty contests.


3. Use a monitoring service which can’t be shut down. Monitoring services remain one of the essentials in Washington and Michigan home security plans. What has changed a bit is the standard by which these services are held. While knowing your alarm was being monitored at all was enough to be satisfied in the past, today’s services should have the ability to be impervious to power outages or other problems on the local grid. How is it possible? Rerouting the signal from your alarm to another region is the way national security companies handle the issue.


4. Get into night vision and motion sensor cameras. The old closed circuit cameras can have their weaknesses, so if you set up your surveillance program in the past, you ought to review its viability in modern times. Night vision and motion sensors are two features that can bring your home security surveillance up to date right away. You won’t have to waste time with wasted footage or energy with wasted light if you know your cameras are going on only when necessary.


5. Use DVR services to answer the lingering questions. How to handle the footage you film is one of the issues you must address when you set up surveillance cameras. DVR services allow to ease back on monitoring if the question is not life threatening. Record hundreds of hours of footage and if you have a problem, it will be there on film.

Use ADT to get up to date with your Tacoma, WA home security plan. If you need to see beyond the obvious, get wireless home security cameras in grand rapids and answer your questions.

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Idiot America

violations of the Constitution continue as many still sit on their asses watching american Idol and ripping beer farts all day
Video Rating: 4 / 5