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Why is freedom of religion necessary for a functioning democracy?

Question by nikki: Why is freedom of religion necessary for a functioning democracy?
*use modern example to prove your point.

I just need some help with my presentation. this is only of of the questions i have to present about freedom of religion and i was having a hard time with it. so if you could help me out, i would really appreciate it.
please and thankyou<3 Best answer:

Answer by Toadly Ossum
It seems to be accepted that 85% of the population needs to be in compliance with a law in order for it to be effective. A lower level of compliance ties up too many enforcement resources to be effective.

For any society, there must be a common moral character to encourage compliance. Among different religions, there are still common moral themes upon which most can agree to establish a law. Where only one religion prevails, or none, government becomes a theocracy, establishing laws based upon the teachings of the elite few.

Whether or not there is really morality to those laws is impossible to establish since there are no other moral precepts to compare them to. By permitting several religions, morality for laws can be drawn from most of them, tolerance of the differences among them, and only the least acceptable of those need to be prohibited.

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What Constitutes a Healthy Diet?

The Constitution
by NCinDC

People often indulge in severe and unsupervised exercise to lose weight. This tends to cause the risk of medical problems not envisaged at the beginning. However, if the regime continues unchecked, the consequences could be quite severe. So, what are the constituents of a healthy diet? If you consult a nutritionist, you would be informed that a balance of macronutrients or energy, comprising fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and micronutrients ensures that proper nutrition is supplied, without any excessiveness of any foods. According to the World Heath Organization (WHO), a balanced diet is achieved with a healthy weight and a balance of energy. Maintaining good health is as integral to a person’s lifestyle as is breathing.

Excessive consumption of foods with too much saturated fat is also not advised. Moreover, one should consume greater amounts of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and grains. Consumption of sweets and specially the intake of sugar should be limited. Furthermore, the salt consumed should only be one that is iodized. Other essentials that the WHO recommends are foods that contain amino acids, as well as vitamins and minerals – all of which provide micronutrients. Specific diets also become the need in the case of certain health conditions. For instance, for people with high blood pressure, a diet with low level of sodium intake, sweets and red meat is advised.


Similarly, those with low blood pressure are advised greater intake of sodium and sweets. Then, there also exist weight control diets, wherein low levels of fat, carbohydrates, sweets and calories are recommended. Cancer patients are advised diets consisting of large amounts of vegetables and asked to strictly limit the consumption of red meat, alcoholic beverages, sodium, sweets, pulses and foods dense in energy. Heart patients are advised to avoid fatty foods and follow a diet rich in fiber. Fruits and vegetables are highly recommended to them. Many youngsters indulge in eating less, or eating the wrong kinds of foods, without any medical or dietary supervision, resulting in poor health conditions. Unhealthy diets are also a practice when being thin is considered the trendy thing to do.

On the whole, a balance of fruits, vegetables, pulses, cereals, dairy, poultry and meat products constitute a healthy diet. These ensure the body is supplied the necessary amounts of minerals and vitamins. They also ensure that most chronic conditions are avoided and ailments are reduced to a minimum. Unhealthy diets, on the other hand, can lead to excessive weight gain, harmful living habits, poor health or medical condition, and various forms of mental predicaments.

Some of the most dreaded diseases such as heart problems; cancer and so on are often the result of an unhealthy diet. Following a proper nutritional eating pattern can be effective in providing healthy living if accompanied by complementary healthy habits, such as limited consumption of alcohol, smoking less or not at all, and eating at the proper time everyday. While proper dietary practice is essential, some of the other constituents of good health are a disciplined lifestyle, adequate amount of exercise and sufficient sleep.

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When Jaafar and his wife knew the meaning of freedom

The Graduates of Muhammad School, (1) Jaafar


Jaafar was Muhammad’s cousin

Jaafar was the son of Abu Talib (the uncle of the prophet Muhammad).

Abu Talib was a poor man and had to support a big family; that is why Jaafar was raised by his uncle, Abbas.


When he became a young man, Jaafar left his uncle Abbas and got married to Asmaa.  

Jaafar and Asmaa were among the very first persons to embrace Islam, and as a result they both suffered greatly at the hands of the Quraish.


Quraish was the tribe to which the prophet Muhammad belonged. Quraish was the dominant tribe of Mecca upon the appearance of Islam; however, it was the tribe that led the initial antagonism to the spread of Islam among the Arabs.


The Quraish restricted the Muslims’ movements and freedom. Day by day, the pressure that Quraish put on the Muslims has worsened until they could not bear it anymore.


That is why Jaafar went to the Prophet Muhammad and took his permission to immigrate to Ethiopia along with a small group of Muslims.

This was one of the Religious asylums in Islamic History

At this time, the Negus, the Emperor of Ethiopia, was a very just Christian King. The Ethiopian people used to love and respect him very much. The custom of the people to show their respect to the Negus was to prostrate themselves to him.


Jaafar and Asmaa settled down in this new land under the protection of the Negus, and for the first time since they had become Muslims they knew the meaning of freedom and could worship Allah without any hindrances.


However, Quraish would not let them enjoy freedom and peace for long; soon they sent some pagan Arabs in order to negotiate with Negus and get all the immigrated Muslims back to Mecca.

The pagan Quraish took a lot of presents to the Negus, which pleased him very much, and they prostrated themselves to the Negus and then they told him that there is a group of evil wicked men moving about freely in his country and asked him to capture them before they cause any harm to his kingship as they did in Quraish.


But the Negus refused to do that until he calls them and questions them regarding the pleas of Quraish.

So the Negus asked the group of Muslims, to come and meet him.

The Muslims came on and chose Jaafar to be their spokesman.

The Muslims stood in front of the Negus and they did not prostrate themselves unto him.

The Quraish said: O Negus, they do not prostrate themselves unto you.

The bishops around the Negus ordered the Muslims to prostrate!

Jaafar said: we do not prostrate ourselves to anyone but to Allah.


The Negus, who was impressed by this brave Jaafar, asked: your people say that you are evil and made trouble in your tribe Quraish.

Jaafar replied: this is not the case; they came on here to take us back because we changed our religion and embraced a new one.


The Negus asked: “what is this religion that has cut you off from your people, and made you in no need of our forefather’s religion”..?


Jaafar summarized the teachings of Muhammad to explain their situation; he said:


“O King! We were living in ignorance, idolatry and immorality.

We honored no relative and assisted no neighbor.

The strong among us exploited the weak.

Then God sent us a prophet, one of our own people whose descent, conduct and good faith and morality we are all well acquainted.

He called us to the unity of God, and taught us not to associate any other being with him. He forbade us the worship of idols which we and our fathers used to worship.

He commanded us always to speak the truth, to remain true to our trust, to love the relatives and to be good neighbors.

He commanded us to honor our promises, to be kind to our relations, to cease all forbidden acts, to abstain from bloodshed and to avoid obstinacies and false witness.

He forbade us to slander the virtuous women or consume the property of the orphans.

He ordered us to fly from vices and to abstain from the evil, to offer prayers, to give alms and to keep the fast in the month of Ramadan.

We believed in him; we followed him.

Our people, however, persecuted us and sought to bring us back to idolatry and their other abominations.

As they made life intolerable for us in Mecca, we chose your country and came here to live under your protection in peace.”


The Negus was eager to know more about what Jaafar said, and so he asked Jaafar to read him a part from what Muhammad brought concerning Allah.

Jaafar recited for him the first portion of Surah of Maryam (Saint Mary- Chapter 19 of the Quran) which narrates the story of Jesus and his mother Mary.

Upon hearing that Surah, the Negus was moved and the bishops around him began to weep.

The Negus said that he will never harm them and will not give them to Quraish.

However, two of Quraish emissaries did not stop at that, they went again to the Negus, who was Christian, and told him that the Muslims say that Jesus is a slave, and asked him to call them and ask them what they think of Jesus.

The Negus called the Muslims and asked them, what do you say about Jesus?

Jaafar answered him saying, “Our Prophet Muhammad says that Jesus is Allah’s prophet.”


The Negus gave back the gifts to Quraish and refused to deliver up the refugees so the pagan Arabs left oppressed and frustrated and the Quraish returned to Mecca discomforted.


Jaafar and Asmaa spent about ten years in Ethiopia, which became a second home for them. There, Asmaa gave birth to three children.

Finally, Jaafar and his family together with a group of Muslims left Ethiopia and went to Al-Madina.

On their arrival, the Prophet Muhammad was very happy to see them.

Muslims in general and especially the poor among them were as happy with the return of Jaafar as the Prophet Muhammad was. And quickly Jaafar became a well known as a person who was much concerned with the welfare of the poor.

It is said that there was a great resemblance between Jaafar and the Prophet Muhammad, both in his appearance and ethics.  Muhammad called him, “The father of the poor”, because he used to help and support the poor with all he has of money.

Safaa Abdel-Aziz

Co-Chief Editor, October Weekly magazine, Cairo, Egypt.

Member of the Egyptian Society of Save Children.

Member of the Egyptian Society of Tourism

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NSA – National Security Agency..this documentry is about America’s top secrete inteligance Organization

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Stellar constitution hog a tenacious metal casing


Stellar constitution hog a tenacious metal casing, far surface, well-designed, untroublesome buttons besides knobs, precise and comprehensive controls, a built-in audio interface adumbrate 4 inputs & 4 outputs and a lusty emolument. End screaming’ to consult how the Hercules DJ Console RMX is the largely gross digital coupled mixing deck juice its category!

The Hercules DJ Console RMX offers DJ Mixer precision and smooth influence uncut their moves, thanks to 2 ultra-precise break wheels due to practical within tracks and due to scratching, 12 rotary switches, 46 push-buttons, 6 faders – including nitrous faders shelter a heart detent – asset an demiurgic besides deserved conventional seat fader. The fat model of the controls allows DJ Mixer to score fumble-free mixes. Indeed, the controls are designed through flashing and usual use; DJs cede acquisition their marks quickly, allowing them to heart their mammoth urgency besides ability to the measure further the dance pave. Built-in audio interface keep secret primo DJ Mixer audio features

The Hercules DJ Console RMX bequeath be introduced by Hercules at the NAMM Show connections Anaheim, California, USA, from January 17-20, 2008 at booth # 6809, in collaboration with Hercules’ North-American distributor. The device commits produce available from March 2008, at the recommended retail price of 9.90. Substantive is supplied squirrel a carrying dash ensuring exterminate mobility.

There are utterly of ways to negotiate already over a digital DJ Mixer, but the majority of them bequeath getting you laughed kill the outgrowth. The Hercules DJ Console RMX (0) fills the split between amateur digital DJ Mixer starter kits such since the M-Audio Torq Mix lab also high-end commodities not unlike as the Vest ax VCI-300, but you’ll need to stabilize boost with a few quirks also conventional be present because software lift.

The Hercules DJ Console RMX bequeath be introduced by Hercules at the NAMM Show connections Anaheim, California, USA, from January 17-20, 2008 at booth # 6809, in collaboration with Hercules’ North-American distributor.

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Father of Reaganomics Paul Craig Roberts discusses how the American middle class is being systematically dismantled by means of destroying the ladders of upward mobility and offshoring US manufacturing as well as skilled jobs to China and India. He also explains how the rule of law has been eviscerated, greasing the skids for the evisceration of the Constitution and the undue monopoly of power in the executive branch of government, which has created a dictatorial system that threatens political stability.

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Hoax Alien Invasion Planned – Bill Cooper

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Jay Sekulow emphasize on Religious Freedom and Constitutional Rights

There is evidence that the following of a religion even in the historical era differentiates people and country from one another. We, as humans, adhere to specific sets of rules and guidelines formed by the prophets of a religion. People offer prayers to align their deeds for a good cause. The citizens of every nation are imbued with the constitutional right to speak and preach their religion without any restriction and discrimination. One humble leader, who dedicated all his efforts in defending such rights is Jay Sekulow.

On September 11, 2001, hundreds of Americans & Non-Americans lost their lives and or the lives of their loved ones in a heinous act of terrorism that shattered The United States of America. According to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and Mr. Sekulow, this day will also be known as a time when every American stood together, unified and resilient for their losses. Thousands of people gather every year at Ground Zero to offer prayers of peace and solace for the souls of their loved ones.

Jay Sekulow, in respect to constitutional freedom and religious liberty, has argued several cases and the most important was that of the school students who wanted to have a Bible club in their school. In The Supreme Court, he handled and defended the case resulting in successful grant of permission to form a club. Mr. Sekulow and ACLJ were well aware of the issues related to religious freedom in Europe that can also adversely affect the United States to some extent. To protect and safeguard the interest of the people, they established their office in France as the European Court of Human Rights in order to resolve the cases of people in Europe immediately.

Jay Sekulow knows that a way to thrust aside the differences and discrimination prevailing in this society is by educating people about their constitutional rights and freedom. In realm of this awareness, Mr. Sekulow is available a presenter in a weekly radio show and accepts guests’ requests from various TV programs. Jay Sekulow is Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), one of the most prestigious law firms in the country.

He is an accomplished Supreme Court advocate, renowned expert on religious liberty, and a respected broadcaster. Jay Sekulow is an attorney with a passion for protecting religious liberty – freedom – democracy.

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Various types of Internet Security

The bunch of rules and regulations which are used against the attacks over internet comes under internet security. This is a branch of computer security. Internet security is specifically designed for internet and to reduce the misuse of internet. Now-a-days internet has become very much popular. It is like an essential thing in every house and office. Internet has made life very much easy than before. Sitting in front of your computer in your house will provide you with many facilities like shopping, bill payments, banking etc.

There is a chance of misuse of this internet facility. Internet has now become a channel of exchanging information. This sometimes leads to a high risk of fraud. Hacking is the main risk people are facing these days. Anti-social elements are making use of this hacking and are succeeding in finishing their targets. Due to hacking many confidential issues are loosing privacy. This is a main threat to foreign affairs in governments and to business dealings. Best example is WIKILEAKS which leaked many secrets of countries and big people. Wiki leaks have moved the ground under the feet of many people. Leakages of this type are some times a threat to the national security also.

Different types of internet securities are provided now-a-days by the companies. Network layer security, IPsec control, Electronic mail security are some of those. A password always helps you in keeping your account or your profile secret. Password will be known only by you. But hacking made it easy for the hackers to open your account without the password. These types of security problems arise while using the internet. Another main problem in using the internet is that, while you are downloading some stuff from internet, there is every possibility of virus to attack your computer. This should always be kept in mind while downloading and data transferring.

An anti-virus should always be installed in your computer so that it warns you about the entry of virus unto your computer. Between SMTP and HTTP connections, firewall acts as an intermediate server which filters and controls the trafficking between any two different servers. Firewall has a very crucial role in providing internet security.

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Get To Know What Constitutes an Acceptable Signature

You will soon need to ensure physicians and non-physician practitioners (NPP) sign your paper lab requisitions if you want to get paid; however what does that entail exactly?

CMS provides specific guidance on what constitutes an acceptable ‘signature’ for documents subject to review for Medicare payment or by an audit contractor. See to it that your documents measure up by complying with one of the following choices:

See to it that it is legible The simplest signature (but toughest to ensure) is a legible full-name signature or a legible signature using first initial and last name. Unluckily, you will not find many physicians or NPP who have a legible signature and you certainly won’t want to stake your payment on it. That is when you will go to the second option.
Accept printed name with scribble If you cannot count on ordering physicians and NPP to legibly sign requisitions, you certainly have an alternative. Other personnel such as a circulating nurse can print the full name of the ordering physician/NPP on the requisition. After that the physician/NPP can initial next to or above the full printed name. In this situation, the initials don’t have to be legible to count as a legitimate signature. On the other hand, if you submit a signature log or attestation statement that identifies the signer of an illegible signature, you can meet the signature requirement that way. Do it: There’s no denying that getting referring physicians and NPP to comply with Medicare’s just-in policy for acceptable paper requisition signatures will be tough; however, compliance is important if pathologists and laboratories are to continue to be paid for their work. For more on this, stay tuned to a medical coding guide like Supercoder.

We provide you simple, instant connection to official code descriptors & guidelines and other tools for 2010 CPT code, HCPCS lookup that help coders and billers to excel in the work they do every day.

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is it legal for an american to move to cuba and still have the freedom to leave?

Question by kechonome: is it legal for an american to move to cuba and still have the freedom to leave?
lets say an american moves to cuba and gets citizenship. eventualy after some years he misses america and wants to move back. can he? also i heard that cuba is friendly with canada. is it different for canadians in cuba than americans?

Best answer:

Answer by lowbrasskicksass
i don’t believe so. but i could be wrong. and yes it is different for canadians in cuba.

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