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Centice Corporation Selected to Participate in National Institutes of Health (NIH) Commercial Assistance Program (CAP)

Centice Corporation Selected to Participate in National Institutes of Health (NIH) Commercial Assistance Program (CAP)

Morrisville, NC (PRWEB) November 10, 2011

Centice Corporation, a pioneer in Coded Aperture Raman Spectroscopy and Hyper Spectral Imaging, announced today the selection of the company to participate in NIH’s Commercial Assistance Program. The NIH program is designed to assist SBIR Phase II companies who have demonstrated promising new technologies with additional resources, strategic planning expertise and broader industry exposure. Centice was the recipient of an SBIR Phase II grant in 2009. The grant was awarded to apply Coded Aperture Spectroscopy in analyzing key cardiac biomarkers in a Lateral Flow Immunoassay (LFI).

Coded Aperture spectroscopic design provides a number of advantages that were seen as necessary for better determination of cardiac events. Measuring cardiac biomarkers is faster, more reliable and less costly with Coded Aperture Design than with existing LFI reader technologies. Coded Aperture Raman Spectroscopy yields more data from a larger field of view than conventional pinhole or slit aperture designs.

“We are excited to engage with the healthcare industry to see where our technology can be applied in saving lives” said Centice CEO, Dr. Prasant Potuluri. “The grant proved there is significant value in more effectively measuring biomarkers in next generation LFI solutions.”

The poster accompanying the scientific paper presentation is available on the Centice website at http://www.centice.com under the Knowledge Center.

About Centice

Centice Corporation creates and delivers advanced sensor technologies and products to select markets in pharmaceutical development, biotechnology, healthcare, process manufacturing and homeland security. With patented Coded Aperture designs and an expertise in sensor fusion engineering, the company leads the market in low cost advantages, measurement reliability, and unsurpassed data acquisition area size. Centice’s scientists and engineering teams provide mechanical and electrical professional services to support a network of partners and integrators building sophisticated sensor solutions. Leading edge science continues to be developed in hyper spectral imaging, spectrometer design, advanced software architectures and chemometrics and compressively sampled spectrometry. Headquartered in Morrisville, N.C. and founded in 2004, the company markets products directly and through distributors. More information can be found at http://www.centice.com.


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Alex Marks The 10th Anniversary of 9/11: Sunday Edition 4/6

On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex marks the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. He looks back at the attacks that led to the destruction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and provided a pretext for the global elite to impose a high-tech police and surveillance state as they wage wars of conquest around the world. Alex also looks to an uncertain future as the truth movement grows and the financial elite fight both propaganda and psyop wars against the resistance. (Subscribe to Prisonplanet.tv today!!) www.prisonplanet.tv
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Wake up,wake up,wake up. The truth,the truth,the truth,the truth shall set you free. www.davidicke.com song Cui Bono,by Sun House visit – http I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic …..

You Can Make Your Own Website

Not usually a topic on this blog, but of interest just the same. I find many out there would like to know how to make your own website … and honest, it isn’t all that hard. In fact, most people look online on now for just about anything. Even electronic readers are putting well established book stores out of business.

It’s almost a necessity to have a website it you want to be successful in business, even for those who simply what to propose a bit of change as in libertywalk.org need one as well. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to start a business, but couldn’t afford the brick and mortar fees that put so many under within the first three years of existence.

Or maybe you just want to put up family photos someplace other than Facebook, so you don’t have to worry so much about security issues.

If any of these (or a whole host of others) are of interest, then head on over to make my own website and have a look. If not … no issues, just browse on and forget I mentioned it!

Louis CK on O&A #26: Diarrhea Dispenser

6/27/2008 One of the most epic Line of the Days ever! I’m not gonna ruin it. Louis’ Divorce, Little Girl shits her pants, Mayor Menino, The constitution, Epic Dump Report, East Side Dave hates Louis CK, Fucking with people in the crowd, Stalker Patti abused?, Line of the day Subscribe – www.SiriusXM.com Fan site – www.wackbag.com Rundowns – www.oarundowns.com Or get O&A via – www.audible.com Other Stuff – www.youtube.com
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Q&A: What do atheists think of Hein v Freedom From Religion Foundation?

Question by neil s: What do atheists think of Hein v Freedom From Religion Foundation?

A private citizen can’t challenge executive funding of churches. What do you think?

Best answer:

Answer by We Wish to Buy Your Shoes
I think I’m going to attempt to sue the pope.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Should Blackberry Phones be illegal in the US also and is the phone a national security risk?

Question by Blue: Should Blackberry Phones be illegal in the US also and is the phone a national security risk?
In United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia they are banned. Black Berry messaging is encrypted. Its a national security risk they say. So will they be illegal in the US also soon or is our government smarter? Should all forms of encryption be illegal including https websites for credit cards? Is it really that big of a risk? Do you think our Government will try to ban encryption also?

Best answer:

Answer by Possum

What do you think? Answer below!

Fund Capital America California?s Premiere Plaintiff Personal Injury Cash Advance Company to Exhibit at the 50th Annual California Attorney?s of California Convention

Fund Capital America California’s Premiere Plaintiff Personal Injury Cash Advance Company to Exhibit at the 50th Annual California Attorney’s of California Convention

Fund Capital America

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 27, 2011

(CAOC Convention Booth #111) Fund Capital America – California’s premiere plaintiff personal injury cash advance company to exhibit at the 50th Annual California Attorney’s of California Convention (CAOC) in San Francisco, CA, on November 10-13, 2011 at the Palace Hotel.

Fund Capital America provides plaintiff’s in California with personal injury cash advances for their pre or post settlement lawsuits. The company works with traditional personal injury cases such as automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, construction accidents, birth accidents, railroad accidents, train accidents, boating accidents, wrongful death, slip and fall, premise liability, burn accidents, brain accident, product defect accidents, nursing home negligence and dog bites.

Fund Capital America takes a look at the lawsuit and the case is analyzed by an expert team of legal underwriters. The lawyer for the accident or attorney for the accident (plaintiff’s personal attorney) will help the plaintiff with the application for a cash advance. Lawsuit litigation is serious business, but the aim is to take some of the financial pressure off of the plaintiff.

Personal injury attorneys in California represent many different types of accidents and injuries. When a client has suffered a personal injury, why should the attorney allow the plaintiff’s financial circumstances cause them to have to settle the case earlier than necessary in order to alleviate the their financial burden. The plaintiff should be free from financial woes, while their case settles, so the attorney can get the highest settlement that is deserved. Injured victims should have the ability to sustain themselves and their families, while awaiting settlement on their personal injury lawsuits. When an injured victim has to choose between low-ball settlements or the necessities of life such a food, rent, and clothing; nobody wins. Non-recourse personal injury cash advances provide a solution that allows the injured victim to take the financial advantage away from the insurers. Non-recourse cash advances can help clients who are having financial difficulties. There are No credit checks, monthly payments, upfront out of pocket fees, notes or security required of the plaintiff. Remember, there is no payment until the case settles. Cash advances are not secured by a lien on personal credit or home equity. If the Plaintiff doesn’t win the case, they don’t owe us back a dime.

The CAOC California Attorney’s of California is the leading California organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the constitutional right to trial by jury for all consumers and championing the cause of those seeking justice through our California civil justice system. CAOC is an organization of more than 3,000 attorneys who represent plaintiffs and consumers who seek responsibility from wrongdoers. CAOC Attorney’s represent consumers injured or killed by defective products or drugs. People who suffer discrimination because of age, gender, disability or race. People who are injured or killed because of another’s negligent acts. The represent California citizens whose civil rights have been violated.

Fund Capital America is California’s Premiere Personal Injury Cash Advance Company providing competitive interest rates and fast turn around times. Fund Capital America utilizes a simple one page application for the plaintiff’s attorney to fill out and provides us the scope of the Plaintiff’s lawsuit and the nature of the litigation. The company knows that when the clients needs cash, they need it fast.

Fund Capital America knows that when a personal injury case has caused the plaintiff an economic burden, they need to be alleviated immediately. The company works with top rated law firms, all across California to provide financial assistance when it’s desired the most. Cash advances are from $ 500 to $ 200,000. It’s fast, simple and easy. The company provides a fast 48-72 hours turn around time on the application. If the application is not approved, there is no application fee cost.

Fund Capital America:

Competitive: We compete to give you competitive pricing.

Secure: All personal information is secured and kept confidential.

Solid: We have been in business for 5 years serving personal injury plaintiff’s.

Convenient: Based in Los Angeles. Servicing Northern and Southern California.

Whether the plaintiff has been involved in a personal injury cases such as automobile injury, motorcycle injury, truck injury, commercial vehicle injury, construction injury, birth injury, railroad injury, train injury, boating injury, wrongful injury, slip and fall injury, premise liability injury, burn injury, brain injury, product defect injury, nursing home negligence injury and dog bites.

Call today at 310-424-5176 or email us at info (at) FundCapitalAmerica(dot)com.

For more information please visit http://www.FundCapitalAmerica.com.



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“Overseas Banking” – Lear How to Achieve Your Total Financial Freedom (Link at the description)

thursdayinternet.com – 1. Get a Freedom Education That Will Inform, Inspire and Excite Expand your mind. Gain access to our extensive educational material, which covers all the essential basics of the offshore world and living as an international citizen. You’ll learn how to: Internationalise your life – while still living at home Reduce your tax burden – using offshore structures and strategies Become an “international” citizen – and never pay taxes again Quickly set up an offshore bank account, or offshore credit/debit card Conduct financial transactions privately and anonymously Set up an offshore corporation or trust Use the latest digital financial services to maintain your financial privacy 2. Discover International Living Strategies Set yourself free. Don’t remain hostage to the restrictive controls of your home country. You can become an international citizen – and truly make the world your oyster. You’ll learn how to: Get a legal second passport Establish a second country of residence Choose the right economic citizenship programme Think and act “globally” Choose the right tax haven Implement the Five Flag Strategy – and break free 3. Find International Work, Business and Investment Opportunities Build your financial freedom. The internet has created a new form of society – one not restricted by the boundaries of existing nation states. It’s a society where access is equal, and opportunity open for all – regardless of your race, creed, age or gender. You’ll learn
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If you think that God grants and justifies human rights, does God endorse the right to freedom of religion?

Question by Pull My Finger: If you think that God grants and justifies human rights, does God endorse the right to freedom of religion?
Or if you subscribe to the theory that human rights come from God, would you then have to believe that freedom of religion is the one right you DON’T have, since most religions teach that their god considers the practice of other religions an abominable practice?

Best answer:

Answer by Lance
I have to say, on the face of things, let’s say from the Bible, that God’s record on human rights is not very good. He seems at best very capricious, and toys with people, testing them arbitrarily, punishing innocent and guilty alike; at the very worst, he seems to emulate quite accurately a modern day totalitarian dictator. Ancient Israel reminds me a lot of Soviet Russia or North Korea in terms of a Mr. Big ruling by fear and reward.

Give your answer to this question below!

Is Mubarak’s downfall really the end of Egypt’s feared State Security?

EGYPT – It’s two months since Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was ousted, after 29 years in power and more demonstrators are in Tahrir Square, this time calling for his prosecution. As he left office, protesters discovered files detailing how the Egyptian state security police – a hated symbol of Mubarak’s regime – used torture and informers to beat down any opposition to the former leader.

Louis Farrakhan prophesied an uprising in Feb 2011. Other black and union leaders have followed his lead in the Occupy Wall Street / Occupy America protests. All of these people are working together with Obama towards the same goal, fundamental change in America, the overthrow of the system. That is, its destruction as we have known it, as prophesied by Black Nationalism and Black Liberation Theology. The law was changed in 2007 to allow the President to take control of the National Guard without the consent of the states. See link below. www.stateline.org It is important for people to realize that Obama will be complicit in any unrest that occurs as a result of these “Occupy America” protests. His cohorts are inciting them. Blog: stopobamanowsd.wordpress.com Impeach Obama Tea Party: www.facebook.com