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M.D.C. – Church & State

M.D.C. – Church & State
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NEW Church, State, And Original Intent – Drakeman, D…

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VP Noms On Church And State

What do vice presidential nominees Sarah Palin and Joe Biden think about the separation of church and state? Katie Couric spoke with them to find out.
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Basic Principles of Democratic Governance ? Why is the Concept of Separation of Church and State Important

The separation of church and state is one of the important principles upon which democratic constitutions are based. The concept rose at the onset of the Renaissance, from the indomitable hold of the Roman Catholic Church in world affairs. People felt that for a tolerant government, that is, a democratic government to thrive, the religious convictions must not be a factor in shaping national policies.

This concept was also held to be acceptable because of the fact that most democratic societies like the United States of America are not members of a single church – there are Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Moslems and the like, all of whom are major chunks of the population. Thus, the concept was further reinforced.

Throughout the decades, it has been shown that the definition of this concept is murky at best. This is due to the fact that a majority of a person’s beliefs is derived from his or religious affiliation (or non-affiliation, depending on the way one looks at it). Hence, there ensued an inevitable clash between the constitutional fundamentalists, and the average American. Just look at any coin and you can see the phrase, “In God We Trust.”

It is true that the society’s moral fiber is being stretched too thin, so that many advocacy groups call for the reordering the code of ethics of citizenship. However, one must realize that to formulate a public policy is to promulgate regulations that are based on tenets which are subscribed to by everyone. Hence, a policymaker cannot quote the bible to support his propositions, as there are many Americans who are not Christians to begin with. That is something that many of us must understand.

Instead of forcing our own beliefs on others, let us learn to respect every person’s religious disposition. If we feel that what we want to happen is right, and then let us find ways to impose them on people who share the same outlook. Democracy is all about respecting every human being for who he or she its, and not for his or her faith.





One of the things Sammi appreciates the most about living in America is her right to have her own garden. She loves planting seeds and watching them grow. She uses the wall o water to keep her plants from freezing and jobes plant food spikes to keep them healthy all year round!

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Cobra Starship – The Church of Hot Addiction

Cobra Starship – The Church of Hot Addiction
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Q&A: What are the similarities of the church & state issues vs. science & religion?

Question by RBLee: What are the similarities of the church & state issues vs. science & religion?
Brainiacs untie! 😀 Think hard. Avoid speculation or defense.

In the exacting, evidence requiring nature of science has there ever been any evidence to disprove evolution and the convictions of the state from their own perspective?

By the same token, by the faith, scriptural & biblical acheological based perspectives of the church & religion (religion,not in the label definition, but in the broad term of the denominational umbrella) has there ever been more contradictiion by their own evidence than fact?

Try to answer that without an emotional response!

Best answer:

Answer by Mesperanto
Try to answer that? I had a problem trying to understand it. Could you rewrite it in atheist please.

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what was the church-state relationship when Constantine was emperor?

Question by KateluvsLeo: what was the church-state relationship when Constantine was emperor?
Was it collaboration, church domination, or state denomination? And can you please also tell me why. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Prometheus Unbound
Bad for the established Pagans

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One local church has been planning its Thanksgiving dinner for seven months. State College Assembly of God held their Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday for area residents.
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old long since – Church and State

old long since – Church and State
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New Church of Scientology Opens in Quebec City

Church of Scientology Quebec

Quebec City (PRWEB) February 1, 2010

Fifteen hundred Scientologists and their guests from across Canada and the United States packed the street in front of 665 rue Saint- Joseph in the heart of the Nouvo Saint-Roch district of Lower Quebec City to attend the opening of the Church of Scientology of Quebec/Eglise de Scientologie de Quebec on Saturday. The opening of the 47,000-square-foot Church, which will serve parishioners from throughout the province, represents significant growth for the congregation, which was formed in Quebec 35 years ago.

Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center and ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, presided at the dedication ceremony, welcoming the assembled Scientologists and guests to the new Church. His introduction was met with prolonged and enthusiastic ovation in appreciation of his presence in Quebec and his instrumental role in making possible the opening of this new Church and all it represents for the future of Scientologists in Canada.

As Mr. Miscavige stated, “This new breed of Church is all in preparation for much more to come in the future. Well, that future is upon us now.”

The Quebec Church marks the beginning of a major Scientology expansion across Canada, with new Churches to be opened in Montreal, Quebec; Kitchener, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba; and a full renovation of the Church of Scientology in Toronto. Also on the horizon, on 190 acres just outside Toronto, is the Scientology Advanced Organization for Canadian parishioners and Canada’s Continental Liaison Office to coordinate Scientology expansion and social betterment programs across the nation.

Dignitaries participating in the dedication of the new Church included the Honorable Alvin Curling, former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and now Senior Fellow at the Center for International Governance for Innovation; the Honorable Pamela Appelt, a judge in the Court of Canadian Citizenship and a patron of the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development; and Mr. Alan Stein, noted religious freedom and human rights attorney and professor of law.

In his address, Mr. Curling said, “Let this new home for the Church of Scientology in Quebec be a beacon to all men and women of goodwill – a place where they will always be welcome to work together in helping this world. Bringing together people of goodwill is a hallmark of the Church of Scientology, which is why I celebrate this new Church with you today.”

The three-story stone and glass structure spans a city block with distinctive Art Deco façades at the two main entrances. The building has undergone extensive renovation to accommodate all Scientology religious services and also serve as a home for the community services the Church provides through the many activities and humanitarian programs of its members.

An expansive Public Information Center houses a permanent multimedia exhibit describing the Church’s beliefs and practices and the life and legacy of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. Displays also cover the Church- sponsored humanitarian and social betterment programs that offer practical answers to the societal ills of crime, drug abuse, illiteracy, declining moral values and natural and manmade disasters. These programs represent the work of the Church of Scientology in servicing every community in which they reside as well as other communities around the world.

There is also a Chapel for Sunday services, weddings, naming ceremonies and other congregational gatherings; spiritual counseling rooms; course rooms for religious study; an event hall and seminar rooms; a bookstore containing the written and spoken materials of L. Ron Hubbard; and Public Affairs offices and meeting rooms to coordinate social betterment programs with like-minded organizations in the community. For the convenience of parishioners and visitors, there is also a café.

In opening the dedication ceremony, Mr. Miscavige noted that the day gave new meaning to Quebec’s motto Je me souviens— I remember. In closing, he said, “Let this new Church symbolize the fact that we not only remember

Quebec, we shall also never forget our commitment to her people—and all in the spirit of this from L. Ron Hubbard:

“‘When you leave here today and walk out into the world, remember the tools of life that you have and your role to use them to help your fellows.’”

Accompanied by Scientologists from Quebec who led the drive to build the new Church, Mr. Miscavige cut the ribbon and invited all to enter.


The Quebec Church is the second new Church of Scientology opened this month and the seventh in the past year. The Brussels branch of Churches of Scientology for Europe was dedicated on 23 January 2010. In October 2009, Mr. Miscavige dedicated two major new Churches: the Founding Church of Scientology of Washington, DC, and the Church of Scientology of Rome. In April 2009, he dedicated new Scientology Churches in Nashville, Tennessee; Dallas, Texas; and in Malmo, Sweden.

These Churches join the roster of new Churches of Scientology opened in the world’s cultural capitals, including the National Church of Scientology of Spain in Madrid’s Neighborhood of Letters; the Church of Scientology of New York, just off Times Square; the Church of Scientology of San Francisco, California, in the original historic Transamerica Building; the Church of Scientology of London, England, located in the epicenter of the city; and the Church of Scientology of Berlin, Germany, near the Brandenburg Gate.

An additional two Churches of Scientology are scheduled for ribbon cutting in February 2010, with another 12 new Churches of Scientology scheduled for completion before the end of the year.