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Activists Assaulted At Hawaii State Capitol (4/29/2010)

On April 29, 2010, activists Mitch Kahle and Kevin Hughes were assaulted by Ben Villaflor, the Senate Sergeant-At-Arms, and State Sheriff’s Deputies, for objecting to unconstitutional Christian prayers used to begin each session of the Hawaii State Legislature. Hughes was injured in the attack and was taken to the hospital for x-rays and treatment. Kahle was arrested and prosecuted, but was ultimately vindicated when Judge Leslie Hayashi found Kahle “NOT GUILTY” and ruled that: “The Senate’s [Christian] prayers violate the constitutional separation of church and state.” More to come . . . RELATED: Capitol protestor found not guilty Hawaii News Now – Nov 25, 2010 www.hawaiinewsnow.com Hawaii Citizens for the Separation of State and Church www.lava.net
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25 comments on “Activists Assaulted At Hawaii State Capitol (4/29/2010)

  • @Frenchy88 Yeh…….because ‘europe’ is a single country with a single army……….right?


  • good, old-fashioned, American bullshit

  • TheAmazingBiped

    January 18, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    Wow. How embarassing for the state of Hawaii.

  • The Establishment Clause clearly was written to preclude any one religion being adopted by our government. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”
    However, why is it that not only is a god invoked in opening prayers in countless state legislative bodies and inaugural ceremonies, but it is always, without fail, the Abrahamic god of the Christians which is called upon? You will nowhere find a call to Buddha, Allah, or any other supernatural deity…

  • Christian mob mentality; I’m sure they all thought that they were on the right side of the law, because there are so many of them and they’re runnin the show.
    Doin gods work the “Christian way”.
    Lawsuits I hope?

  • @cha05kn1ght -was that about exactly? Even though the video had to do with religion (well, in a certain sense), i wasnt talking about that to you. Lol the unprovoked bashing is pretty sad.

  • @deskset24 LOL it’s so damn predictable when i say something on the internet that the first person who disagrees with me is going to call me brainwashed. Could you try and be a little original?

    I’m not saying you owe the military for anything unethical they have done. I’m saying you owe them for putting themselves on the line for your protection. You dont even have to agree with them, but you owe them whether you can acknowledge them or not.

    And btw, the unprovoked stab at “my religion”. What-

  • @kevnmar You say that until a Muslim demands equal time….Then the fighting begins, which would have never taken place if we, as a nation, would maintain the “wall between church and state” as Thomas Jefferson suggested.

  • The seperation of church and state has nothing to do with opening prayers of any kind…it deals only with prohibiting financial or legislative support for any particular religion.

  • @RomanaSubteran Yeah, right. Read a book. Reagan and all his Republicrat cronies supplied arms to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988. Probably supplied arms to both side. Remember the famous photo of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam? Oliver North and Contragate? Taking sides with Afghanis against the Soviets, then abandoning them, which led to the Taliban?

    None of that crap would have happened had Ralph Nader run for President back in 1980 and been elected.

  • @deskset24 They didn’t put Saddam in power. You’re an idiot.

  • @deskset24 .. for their freedom, not me! And, in fact, it’s not the Iraqi civilians who owe the US soldiers,
    but the RIGHTWING CONSERVATARDS who elected Ronald Reagan, Bush 1 and 2, etc who owe the US soldiers, because they put Saddam Hussein in power in the first place!

    All this can be expressed much more succinctly with game theory.

  • @deskset24 .. army be “thankful” and “grateful” for their armed forces? Should civilians in South American countries who have had family members murdered by paramilitary death squads be thankful to those death squads for “fighting for their freedom” just because those squads are trained soldiers?

    Great that US soldiers are not gunning ME down. But, in those cases when US soldiers DO win the freedom of Iraqi civilians from guys like Saddam Hussein, those Iraqi civilians owe the US soldiers…

  • @deskset24 .. their support to civilians who ALSO fight for my freedom (like the ACLU) and quality of life (Ralph Nader). NO organization (ACLU, military, Nader) is perfect. ACLU made me mad for their defense of corporate “free speech” 2 years ago in a Supreme Court case. I know they think they are trying to be consistent with their principles.

    The question that must be asked of members in the US military:
    should Burmese civilians who are killed by Burma’s (is Burma the old or new name?)…

  • @MrEatonbeaver Thanks. FYI: I consider overthrowing Saddam Hussein one of the (in fact, the ONLY) good thing GW Bush did, and I’m a proud radical! When Hussein started out, he murdered communists. And, let’s not forget that whole Saddam-working-for-the-CIA thing!
    Point is: I’d give my moral support to members of the military IF they didn’t SHOVE IT DOWN OUR THROATS about how they fight for our freedom, especially in instances when they are NOT, AND as long as they give …

  • @deskset24 Excellent posts. The religious right always go back to the brainwashing of “fighting for our rights/freedom. If they allowed the troops in iraq to read a decent newspaper, the only support they would want from any of us is pressure on Washington to get them the hell out of there and exact their revenge on the bush administration. If they would read the Patriot act they may realize that took away about six tenths of the bill of rights. Now, go fight for that.

  • Thank you, Mitch, for standing up for all of us and our constitutional rights!

  • Appearantly the guard that tackled him was a professional boxer and ruffed Mitch up a bit, giving him bruised ribs. Check out the interview podcast with Mitch Kahle on the Freedom From Religion website.

  • @cha05kn1ght .. of our taxdollars if they use it fight wars for causes that *I* didn’t ask for?

    And YOU are a disrespectful piece of shit to Peta, to Ralph Nader, to people fighting to curb global warming, for constitutional freedoms, to legalize marijuana – for causes *I* believe in.

    So, don’t force and shove your religion down MY throat, preach that “nobody owes anyone else” in this world because we’re all responsible for our own lives, AND THEN TELL ME *I* OWE the military.

  • @cha05kn1ght You are really fucking brainwashed into believing that just because the military tells you that.
    And you owe civilians in prison for your freedom. The less for them implies the more for you.

    Now, how the FUCK does, say, Alex Jones owe the CIA, if the CIA is goes around kidnapping and murdering people like him, HUH? Doesn’t matter what *I* think of Jones (many different conflicting things).

    How the FUCK do I owe the military for spending TRILLIONS …

  • @nigelbulls23 They werent supporting a religion. sorry.

  • @deskset24 Bullshit you dont owe the military anything. If you are an american citizen you owe the military a damn lot. I dont see you risking your life to protect your own damn rights. God, it really says something about the people on this video to see your peice of shit disrespectful comment high rated. It was the only truthfully offensive thing i’ve read on this whole video.

  • @EikC Was that “list” supposed to be a joke? All of those quotes were either not bad at all, taken out of context, said by people who do not represent Christianity and are in a safe extreme minority, or just plain didnt matter at all. (Rush Limbaugh saying “If you commit a crime, you’re guilty.”?)

    I could probably come up with a half assed list like this myself for seculars if i wanted too. Dont waist my time.

  • @cha05kn1ght
    There are people trying to turn it into a theocracy. I’ll list a few groups and names: Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, American Family Association. The Texas board of education. This is off the top of my head… there are hundreds of these kinds of groups. For a list of individuals, go to google and search for “The American Taliban”. The first result should be a nice list of exactly the type of people I’m describing.

    So no, it’s not paranoia.

  • @EikC America is a “christian nation” in a certain sense. We are a christian majority that embraces all cultures. But no one is trying to turn America into a theocracy, for the sake of both the state AND the church. Paranoia like yours just seems……unhealthy. O.o

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