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What is a good contemporary church state conflict?

Question by David P: What is a good contemporary church state conflict?
what is a good choice of a contemporary church state conflict?
It would need to be well known and also have plenty of information on it

i was looking at more china and tibet

el salvador and oscar romero

irish catholics and british state

Best answer:

Answer by imrational
“In God We Trust” on our currency

“One Nation Under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance

George Bush Jr creating the Faith Based Initiative and Obama expanding and strengthening it’s role.

Teaching evolution/intelligent design(creationism)

Here are some links
Video that includes some church/state conflicts

Video lecture series by Dr Michael Newdow (guy suing the government over the “In God We Trust” and “One nation under God” – he includes a lot of history too.

You also should check out the Secular Coalition For America. It would be a great resource for you, regardless of the topic you finally choose

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One comment on “What is a good contemporary church state conflict?

  • imration: there is no conflict in those statements. Atheists have no standing in matters of the religious basis for our government. Atheists have NO moral standards that are of significance as related to the constitution of America. Our forefathers were all God fearing CHRISTIANS who built our constitution and founded our country on Christian morals and ethics and understanding of our connection to God. Atheists could NEVER have devised such an instrument. Jews. Muslims, similarly could never have devised such a constitution, eirther. The Christians forefathers went so far as to ensure our GOD given freedoms. Of which, Atheists have NONE. Except those that have been granted to them by our Christian founding fathers. There is NO restriction any where in our constitution that prevents religion from being a part of our government. It was assumed that the religion of the country was Christian. Islam is not even a religion that is in agreement with our constitution. Human rights are denied to 1/2 of ALL muslims. Women are relegated to a sub human status. Including ther abuse if virgins in ‘heaven’. Violently at cross roads with our Constitution and Christianity.

    One conflict is that the churches have been tricked into signing up with the government in the IRS code of non-profit permission!! The fore fathers have already written in the FIRST AMENDMENT that the government shall make NO laws against religion. The 501(c)3 code section as ENFORCED by the government prevents the clergy from publicizing or exposing corruption in political candidates The Church is NOT free that agrees to that code..

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