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21 Good Reasons to Think About Alternative or Second Citizenship and Passport

21 Good Reasons to Think About Alternative or Second Citizenship and Passport

Our world is changing dramatically and holding a passport of specific nation or country can be challenging if not dangerous nowadays and is definitely connected to some restrictions. Here is a brief list of such exposures:

1. Political or economic situation in your home country makes travel on your current passport difficult.

2. Your assets are the target of litigation or you are burdened by taxation.

3. Your basic human rights or travel is restricted by your citizenship.

4. You are not allowed to work, do business, buy property or land overseas or settle in another country.

5. Your assets, freedom of movement and even life are threatened by your country’s economical or political situation.

6. You are subject to persecution for your religious or political beliefs or for pursuing certain harmless activities.

7. Your current citizenship and passport can make you exposed for hijackers and terrorists.

8. Your current passport could be revoked, confiscated or suspended for some reasons.

9. You can be a subject to tax on your worldwide income, currency controls or other confiscation measures.

10. Your state controls, restricts or monitors your travels or private or business activities.

11. Your present passport causes you delays, harassment or denies at any border.

12. You need visas to visit places where you want to go or stay.

13. Your citizenship forces you into unwanted military or other burden obligations.

14. You are identified as a citizen of an unpopular, immoral, aggressive or despotic state.

15. Your passport needs to be renewed or validated frequently.

16. Limited freedom to invest your money when and where you please.

17. You belong to the “wrong” country, like ex-Yugoslavia, Iraq, Iran, North Korea etc.

18. You cannot invest in the foreign stock markets or offshore mutual funds without restriction or hindrance.

19. You would like to insure a freedom of movement, residence, business of choice for yourself, your dependants etc.

20. You simply would like to open a new opportunities and guarantee a certain freedom and choice for yourself or your dependants.

21. You just would like to have a right for employment in another country which is not available now or permission is difficult to obtain.

There, of course, can be other reasons to gain another passport. You may possibly have a passport from a country that has travel restrictions imposed upon it, and this can be frustrating to say the least. For example:

* Many Chinese are desperately looking for a way to get out of their country, and/or to ease travel restrictions.

* Many US citizens do not like the idea of being enslaved to the IRS worldwide, regardless where they may choose to live. Also they may not like being targeted by terrorists because of irresponsible actions by their immature government.

* Many Western Europeans feel that during these turbulent times, it may be a good idea to nurture their plans for an additional insurance policy against difficult times ahead.

* Many Russians and Eastern Europeans are tired of having to queue to get visas all the time, and being treated as second class individuals by many, just because of their nationality.

* Many Africans and Latin Americans have tasted a bit of freedom but it doesn’t seem like they are free all the time as crazy governments and extreme travel restrictions make it very hard to get around.

With passport from one of the EU countries you are free to work, live and do business in any of the 27 member states of the European Union.

You may qualify to obtain your documents free through ethnic background, ancestry or religion in Brazil, China, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America etc.

Another way is to get an alternative passport by registration, by descent, via marriage or naturalization. In some countries you can be eligible for your 2nd passport in just 6 months after residence application and there is no need to spend this time in the country! There is an option for a 2nd passport and citizenship virtually for everyone who is seriously interested.



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