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What is Dual Citizenship?

Dual citizenship refers to the legal right some individuals have to be citizens of more than one country.  There are advantages to dual citizenship.  It can save individuals money on taxes and other legal fees.  Plus, there is a certain amount of freedom that goes along with having citizenship in two or even more countries.

However, you may wonder if having dual citizenship is legal or not.  Whether or not this is legal depends on the laws of all countries you inhabit.  Worldwide, of course there’s no law as to how many countries you can live in.  However, if you live and make money in one country, you have to make sure that living elsewhere and making income is permissible with that first country.  There may be various rules and procedures you have to follow.

For example, what if you are born in one country but want to become a citizen in another one?  Some countries might demand that you disassociate yourself from other companies.  In other instances, becoming a citizen of another nation doesn’t necessarily disqualify your citizenship in another country.  Furthermore, some countries automatically disassociate you while others require written notice.

What’s important to remember is that according to authorities, you are a citizen of the country you are currently staying in.  Therefore, when you are in Canada you are not an American citizen according to the most individuals.  All that matters is that you follow the law of the country you are staying in.  This means taking all related obligations like taxes, military service, and certain travel restrictions.  In unusual cases, like if American doesn’t permit traveling to a Middle Eastern country, yet Canada does, your traveling plans would have to respect the wishes of each country, depending on which you are staying in at the time.  

You’re not considered a man (or woman) who is multi-national according to the law.  This is what you can pride yourself of being, personally speaking, a man or woman who has assets in more than one country.  However, the country you live in will only expect honesty with regards as to your active citizenship.  When you are in America, you follow America’s rules.  (No policeman will have any compassion for you if you state you were not doing anything illegal by Canada’s standards!)

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