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How can i get freedom of information concerning creditors ?

Concerning a syndicated UK company (now liquidated) that i was a member of.
Why won’t the liquidator specify what the creditors dealing were in the syndicated UK company ?
Is it legal for the liquidator to do this ?
How can i find out (through freedom of information) what these creditors dealings/sevices were… they have just appeared out of the woodwork from nowhere.

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  • It appears that you were an American investor,and now are at a lost to understand your loss.
    Other nations have very different laws regarding the rights and duties of business concerns.
    Freedom of Information applies mostly to public records and the working of Government agencies in America, and the Sorbaines-Oxley act did little to help bring better managment to public traded companies, and as most Acts of Congress, made the issue worse.
    As a syndicate menber, you where most likely as a limited partner for operations and for tax matters would be in the USA.
    Since you said the concern was liquidated, I assume by an act of the Courts in England, and as such you would have more information than what you have so far stated.
    Therefore by the tenor and the tone of your questions you seem to have been a victim of a fraud, as someone who had the understanding and the assets to undertake this risk would not be (a) on yahoo seeking the answer and (b) would not be here at all, as you have competent legal advisors.
    How did you get involved in this venture, did a broker sell you your interest? If it was legit, and the went belly-up do to 85 dollar a barrel oil , or 650 dollar an ounce gold, or some other reason that is quite true. Did the concern take on debt for a short term real estate deal that when down the tubes?
    Why have yo not contacted the nearest British Trade and or consulate office, don’t take this to the official Ambassador in Washington d.c., becaus the nearest office will provide the quickest answer and help, plus they will have more time to try to help you. More importantly your visits to their offices will enliven their day and provide a great deal of humorious relief.
    This is the age of the Internet and nanotech, there is an office inside the office if the department of Justice (ODJ. US. gov as I recall.) locate the main web site,then go to where internet and other fraud can be researched, also contact the FBI, who are constantly dealing with overseas bank accounts, oil field frauds, and so on an so forth.
    I do not feel I can offer you either hope or sympathy. Yet I have attempted the truth, but most people have no taste for same.
    That is due to an old adedge; ” That a FOOL and his money are soon to be parted”.
    The better questions usually left not asked were,these; where did the Fool get the money, and how soon till there is more to take from him again.

  • this info is not available and you fall in the group called “investor be aware of what they are inverting in”!!!!

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