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1_7 Famous Men About TALMUD KAKAM RABBIS iLLUMINATI Jews 666 IMF 322 FED

on Channel of “IsraelNationalTV”? ThuggishProduction insult me:@ EvolutionReligion Brother, you need help! Please pray to the LORD and than call 911! (to:12/27/2017) @ThuggishProduction- HEY, MOSSAD of 666 and 322: ie, rabbis: kakam Illuminati: New World Order of enlightened IMF: grove: ECB FED: ie, satan synagogue: to kill, my Jewish people(new shoah) and to do new genocide, against all: the peoples of the world via: the new holocaust, of nuclear WW 3 °. If I will not be recognized: by all governments of the world as: “Unius Rei”? between: 6 years: there will be a revolutionary tribunal: World: that: put to death all: leaders, elites, all rich, for being silent accomplices: this means system Masonic: of Banking seigniorage: namely, the criminals masonic conspiracy: Bildenberg, politic, corporations, ecc.. to make the new: Tower of Babel: and to destroy the true hope of Israel. because in that day thou shalt be mad? maybe your death sentence will not be for you: too scary.. @Rooshic– David Duke is a young man in despair, who, from fear of seigniorage banking corporation globalist: Masonic Grove: 666: abduction: of 322 IMF: ECB FED: SpA. ie, synagogue of satan: lobby Illuminati: New World Order, he went from Muslims whose real objective: from Muhammad in then it’s always been that of hurting Christians as still is today! for the destruction of human dignity: ie: sharia horror jihad against freedom of religion! That’s why David Duke will go the way of Hitler for since
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