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***** 2. Evolution vs. Creationism:Is Evolution Just a Theory? *****

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25 comments on “***** 2. Evolution vs. Creationism:Is Evolution Just a Theory? *****

  • What came before the Big Bang which created the universe? How did an explosion start from nothing? Keep going back, how did that start, then how did that start. On the flip side you can say how did God come about who created God? If you say he just is, then with that argument you can say evolution just is. You see there could never be a beginning therefore there is no end.

  • i can prove evolution to be true: if you religious people believe humans did not come from an ape like ancestry, why don’t you take a look at yourselves in the mirror, cuz all you religious fanatics still look like the un-evolved ape like humans.

  • @ozowen Western intellectuals were aware only of the superstitious aspect of false religion and how the established dogmas of religion lacked all logical basis, so they had no hesitation in condemning religion as such to be baseless. Their judgment was based on their discouraging experiences with their own religion, and it could not fail, then, to be hasty, unrealistic, irrational and illogical.

  • @1tabligh
    That requires a certain knowledge of what the standard for a “right” religeon is. The challenges of the discoveries of science over the past few hundred years also constitute serious challenges. Churches that deny the validity of those discoveries will whither and fade. There is no choice- they are standing on sinking ships, denying there is water around them.

  • @ozowen Without doubt, one of the factors in the emergence of anti-religious ideas and a phalanx of deniers of God, has been the false teachings, the inadequacies and the intellectual perversions of the followers of some religions. The peculiarities and separate characteristics of each religion must, therefore, be individually examined when studying the reasons that have led men to adhere to that religion.

  • do realise what would’ve happened if dinosaurs lived at the same time as humans? WE’D ALL BE DEAD. Proving that dinosaurs are gods favourite species. God doesn’t love you or he ‘used his wrath’. Stupid fucking christians!! christian parents have the nerve to say the boogeyman doesn’t exist to their children. there’s an equal amount of evidence for both. NONE

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