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B-SHOC – deleted video the school and B-SHOC don’t want you to see

Christian “artist” B-SHOC deleted this video after the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter of complaint to the superintendent of regarding a series of flagrant constitutional violations. The school opened its doors to christian proselytizers to bombard students with religious dogma. See more: ffrf.org
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Emily does the rap breakdown on Let Them Eat War during the Las Cruces, NM stop of the Vans Warped Tour 2009. Fat Mike started doing part of it, but he stumbled off stage after he saw Emily. www.facebook.com LYRICS: There’s a prophet on a mountain and he’s making up dinner With long division and riding crop Anybody can feel like a winner When it’s served up piping hot But the people aren’t looking for a handout They’re America’s working corps Can this be what they voted for? Let them eat war That’s how to ration the poor Let them eat war There’s an urgent need to feed Declining pride From the force to the union shops The war economy is making new jobs But the people who benefit most Are breaking bread with their benevolent hosts Who never stole from the rich to give to the poor All they ever gave to them was a war And a foreign enemy to deplore [CHORUS] We’ve got to kill ’em and eat ’em Before they reach for their checks Squeeze some blue collars Make ’em bleed from their necks Seize a few dollars from the people who sweat Cause it’s freedom or debt and they won’t question it At a job site the boss is God-like Conditioned workhorses park at a stoplight Seasoned vets with their feet in nets A stones throw away from a rock fight But not tonight, feed em death Here comes another ration (feed them death) Cause they’re the finest in the nation (feed them death) When there’s nothing left to feed them When it’s freedom or it’s death [CHORUS]

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50 comments on “B-SHOC – deleted video the school and B-SHOC don’t want you to see

  • Thank God for the 324!

  • Disgusting that any principal with a brain would allow this to happen in a public school. Wait…I think I just figured it out.

  • What a horrifying display of state sponsored Christian indoctrination…

  • They’re lucky they didn’t pull this shit at my high school when I was a kid. I wouldn’t have sat quietly on the bleachers and taken that. I would have been in the bathroom on the phone with the ACLU, followed by being back in the stands heckling them for pushing their bronze-age goatfucking superstitions on a captive audience.

    FUCK these people.

  • The school knew this was WAY out of line. Can you imagine if they’d invited a Muslim rapper to do this exact same thing? How about a Satanist one, to come in and tell everyone they needed Satan in their lives? Yeah. Same thing.

  • @ablessedpreacher Your ok with people breaking the law & your constitution then…Why u hate America?

  • @MsMckenzie13 Shout, shout shout until you believe. LOL!

  • So angry at these fukkers poisoning the minds of the innocent with their filth! What’s his problem with evolution? Only in the US, in the rest of the world mainstream christianity came to terms with evolution years ago. This is yet more evidence of these twisted freaks trying to find something else to hate for Jesus.

  • This makes me sad.

  • can you imagine how the christians would freak out if a muslim rapper came and preached?

  • In case anyone doesn’t know, one of the parents (along with the assistance of the ACLU) sued this school district and thankfully they won the case. No more ILLEGAL proselytizing for any religion will be allowed in the school.

    Separation of Church and State FTW!


  • i think they should let him be there and if someof the kids dont want to listen to it thats fine but didnt u vc how happy and excited those kids where

  • @slipperywhenwet5 …People pray in Church…

  • How I wish I could go to that school so I could tell them how WRONG they are! Completely unconstitutional.

  • @ablessedpreacher All the more reason to take him out. He will still be there for believers, and people of different or no faith can live without having someone else’s beliefs imposed upon them.

  • ablessedpreacher

    January 15, 2012 at 12:53 pm

    Greatful to the people who saw that God was and is needed in the school, the fact is that he’s there even when opposing forces try to take him out.

  • @futymed I see what your saying, but the important thing is to teach our children to be objective, critical thinkers, so that if some over zealous individual tries to preach to them, they can recognize that they have a choice, and not just be lead like a little sheep. We can’t censor everything we don’t like from them, so it’s better to teach them to question things and consider alternatives without being naive. We part our knowledge to them and let them make their own choices.

  • @tokingmonkey you said ” I believe children should be exposed to religion in a clear, concise manner, making it clear that this is a personal choice that they are not forced to make. ”

    You could say the same thing about Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Stealing and collecting stamps ….
    I personally, don’t want my life ruled by stamp collectors, telling me I am sinful for not collecting stamps and passing laws based on stamp designs from 2,000 years ago.

  • “Prayer has no place in the public schools, just like facts have no place in organized religion.”
    – School Superintendent on “The Simpsons” episode #100, 1994

  • I didn’t know Jesus was down with the bitches and hoes!

  • @blueangel52263 Brainwashing is brainwashing, doesn’t matter how small or where, it’s wrong. We have these laws for a reason, and while I don’t usually put much stock in our justice system, in this case it’s absolutely essential.

  • @rahlgren Why was this flagged? This person’s opinion was completely valid.

  • This is exactly what this video represents. Education officials concerning themselves with religious practices when their jobs are to teach children about math, science, writing, life skills…things that exist in the physical, are applicable to work and real world problems, not the metaphysical. I believe children should be exposed to religion in a clear, concise manner, making it clear that this is a personal choice that they are not forced to make.

  • Religion has no place in law, governance or education. While I’m perfectly accepting of religion as a personal choice, and that it has churches to offer guidance for those who “ASK” for it; it has no place in our schools. Do teachers have the freedom to express their beliefs? Certainly, by all means as long as they state clearly that this is their opinion. Do they have the right to teach it as factual, or to go behind parents backs and manipulate children into joining? They do not.

  • 5WaysTilSaturday

    January 15, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    There needs to be more people like you in the world.

  • WrongWayFiend1331

    January 15, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    Be my girlfriend? Please? lmao punk chicks fucking rule.

  • @hanakindateland2000 whatever you say, i agree

  • I love how fat Mike starts singing (kind of) see’s Emily and just goes Uuuuhh? and stumbles offstage XD

  • Sick tight Emily!

  • I dont think that crowd knew they were in the presence of royalty.

  • hanakindateland2000

    January 15, 2012 at 5:41 pm


  • lol you stole fat mike’s bit

  • Fat Mike got pwned!!

  • EPIC!

  • Were you nervous, Emily? I mean… singing in front of thousands of people, there, with BR… really unbelievable… My best wishes to you, from Argentina.

  • @2hamsters1couple it looked like a nasty welt xD

  • lol, i think you were far tooo close to the drums lololololol

  • shittest crowd ever. Great video otherwise

  • Wow> this is amazing. good job

  • lol she owned Fat mike in the rap part, Bad Religion and NOFX rules

  • Brooks is one of the best drummers in punk rock… this video is a rare opportunity to really focus in his action! Awesome!!

    btw, great job Emily

  • Good work =)

  • How did you even get the opportunity to do this? Did you win a contest? Did you contact them? Are you buddies with them?

  • 2:09 Greg is checking you out lol

  • As a fan of the Emily BR covers, that is so awesome that Emily got to go on stage with the band. How in the world did that opportunity come up? I would love to know.


  • FAT MIKE!!!

  • this was a great show and all, but the crowd is dead , too shame b/c Bad Religion is the best band ever

  • congrats emily, this let me smile and feel good, greetings from bavaria 🙂

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