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Do Egyptians really believe in human rights and freedom of religion?

Question by Saudi Hotgirl: Do Egyptians really believe in human rights and freedom of religion?
This poll shows that over 2/3 of the population supports Sharia law.
Sharia law is backward law which violates, Human rights, women rights, freedom of religion and freedom of expression.
So do Egyptians in generally really supports Freedom of religion or they are similar to the Wahhabis?

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Answer by Stratomanssy
Yes, Egyptians believe in human rights, and yes, they support Sharia Law, simply because Sharia Law itself supports human rights!
Islam is often misunderstood, even more so by Saudi women, because Saudi Arabia, and not Islam, mistreats women and takes away their rights. What in Islam says that a woman can’t drive??? Nothing!

I believe in human rights, and I’m a very proud Egyptian Muslim, and I wouldn’t wish to have it any other way.

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12 comments on “Do Egyptians really believe in human rights and freedom of religion?

  • I Am Jack's Wasted Life

    April 12, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    No they dont.. They say they do but they really really dont.. Just look at how they would treat a homosexual or a person thats not Muslim or Christian.. It is related to human rights, open mindedness and freedom of religion.. something they won’t really ever admit.. Actions speak louder than words though!

  • I support freedom of religion, but I do not necessarily support Sharia, Because if they want to implement Sharia, They should do it right and not as Extremist as Saudi Arabia

    As to response of Extreme Sharia and Moderate Sharia
    Several requirements are in place for the amputation of hands for example:
    •There must have been criminal intent to take private (not common) property
    •The theft must not have been the product of hunger, necessity, or duress.
    •The goods stolen must: be over a minimum value, not haraam, and not owned by the thief’s family.
    •Goods must have been taken from custody (i.e. not in a public place).
    •There must be reliable witnesses (mentioned above).
    As to stoning these conditions must be met
    •The punishment cannot be enforced unless there is a confession of the person, or four male eyewitnesses who each saw the act being committed.
    •Similarly, under Sharia a woman who is accused of adultery cannot be punished unless there are four male eyewitnesses to prove she did commit adultery.

    @D by the way we don’t believe anything here without a citation, provide a citation first

  • no

    very hypocritical

    actions are totally different than words ..

    i agree with JWL …

    the problem is not in Sharia .. the problem is in its application …

    LOL look how the radicalists flock …

  • Today a Jordanian poet was arrested for using the Qur’aan in his poetry, an Afghan journalism student was sentenced to 20 years in prison for distributing an article that was critical of Islam, and a South African aid worker was shot to death by the Taliban for “spreading Christianity.” I suggest we don’t pick today of all days to discuss reconciling Shariah with modern, liberal democracy. Shariah is a way of life that belongs in the Middle Ages, plain and simple. The last blasphemy trial in Europe was in 1781.

    Edit – there is not an “Egyptian” Shariah and a “Saudi” Shariah. There is only one Shariah, and any state using that Shariah becomes fanatical and stupid.

    Gaza, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Jordan, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen–

    Is it any coincidence?

    Turkey is the most advanced state in the Muslim world and it’s also the most liberal and secular, almost EU level, is that a coincidence? Egypt needs a man like Kemal Ataturk was.

    Thumb down as you like.

  • Sharea law, is very fair law
    because life is cruel justice must be on the same level

    and thats a very misleading statistic, where are the Christians opinions?
    they are about 25% of the Egyptians

    and 0% doesn’t support shareea in Egypt?? u never came to Egypt didn’t u?

    and don’t compare Saudia arabia’s laws with the sharea law BTW

  • You said :(Sharia law is backward law which violates, Human rights)

    NO, Shari’a is a progressive view for a safer, well organized and better society.

    Islam recognizes absolute equality between people .

    Citizens have absolute and complete equality in the eyes of the law regardless of their religion .

    Human rights in Islam have been granted by Allah, and no individual or legislative assembly has the right to amend, change, or withdraw them. Every Muslim or administrator who claims to be Muslim must accept, recognize and enforce these rights. All those temporal authorities who claim to be Muslims yet violate the rights sanctioned by Allah are either disbelievers or wrong-doers.

    Islam at the height of its civilization, between the seventh and eleventh centuries, was neither repressive nor regressive. It was a progressive, humanistic, and legalistic force for reform and justice.

    What causes Islamic states to regress, is not applying shari’a, but quiet the opposite, still the main reason for regression, is the western occupation of most or the ME for over a Century.


    Turkey is not the most advanced Muslim state, what about Melesa, Indonesia ….

  • yes we are,,,,from past times we have cristians and moslems and jews all worked to gether for egypt but jews travelled to israel after 1948and1952,,,,,,egyptians are middle on thir religion islam or cristianity,,,,we have the right islam not wahhabi,,,we have also arzozix chair the mother and origin of all other churches,,,,,in war our blood mixed to gether for egypt,,,,,,in kouran it selfthe exists freedom of riligion even on age of mohamed,,,thir were other religion and moslemslived with them,,,,,god can make all peoples moslems but he lett this choice for the man it self

  • i would like to add that the minority in Egypt are of the most minorities in the world given their rights, even more than in Europe and U.s.a, dont u see (all of u) how many christian minister in Egypt?
    Although the christians and others in Egypt equals 6% only, 4 ministers r christians! including the minister of finance, the leader of the human rights council…
    have this happened in any place in the world?
    – and who r speaking about how the minority there r treated, what did he see? did he see GUANTANAMO? or did he see Egyptian secret planes kidnapping christeans???!!!!
    – There is racism in every country in the world, but that dont accuse this country except when this racism controls its way.
    – At last , u should know that following the Islamic Shariaa ( correctly)is the best way for guarantee human rights, How?
    Read first about islam and u will know how.

  • Sultan Shalfat the Adventurer

    April 12, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    Sharia law respects human rights, but what many of you don’t get is that there is a human right and society right, the basic principle is that not everyone can do whatever he wants , there are limits.

    The funniest thing is that the people who invented what so called human rights are the first ones now who violate it.

    Last, Sharia law is way before human rights, so you can’t say that sharia law violates human rights.


  • I am Egyptian , and I believe in human rights.
    Sharia Law is more advanced than any man made law bec it is based on religion.
    the law applied in a few Arab countries is not sharia law .
    it is a law that forbids what our Prophet allowed for his wives , and the women who lived in his times .
    it is a repressive and suppressive law designed to control and inhibit females as well as males .
    one day , women there will take their rights by sharia law , in sha allah.

  • If Egypt wanted to go the way of the Wahhabi’s, then watch out. Unlike Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Egypt’s economy needs people to run.

    If Egypt was seen as becoming more extremist/less tolerant, I think you would see a large drop in tourists and visitors from outside the middle east.

    Additionally, people that tend to agree in putting in Sharia are also generally in favor of weakening secular education, so the quality of education will go down and the goods/services that Egypt produces will start to leave the country.

    And Egypt has small 6-10% religious minorities, will they have separate laws for them?

  • There’s nothing really wrong with the Shari3ah, it’s really the people who practice it in their own stupidity who need help.

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