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Financial Freedom With Christianity – Fact or Fiction? – Seek the Truth it Will Set You Free

Christian Financial Freedom requires you to know the truth about answered and unanswered prayers; Fact or fiction? Unanswered prayers do not exist; you either have a negative or a positive response. If your prayers do not get a positive result it means your prayers were answered by God in the negative. God hears you and replies. Have you ever investigated why the verse that says: “and whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be Glorified in the Son.”

It stands to reason that who so ever is not the beneficiary of an answered prayer will look for a thousand reasons to substantiate this as god’s will, no one like to be outside of god’s will. Immediately you will have a thousand Christian clichés as a substitute for the real reason. Clichés like, have faith, or Gods timing is not your timing, unbiblical hackneyed and nauseating, admissions of not knowing the truth in which lies the answer.

Most people are afraid to question the Bible. Why? It says that you should test all things. I decided to test both, my internet home business and the biblical facts. TBN pulpit exponents like Internet Marketing Exponents have lead me round by the nose long enough, time fo the truth. No more listening to TBN hype and get fleeced in the process. Time to put my prayer life and my Christian based affiliate marketing business on the right track. In both instances I need to seek the truth. the success of the one is dependant upon the other.

I am sure you know the story of Jacob, he promised God that if He would provide for him, protect him, and bring him back safely to his land, he would then serve God. He required God to give first before he gave. God still loved him. Have you ever heard a sermon about this from a TBN pulpit charlatan? No, all insist you must give to receive; do they have the keys to God’s safe so they can dish out to you, or something? Every one of them is out to take your money. I state categorically they do not believe what they preach; if they do they are hallucinating. If I was one of them and believed what I daily tell the millions of viewers, I would give a million dollars to the cause I’m touting as a good thing, and get back a hundred million from God, it would save one hell of a lot of trouble.

The Word says test all things. I Thessalonians 5:21 instructs us to “test [prove, KJV] all things,” which would include our old notions, and then “hold fast” to the good ones—the ones that pass the test. Have you ever looked for the reason why you did not get what you asked for? There are good reasons which may soon be eradicated, if you seek the truth because it will set you free. However, that is yet another discussion to be published in due course.
I have deviated somewhat from the basic reason for this article, but these shenanigans are depriving a lot of people from the truth. The word says, Seek the truth and it will set you free, so back to the main stream of my article.

I make my income from my home business by way of Internet Affiliate Marketing and SEO work. Unfortunately, both, religion and internet marketing are crowded with hype and scams. It became an obsession with me to discover the truth every time I listened to one of those TBN Multi Millionaire pulpit charlatans, I just knew this could not be the truth about God’s Word and to a similar degree seeing reading and listening to the internet hype about becoming a millionaire over night, or having a new Ferrari parked in your garage before you have even removed you P-Jays in the morning.

Christianity was my first priority as I felt that my Home Business Income was totally dependent upon my knowing the truth.
My search took me into many places besides the Word. The kernel of my research was to find the truth about both including the true meaning of such biblical annotations as:

My people perish for the lack of knowledge.

Seek the Kingdom and all things will be added onto you.

What is God’s will for my life?

Do Christians have to be paupers to be good Christians?

What so ever you ask the father in my name you shall have.

My searching was somehow abruptly curtailed when I read James 1:5, “If any of you lack wisdom let him ask God who gives to all men abundantly etc., this coupled to the knowledge that Jesus left us a Counsellor, “The Holy Spirit”, when He went to be with the Father in Heaven opened my spiritual ears and eyes. I have not read in the Word that He gives money abundantly or for that matter that He gives new cars or houses. He also tells you how to give and to whom to give, for those who think thast giving brings wealth. I do not see the TBN charlatans enumerated as biblical reci[ients, but I do see the widows and orphans and your Spiritual teacher, as recipients of your giving. Do your own distribution, god will see and know. Don’t give to god because the TBN Hoax makes you believe that your dollar will be ten after he or she has fleeced you. These professional beggars will no doubt have a million reasons for attacking my point of view, however please remember that the word says the road to heaven is narrow.

So what went wrong?
I am a normal working guy, doing my best to live as a follower of The Word, Jesus. When I began to “test all things” in my happy clappy church, and to seek the truth, I discovered lots of turmoil within my spirit. I had lots of questions these so called theologians had no answers for apart from the normal “out” using the hackneyed Christian cliches. I decided that I was in the wrong place. It greatly worried me that the word says “My people perish for the lack of knowledge.” This is both biblically and materially applicable. The two are linked through prayer.
This article is not within the scope of a total biblical perspective, apart from saying that my research, or if you like my revelation put a whole new slant on my Christian life. For the first time I feel that I am successful in both facets of my life, my Spiritual life and my business life. I have discovered via biblical research, using the internet extensively, how one should pray and be in the will of God. I now know why my prayers were never answered, and it was not because I was outside of Christianity, no, simply because the happy clappy churches teachings are wrong and money centered.

There is not one instance in the entire bible that tells us to pray for financial freedom or any form of financial gain, but there are any number of verses which tell you to ask for knowledge.  So that you can do what is necessary to make the income you are working towards. Do you know that a ship at sea needs only be one degree off course, which easily runs the ship aground or onto the rocks. So it is with you and I deviate one degree and land up on the rocks. The good news is that you can keep course very easily because you have a Counselor who keeps you there if you choose to make use of his services.
Take a discovery trip as I did and see your life change, there after God will lead you to the right teacher. It is the first time in my life that I understand why the book says that the road to heaven is narrow, my research to find direction for my future was both spiritually revealing and materially motivating.

For answers to unanswered prayers and knowing how to pray, please get

the program, I know it will unburden you substantially.


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