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How come America is a country promoting Freedom of Religion?

Question by Gemini: How come America is a country promoting Freedom of Religion?
First, Christianity is so dominant. Anyone believing in other religion feels very marginalized.
Second, the government officially promotes Christianity. Even though the government does not say this is our official religion, they have the idea that people believing in christianity have higher moral values. Even the dollars say “in god we trust”.
In all cases, people who don’t believe in Christianity are very much discriminated. Do you agree??

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Answer by LeahKx3
Na, people need to grow up and be who they are and quit being afraid of what other people may think about their religion.

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9 comments on “How come America is a country promoting Freedom of Religion?

  • No. If you insist on being marginalized, you will be. If you insist on playing the poor, widdle victim, so be it, but keep your whining to yourself.

  • “In God we trust” is not a Christian phrase, it is English. Jews believe there is a God, Muslims believe there is a God and Christians believe there is a God. All of them believe there is only one God. If there is only one God, as all of them believe, then all of them must believe in the same God.

    Where is the discrimination except to people who don’t believe in this one God?

  • Smells like New Screen Names

    April 2, 2012 at 6:56 am

    Because your “feelings” have nothing to do with the law.

    Second, it’s technically a promotion of monotheism, which is indeed discrimination. A parallel would be case of Plessy v. Ferguson, which found that segregation was legal, only to be over turned later after it became evident this was a flat out lie. See that is why real judges write decisions instead of just pressing a button, so their thought process can be examined and debated.

    No official discrimination is allowed based on religion. Which doesn’t stop people from doing this privately. Laws don’t magically change everyone’s minds, just their behaviors. When you get older you’ll see the trend is toward a more secular America. When I was young, public schools still routinely taught Christianity in some communities, they don’t anymore. Other groups are much more outspoken then formerly. More atheists live openly every year.

  • Every religion including Islamic and Hindu believes in a God. So saying “In God we trust” Applies to everyone.
    There is 37,000 different Christian faiths who all believe the others are wrong and going to hell.
    From Catholics and Protestants, Adventists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and several hundred Baptists, and Pentecostals. So how would any other religion feel marginalized?

    They should fit right in with the others who say, “I do not care what you believe, when you die I leave it in God’s hands to straighten you out”
    The government has been very careful not to pin point any religion over another. Every church believes they have higher moral values than the others so how can that be a problem?

  • what planet are you from? Our constitution is based on biblical principles, and does not declare Christianity or any belief system as a national religion. Christianity is being discriminated against for your information pal. Jesus was killed because He told people they needed a new spirit that only He could provide when they received Him as their Lord… and Jesus came for sinners, the murderers, liars, sexually errant … and they received Him gladly actually. It was the religious people who rejected Him… it was the big shots who feared they wouldn’t hold the position of the richest or the most powerful if people accepted Jesus as their Lord instead of being subservient to them and their oppressions

  • mckenziecalhoun

    April 2, 2012 at 8:46 am

    Because we do?

    You mean we aren’t promoting Freedom of Religion unless we FORCE an equal representation regardless of what religions come here? WHAT GARBAGE!
    That’s like saying you have to have equal amounts of all the races of the world in government (regardless of the ratios) or you are racist. Your argument is utterly silly.

    Feel marginalized? Because you have less people in your religion in the country? You mean we have to FEEL BAD because your religion or ANY religion has less people in it in our country?

    What kind of needy garbage is this? Use some reason. What is your alternative?
    Is there ANY country in the world that has been more supportive of religious freedom?

    Name it.

    NAME IT!

    You can’t. Not one.

    I utterly disagree. Very much discriminated? Where? How? With the litigious protections we have against that? Anyone being discriminated could sue in a second and win. You are making this up.

    The exceptions? When tens of thousands of followers of Islam dance in the streets at the deaths of thousands of Americans, we get a bit cautious of Islam. Seems that is NOT okay with you. Considering they are still free to do EVERYTHING here they could do before, I’d say you are speaking nonsense.

    What is more interesting is that you say, “…they have the idea that people believing in christianity have higher moral values.”

    That’s called a reputation. Christianity has a pretty good one compared to many other religious groups. You may not like that. TOUGH. Earn a better one for YOUR religion.

    Oh, I’m not Christian. Not even religious.
    I just have a low tolerance for this kind of garbage.

  • Other than the fact that it does indeed say “in god we trust” on currency, I’m relatively certain that not a single thing you said there is true. I was raised Catholic, but I don’t know a single person who is “Christian” in the sense of, say, going to church more than twice a year. I’m an atheist, and I don’t feel marginalized in the slightest — I mostly feel that people tend to roll their eyes when somebody talks about how they believe in Christianity.

  • Question&Learn

    April 2, 2012 at 9:22 am

    I think you hit the nail on the head. Non Christians in America are very discriminated against and churches promote this by encouraging their congregations to only shop with christian vendors and hire christians from their congregations for job openings.

    I find organized religion to be a problem that isn’t so different from nepotism.

  • yes well all you have to do is hire native american artists like sioux cheyenne ojibiweay to place art on dollar bills and done. canada uses native american art on 20 dollar bills.pictures of canoes done by official agreement with federal goverment . if you like the internationale could also be placed on the coin saying away with old traditions and supertstions arise and break your chains.

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