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Salman Rushdie on multicultural relativism.

From 92nd Street Y interview. More about multicultural relativism from about 2:50
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27 comments on “Salman Rushdie on multicultural relativism.

  • quote: thus proving that the basic teaching itself is inimical to human development and intelligence.

    As long as you are Muslim.

  • If all cultures are equal, then there is no right and wrong. If there is no right or wrong, there is no good or evil. Without any distinction, there is no reason to have self-restraint. Without self-restraint,  a society crumbles.

  • his argument is relativism, which is preposterous if you believe in a god who created us, therefore you believe god is stupid as there is no structured truth just perception in regards to culture. However islam is not a culture, there is no supreme race or social norms will follow, islam came to break all races and follow the devine law of god, we believe is absolutism and this is logical if there is one god.He is a confused dog and will die confused,islam is the only truth

  • you continue to miss the point, when u attack the most influential figure in human history(Muhammed peace be upon him), without any facts you are making 1.6billion people very very upset. This dog needs to face the consequences of his actions. He’s an indian he could have easily spoke to a muslim and gained some knowledge before writing a book of lies saying the quran is from the devil.

  • runswithscissorsalot

    April 15, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    You continue to validate his argument. I suggest you stop now.

  • richardellipsis

    April 15, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    warning – Islamic flamers below, quoting the Kooran (sic) and not being very peaceful at all. Get your house in order Muslim peoples, its people like this who let down your religion.

  • if he swore at my mother or sister, that doesnt deserve death, however whoever writes false information attacking the truth(islam)is a lowlife dog that needs to be put down. His book is an attack on all muslims 1.6bliion people around the world , does he think we are going to greet him with hugs and kisses.

  • runswithscissorsalot

    April 15, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    you just validated his whole argument.

  • cant wait to see his head on a stake ameen.

  • when you got a point, seems like you tend to hammer it home. Other people are also a source of education, maybe you should consider that in YOUR educational endeavour. but thanks for your encouragement. hopefully it was genuine even though somewhat glazed in a thin layer of sarcasm perhaps 😛

  • What can I say, more than that my genuine and heart-felt encouragement for your continued education and the potential for the utilization of the vast possibilities for modern-day research via various channels was only generated by your sincere and unpretentious enquiry as to the relative nature of various religions.

  • .. nevermind, i see we we not meant to communicate as individuals for more than 2 minutes, and googling the answer wouldn’t have worked, what with all the rubbish on the web etc also i do like to converse with people and arrive at conclusions through the method of conversation. but all in all, i guess this exchange was totally fruitless. nice talking with you

  • Then the answer to “which religions are left” would have to be “all those that don’t perpetrate genocide by systemically exterminating those who leave said religion, those that don’t divide humanity into “clean” and “unclean”, those that don’t impose death on those who reject the God in question and those that don’t murder apostates”. So you really needed a list? I’m not concerned with those religions that don’t do those things, only the ones that do. Was Googling the anwser so hard?

  • and finally, just in passing, why wouldn’t you be able to enlighten someone who asks a humble question. apparently you are on here ‘teaching’ people what you think is correct; because you cannot be so narrow minded as to think that what you may say will not be taken as information by others who know no better – so, why wouldn’t you see my intivation to share your knowledge, and instead take a dump on me for not knowing as much as you in this domain – seriously up your own ass…. thats all.

  • had you even enquired a bit, you’d know that i actually agree with your initial post. lol, shortsightedness led you to folly….

  • anyway your obiously upset, so go cry somewhere else as your retorque was inapropriate … end of line.

  • a) i wasnt alluding to genocide – i didnt read all your posts, just this one – b) dont tell me i should read all your posts before making a comments, because i bet you don’t either, and don’t say u do just to prove something. we all have other things to do than read every comment made in youtube. c) i wasn’t talking about specific religions, if anything one that doesnt seem to lead to human suffering in any particular way is buddhism, so there you go, there is 1 at least. 4) i have an education.

  • amazing how you got all of that from 1 simple question – do you even know where i am coming from ? impressive how it blew your top, i was actually just asking a simple question – also apart from that, i didnt study religion or theology at university, i wouldnt waste my time with that, though the questions of atheism and religion interest me (as a hobby). anyway, it seems something about the 4 words i printed was already stuck in your throat before i ever typed them.

  • Are you seriously trying to say that ALL religions perpetrate genocide by systemically exterminating those who leave said religion, divide humanity into “clean” and “unclean”, impose death on those who reject the God in question and murder apostates? If you want to know “which religions are left”, maybe you shouldn’t have skipped school so often. It’s up to you to find out. Ask a friend? Google it? Go to school? Try. You’ll feel much better about yourself when you get an education.

  • which religions are left ?

  • Of course segments of the arab and persian world is hostile to the U.S. The U.S. set up a tyrant in the 50’s in the Shah of Iran for western oil concerns. The same can be said in numerous other cases.

    The U.S. government has overthrown representative governments and installed despots. In other cases they entrench monarchies that act in U.S. government and western company’s interests.

    You would have declared war on the U.S. government as well. A govt. is not a people or society.

  • He hits the right string. God is always personal! So why should there be someone dictating terms on how to worship him as long as you are within socially acceptable behavior?
    Line said at the end of ‘Angels & Demons’ movies simplifies a lot for me
    ‘Religion is flawed because man is flawed’

  • Magic is basically a mystery to the human logic, but its only called magic when instead of trying to solve it, one harnesses to patronize other people

  • Wow he is a real Liberal thinker. However today’s left is consumed mostly by champagne socialists, multicultural appeasers with no backbone nor hinderance of real intellectual caliber.

  • Rushdie will meet his fate.

  • Islam is the most evil thing ever invented. It is the reason people hate religion. It has negatively influenced more ideas and ideologies, countries and institutions than anything else ever. It is directly responsible for more deaths than all other wars of known history combined. No other religion comes close. No not Christianity, not Buddhism and even not Hinduism, which if anyone knows the history knows how violent that one was. The vitors write the history, and so the far the victors have been liberal muslim lovers from england and france and islam itself. Support your local muslim, share the death count.

  • Cultures adapt and change over time. Well many do. So defining a people by its culture for all time seems a little naive. All cultures of the past took, borrowed and assimulated ideas and eschatology from its neighbours, trade partners, and sometimes conquerors, or vanquished. So lets stop pretending a group of people have to keep alive ridiculous traditions, stories, or ways of acting or doing things just to define them. Many cultures have totally embraced a new idea and changed. Tibet is the most classic example. In 70 years going from a violent nation to the most peaceful form of Buddhism known.

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