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Seeking 10,000 Teachers of Witchcraft and Wicca Needed to Supply Global Shortage

Seeking 10,000 Teachers of Witchcraft and Wicca Needed to Supply Global Shortage

Hoopeston, IL (PRWEB) June 19, 2006

Wicca is America’s Fastest Growing religion and is anticipated by religious experts to be the third largest religion in the United States early in the 21st century behind only Christianity and Islam. Such a rapid spiritual revelation is occurring that the need for thousands of Wiccan teachers over the course of the next decade is required to meet the demand for basic teachings. People want to understand and embrace the Wican Rede and allow themselves to awaken their inner abilities. Wicca’s liberating beliefs and useful skills are in such demand that they need ten thousand teachers in the next few years.

America is on the brink of awakening and discovering it’s inner magic and it is changing the world. How we change depends on what we believe, and more people are looking at Paganism and Wicca than ever. If Pagans are right, then we have contact with a whole other dimension to our already rich existence. It is a another vision of life where magic occurs alongside the daily workplace, among science and technology, among people and filling in all those different places with a sense of awe and wonder. It is about Soul freedom. It is about being aware of how much freedom we truly have.

People becoming Wiccans today have a desire to teach and share their faith in ways never previously before conceived. Fearful of the dangers of remaining in the closet, and yet knowing how discriminatory American culture can be, Wiccans desire to build their community in a free and open manner, legally protected under Constitutional law. We benefit from the freedoms we have fought for and served for, and that our forefathers and mothers strived to maintain for us and we will pass these freedoms onto our children. This freedom is opening this sacred community to the deepest thinking and development of their sacred arts in history and allowing Wiccan to show the world how useful these skills will be in the future that races toward us all.

And discovering Wicca has never been easier and more public. If you ever thought about Wicca and asking what it is, you can take a free Wicca Course at WitchSchool.com. Witch School is the leading distance education system in Wiccan studies worldwide, and has now helped tens of thousands of people learn about Wicca and their own inner abilities.Maybe you will be one of those new teachers and not even aware of it yet. But even if you never practice, the study of Wicca is a fascinating subject and part of our great American experience.

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