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Soumaya Ghannoushi – Defend Freedom of Religion Rally

Soumaya Ghannoushi (Director of Research – Islam Expo) Defend Freedom of Religion, Conscience and Thought Rally. 20th November 2006. Organised by BMI and Liberty. For more information, please go to www.bminitiative.net

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25 comments on “Soumaya Ghannoushi – Defend Freedom of Religion Rally

  • When did Islam suddenly become a race? its a fucking religion.

    There is no racism involved in hating a religion, I despise them all equally, and Im anglo Iraqi married to a lady from the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Im glad shes in the UK with me, because in Iran if she didnt cover her hair in the street, a Policeman would punch her in the face.
    Thats what all religions become if unchecked.

  • She just says the first thing that comes into her head.

  • I would like to take issue with what this woman says. But she rambles all over the place with no consistant thread that it is difficult to know where to start. Who’s idea was it to give her a platform?

  • Islam has always been at war with other belief systems; it is at the heart of the belief system since the warlord Muhammed. You cannot follow and understand the meaning of Islam and remain ‘moderate’. Try standing up behind the podium of an Islamic country to demand freedom and see how long you will last

  • There are two kinds of people: Islammophobes and Fools.

  • whiteworldreturns2

    August 28, 2010 at 4:37 am

    Islam is like a child, it cannot take criticism.
    Guess what people, I’m fat, I’m White and I wear glasses, I get called, “Fat pig, white honky, four eyes cunt” all the time and don’t seek damages for it or even react.
    Its called maturity, something these Muslim freaks have yet to master.
    Get over yourselves and your sensibilities, sticks and stones.

  • whiteworldreturns2

    August 28, 2010 at 4:41 am

    Moderate Islam is a joke, they are token Muslims, people who like the title but not the lifestyle.
    In some ways they are worse than the hijab-wearing terrorists because “moderate Muslims” lie to themselves.
    The truth is that the Koran is hateful and no amount of talking around the issue will stop that.

  • whiteworldreturns2

    August 28, 2010 at 4:50 am

    Islam is fucking intolerant to the extreme. Hitler looks like a multi-culturalist compared to Muslims.
    Islam is hateful and subscribes to just about every “ophobia” there is, not least of all non-Muslimophobia and homophobia.
    It is male supremacist, homophobic and violent and yet liberals continue to defend it in spite of it characterising EVERYTHING they claim to despise.

  • There never were any gods and never will be

    Just how tolerant is islam to that statement

  • She is clouding the issue. She gives no indication of what Islamophobia actually is. She just rambles on and on about nothing inparticular. If i dont like Islam, it is an opinion and I will defend my right to the death if necessary.

  • Im so sick and tired of seeing so called moderate muslims refusing to comment on stoning of women and other barbaric customs, If moderate muslims dont distance themselves collectively from extremism then islamophobia cant exist? Since a fear is justified. She sounds like a smart woman, says alot of true things. Dont judge your neighbor before you know him, We are all people 1st!

  • Fear of Islam is justified.. until the mass of moderate muslims stand up and speak out against extremism.

  • My girlfriend was 30m away from the edgware rd bomb. (I was 20s from the Brick Lane one!) And of course I abhor bombs.
    the Iraq war is a catastrophe of huge proportion. It is no surprise that people are hearing a call to arms. Fueling Islamaphobia is fueling the terrorism.
    Incidentally, the major difference is a death toll in London of 67 and one of 90,000 in Iraq.
    Come on Lineswine. Peace! No-one that I know wants to establish an Islamic state or blow anyone up. Too much TV!

  • Her message is that we should work together for peace. It’s all of us against the terrorists, not us against Islam.
    She’s not wishing to establish a global caliphate.
    Iraq used to be a place where woman were free to gain an education. Now we are handing it over to a conservative militia who punish the failure for women to adhere to the strictest of Islamic codes with death.
    Islamaphobia is a tabloid disease and people who fall for it are as stupid as those who believed in the lies about WMD.

  • Yup, no difference between Sadam’s army & the U.S. army fighting & a few nutters killing civilians with no warning.
    I don’t think the Iraq war is just either, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to blow up Finsbury Park mosque.
    I have something called “morals”, that CANNOT be overridden with the promise of 72 virgins, & a “conscience”, that means I feel responsible for my own actions – something sadly missing of Jihadists, they being able to justify ANY act “in the name of Allah”

  • IF the non-muslims were happy to live as “Dhimmi” & as such, pay a form of protection money, acknowledge your inferiority to the followers of Islam, whilst being considered as a formal “second-class citizen”. Now, if you’re going to make a point, try making the whole point. Google “Dhimmi watch” for more info.

  • Tell that to the Afghan women who are not allowed an education, forced into wearing Burqas.
    Or maybe the “peaceful Wahabbism of saudi Arabia?
    BTW, do you know the date of the next stoning/beheading for such crimes as being raped, being “suspected” of adultery etc.?
    You know, visiting such places is like making a direct link with the stone age.
    I believe the difference between Soumaya Ghannoushi & myself is that I don’t wish to establish a global caliphate or be dragged back to the 5th century.

  • . . .It’s playing into the hands of those people who have inherited the PNAC groups agenda and, in my opinion, it is wrong. I have heard police interviews with terrorists. Soumaya Ghannoushiprobably has many reasons why she wants to live in the UK and most of them are probably the same as yours.

  • . . .It’s playing into the hands of those people who have inherited the PNAC groups agenda and, in my opinion, it is wrong. I have heard police interviews with terrorists. Soumaya Ghannoushiprobably has many reasons why she wants to live in the UK and most of them are probably the same as yours.

  • What you say about women being denied an education in Islamic countries is not true.
    Groups of people are doing evil violent things. These things wouldn’t happen if we, the predominately White West had not illegally invaded Iraq, killing people with bombs. That is no defence for leaving bombs on the tube, but it is a fact. To think of the concepts of ‘Islam’ and ‘Terrorism’ synonymously is fueling discontent, that which allowed nations to be fooled blindly into carrying out this misguided war.

  • yes i admit the way you all discribe islam – we got some muslims in that way — like you I am also admit that they r not real muslim – becaouse if you read the real islamic book you will find that they r not following them. yes some of the thing they r doing -onece thouse r ok but not now – the real human right is given by Mohammad (sm)’s time by releasing all the war prisoner not like the Guantanama Bay — So Now its you all’s times to Think.

  • Do you consider blowing people up in suicide bomb attacks “freedom of expression”?
    I realise why Soumaya Ghannoushi wants to live in the UK…if she was in the Islamic counties, she’d have never had the opportunity to gain an education, she’d be cooking & having babies. Islam hates anything that is not itself. She talks of “peaceful co-existence” yet 8 months later her “Islamic brothers” murdered 52 people in London. She is a hypocrite.
    There’s no freedom of expression in Islamic Fundamentalism.

  • Freedom of religion is a Christian song (Western) and this is the video to show your hypocrisy. The countries you mention are not Islamic, they are dictatorships created and protected by the West. When these countries were free and truly Islamic Jews and Christians throughout the world came to find refuge and protection to your cruelty; taking evidence for churches, synagogues and communities who prefer to stay anyway, despite the wars that you produce, to join you.

  • what a ridiculous hypocrite she is. In most islamic states it is illegal to change your religion. Typical Muslim doublespeak. Thanks God the world is slowly waking up to the threat fascist Islam poses to the world.

  • “Islamophobia” cannot be racism as all races can be muslims!

    “Islamophobia” is a propaganda word.

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