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Freelance as a Web Developer or Programmer

If you love working on web sites and or enjoy programming but hate the grind of a 9 to 5 job with all it’s corporate hoop jumping or you find yourself one of the unemployed due to cut backs this may be the gig for you.

Freelancing as a Web Developer or Programmer provides many benefits such as a variety of assignments vs. regular employment, you have more freedom with your work schedule and have access to many tax benefits vs. regular employed web developers and programmers.

Freelancing does have it’s draw backs such as a regular paycheck but if you possess self discipline, you are somewhat organized, have the skills to do the job and an ability to sell your skills, freelancing can turnout to be one of the best decisions you have ever made!

The freelance community is over 10 million strong according to the US Department of Labor and we make up over 7% of the US workforce. We even have our own Unions!

What makes the freelance community so strong is the fact that large and small companies have been outsourcing services for some time now and with the ever increasing popularity of the internet outsourcing has increased to over 25%. Even when large companies have mass layoffs they still need to have work done so they turn to the freelance community!

Some of the major companies who hire freelancers are Time Warner, MTV Networks, HBO, Sprint, and even Wal Mart just to name a few.

With this outsourcing increase the internet has become a powerful source for the freelance community with 100’s of sites popping up all over the net where freelancers and those seeking project help are matched up! Most freelance matching service websites have you setup a profile and those seeking project help outline their needs and you along with others bid on the project. The top two are Elance and Get A Freelancer.

As a freelance web developer or programmer you can charge by the day, hour, per page for web developing or on a per-project basis. A new and ever popular form of payment vs. flat rate or fee basis is the Value-Based Pricing method.

Value-Based Pricing – Is structured based upon a perceived value of the project and or results received for your client. Loan brokers work off a percentage of a loan as payment for services this is value-based pricing. Real estate agents get a percentage of property sold this is value-based pricing. For the Web developer he or she may get a percentage of product or service provided sales this is value-based pricing. And for the programmer he or she may retain ownership of software and license of the program developed therefore providing residual income for the life of the program. Payments can be upfront, percentage (Value-Based), or on completion of the project.

What ever method you choose “YOU GET PAID”. Keep in mind to make your freelance business a success you should give your client(s) their money’s worth or better yet give them a little more than they expected!

The best part of all this is you can work from your home on your own schedule. You do not need a ton of high tech equipment and software to do this!

You do not need a degree, just a working knowledge and an ability to put out top product or service!

Keep in mind that you will be working through the internet and if you run into a problem you can find many what I call “Geek Sites” that can help you with any technical problems you may run into! Some of the most popular are Life Hacker and IT Toolbox.

Web designers’ income levels run from ,000 to over 0,000 per year and Developer income levels run from ,000 to over 0,000 per year

It’s all up to you! You and your skills will determine how successful you will be as a freelance web designer or developer.

To your success, Ozark Mike

Ozark Mike has been in the freelance industry for about 15 years! Has written many articles & e-books on this exciting industry. By visiting Ozark Mike’s site at http://www.extramoneysolutions.com you will find 100’s of free e-books, articles freelance job opportunities along with other unique opportunities to make money.

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