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2G Role of Sonia Gandhi, Chidambaram, Pranab Mukherjee Explained by Subramanian

Subramanian Swamy explains in detail how corruption was done by UPA Govt in 2G Scam. Subramnaiam tells how special laws were made by Chidambaram and Pranab Mukharjee to facilitate black money involved in the scam. He also exposes the national security issues involved in 2G Scam as Dawood Men Shahid Balwa was key figure in buying spectrum & ISI front companies were also involved as per Home Ministry reports .Subramanian further explains the revelations done by A Raja on Sonia Gandhi, karunanidhi, kanimozhi, Chidambaram and their share in the total loot of 2G scam. Chidambaram will goto jail by 23 August 12:00 A.Raja’s Role in 2G – 23:23

Sachin Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh spent a day at the NSG headquarters at Manesar to honour the courage and sacrifice of National Security Guard commandos. Jai Hind !

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32 comments on “2G Role of Sonia Gandhi, Chidambaram, Pranab Mukherjee Explained by Subramanian

  • shy 2 separate raja and kanimozhi …….:) lolz

  • “In 1982, In Singapore, LOKPAL BILL was implemented and 142 Corrupt Ministers were arrested in one single day.. Today Singapore has only 1% poor people & no taxes are paid by the people to the government, 92% Literacy Rate, Better Medical Facilities, Cheaper Prices, 90% Money is white & Only 1% Unemployment exists..

  • Thanks God for Dr Swamy!!

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  • Thank you for your effort. You will be successful.

  • Dr Swamy.. True son of the soil.. the real bharat ratna

  • Sir please expose these corrupt CONGRESS people,,, patriotic Indians are with you.. god bless you ..

  • @7jaswinder
    Well, your question answers itself. Why is the media in India not covering all this ? Because, my friend, the media is involved in the corruption, in the scams. And they are bought by the Congress.

    The Nira Radia tapes should show you the role of the media in corruption behind the scenes. Do not believe anything u see in the mainstream media.

    The only real source of information which u should trust is the internet.

    Yes, and god bless Swamy.

  • Anna ramdev se better choice hai yeh

  • Mr. Swamy you are the crusader! We corrupt Indians need you!!!

  • @BharatKiAwaaz Yeah u are right tats y he is opposing the Lokpal bill ….

  • Hats Off to Mr.Swamy …He has got real guts to spit out at the UPA Govt. This is the most Corrupt Govt in Indian History..

  • Why did Vajpayee help Rahul Gandhi when was arrested by the FBI?

  • Awesome work Mr. Swamy! No wonder Ms Maino is out sick, don’t think she is coming back!

  • Sonia G and wife of ex election commission Navin Chawla are selling Indian antiques to rich people in the world. Loot is going on.

  • @amit99anand The Indian Revolution !

  • superb speech. We r lucky to have u Mr Swamy, Brave N bold

  • Every Citizen of India knows that this is most corrupt Govt. in history of India
    Why are we all sitting silently while Mr.Anna Hazare (with all due respect, our grand father age) is fighting with few or no support. we should be ashamed

  • Pizza in Tihar… WOW

  • Raja’s statement may be prove Subramanyam Swami’s Prediction that Chandambaram will be in Jail till Aug end !!!

  • Chidambaram will goto Jail Next in 2G Case – 12:00

  • just loved his expression and confidence at 31.15 to 3.40…..We are with you…

  • Even if half of this is correct then the systems in the country have to be corrected today ,and this people in power should made to go,This can only be done by a revolution of the common people

  • Why don’t we hear such revelations of A.Raja and Hassan Ali from Media and why do Media keep their silence? They have plenty of time for covering bullshit eyewash pre-election campaign of rahul baba but no time for revealing this truth?

    Hatts off to Mr Subramanian for letting us know about this.

  • ha ha ha ha ha……..chutiaeeee..you call them commandos…pakistani police is better than this….mumbai attack only 9 guys fuckked your whole commando shittt for 3 days….and they acomplished their mission..which was to create caios…..look how many people they killed and they had to die..ha ha ha its funny….you call them commandoss…haha haha jea pakistan …Allah o Akbar……… pakistan aooo or apny ankhooon say khud daikhooo…tum logon keee maaa chodd daingay…u just make films..

  • the best top 7 counter-terrorist(home ministry) squad are
    1. SAS(UK)
    2. GSG9(Germany)
    3. Yamman(Israel)
    4. GIGN(France)
    5. SWAT(USA)
    6. NSG(India)
    7. FXB(Russia)

  • These r the real HEORES and we salute u.



  • these are the real man of lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • silverthunderable

    November 30, 2011 at 2:13 am


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