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Aarkstore Enterprise -Biometrics for Homeland Security Analysis & Forecasts 2008-2018 Sep 2008

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Biometrics for Homeland Security Analysis & Forecasts 2008-2018 Sep 2008

The September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States and later bombings in Madrid in 2004 and London in 2005 have made it imperative for countries worldwide to tighten national security. These security measures require more-accurate, suitable and efficient ways to identify and monitor individuals passing through airports, border stations and other points of entry. The security developments also need to accommodate the increasing movement of people between countries. Embassies and some other public buildings and infrastructure require improved security technologies, with biometric technologies increasingly important. The US Government has popularised the phrase “homeland security” as it focused its efforts in boosting security within its national territory from terrorism, improving the security of borders, airports and ports in particular. Homeland security is now a key focal point of government budget – you must capture your share of that market today.

Biometrics have unique physical and behavioural characteristics that can be measured by automated methods. The best known of these biometric identifiers are fingerprints, iris and facial characteristics. Importantly, there are emerging methods that make use of other identifiers such as vein patterns on hands and voice recognition, amongst other developed and emerging technologies – but what are they and can they be introduced in a cost-effective scenario? Furthermore, there is great potential for technology transfer within/between electronics and other scientific and engineering disciplines, including data analysis, defence, security and biotechnology. This report delivers clear opportunities for you and your organisation – take advantage of it immediately.

There is a large, expanding market for biometrics worldwide for homeland security, visiongain observes. In recent years, many governments have entered into a wide range of projects to implement enhanced security measures via biometrics. Visiongain estimates that those developments will make biometrics for a buoyant and lucrative market throughout the period 2008-2018, especially as the technologies become established and further refined. This market is not going away – you should maximise your potential within it. More projects are expected to be commenced in the near future. This new visiongain report – Biometrics for Homeland Security 2008-2018 – describes the present trends and future opportunities in the homeland security application of biometrics. This information is valuable to both homeland security and defence procurement operations, as well as to relevant technology providers.

Why You Must Buy This Report:

Only this new visiongain report offers a detailed study of homeland security biometrics technologies that are poised to be significant over the next 10 years. Biometrics for Homeland Security 2008-2018 discusses the following aspects of that important market:

Discussion of the technologies in homeland security biometrics

Forecasts for homeland security biometrics revenues in the leading US market and 11 other leading national markets, including total global sales, from 2008-2018

Discussion of current and developmental programmes in biometrics for homeland security

Analysis of market drivers and restraints, including SWOT analysis

Full transcripts of interviews with relevant experts in the sector – this information is not available anywhere else.

Visiongain predicts strong uptake in the homeland security biometrics sector during the period 2008-2018. However, do you know how that market will develop in terms of sales and annual growth during the period? You should and this report will tell you. Visiongain believes that the opportunities for technology providers are great, as nations increasingly turn to biometrics to enhance the security of their citizens. In addition to consultation with experts, this research involved a detailed study of policy documents, industrial reports and relevant news.

Importantly, visiongain also applied its in-house analytical techniques to deliver financial forecasting, SWOT analysis and qualitative projections – this information is exclusive to visiongain’s report. The result is a comprehensive market-based study with detailed financial analyses and informed opinion on the future of the homeland security biometrics market.
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