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Five Reasons to Check Out the Dahle 20434 High Security Shredder

For some organizations, only the very highest in shredder security levels will suffice. Featuring an NSA/CSS-approved level 6 security, the Dahle 20434 offers military units, government agencies, research teams and private contractors the best security available for the destruction of their top secret documents. Here are a few great reasons that you should check out the Dahle 20434 today.

Security. Offering a security level of 6, which is the highest available on the market, the 20434 is designed for use by the military, government, and research organizations that require the destruction of top secret documents on a regular basis. Though this level of security might be viewed as “over the top” for the average business, if you run a private sector enterprise that regularly contracts with the military or some governmental agencies, the 20434 can provide you with the National Security Agency-approved security that is required by these organizations. The fact that your business either has such a machine on site, or intends to purchase one, might look good on a bid proposal as well. Superior Cutting System. The 20434 is a serious shredder that employs a set of cutting heads that are perfectly matched and milled from a single solid bar of the world’s finest steel. Along with the 20434’s non slip chain and gear system, these remarkably durable and precise cutting heads are what enable this machine to reduce the average sheet of paper to over 15,500 tiny, never to be read again particles. The cutting heads themselves are guaranteed for one year, and the rest of the working parts of the 20434 are covered by a two year warranty. Ease of Use. The 20434 employs a single toggle switch system that allows the user to choose between automatic on an off (using an electronic sensor that detects when you place papers in the feed opening and starts the machine), continuous run (for bigger jobs), and reverse ( in case of a paper jam or overfeed). With the single switch you will always know what operational mode the machine is in. The 20434 will also let you know when the waste bin is full and needs to be emptied, and, for safety’s sake, will shut itself off when the cabinet door is opened. Sheet Capacity. You’ll often find that as shredder security levels increase, their sheet capacity diminishes. The 20434 can handle a respectable 8 sheets at a time, meaning that you won’t have to sacrifice productivity when you opt for a high security shredder in this case. The feed opening width of 9.5 inches will easily accommodate both letter and legal sized sheets, and the 1/2Hp motor operates at a speed of 13 feet per minute. Low Noise. No matter what the size and scope of your office is, it’s always a good thing to keep the distractions caused by noise to a minimum. The 20434 gives you whisper quiet operation by encasing the cutting heads and placing the frame on shock mounts. This way, the level of vibration to the noise-deadened, all-wood cabinet is virtually eliminated.

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