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Indian Army Air Defence

Army Air Defence has dedicated itself to the service of the nation with it’s motto of “Akashe Shatrun Jahi”, a firm resolve to keep our skies free from enemy intrusions. www.youtube.com This supporting arm is the youngest formation in the Army, being raised on 10 January 1994. The Army possesses one of the largest array of medium and short-range air defence systems of any army in Asia and acts as a powerful deterrent to any enemy attack aircraft. At present, AAD has two missile groups equipped with SA-6 surface-to-air missiles, assigned to the Army’s three Strike Corps. In addition, there are 30 regiments with Bofors L-40/70 towed anti-aircraft guns, four regiments with 23mm ZSU-23-4 SP anti-aircraft guns and a number of regiments with 23mm ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun. These are complemented by a number of mobile point-defence missile regiments with SA-8b and SA-13 SAM units. Since inception, the AAD has been awarded two Ashok Chakras, two Kirti Chakras, twenty Vir Chakras, seven Shaurya Chakras, 75 Sena Medals and 151 Chief of the Army Staff’s Commendation Cards. A vibrant and effective air defense environment backed up with low and medium level surveillance and automated control and reporting system, is essential to protect the key strategic installations as well as the combat potential and freedom of maneuver of our fighting force. With ever changing face of technology, it is imperative that the Corps remains modern and well equipped in its equipment profile and in
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