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Inside Syria – The slow Plan B for Syria

The slow pace of international assistance in Syria is worrying. We ask if there’s more than just apathy in the delay. We speak to guests: Jonathan Paris,Farah Atassi and Sami Hermez.
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24 comments on “Inside Syria – The slow Plan B for Syria

  • harsimrankml1

    May 7, 2012 at 11:34 pm


  • Part 2
    what does the Tibet issue have to do with the disapproval of military action against Assad in Syria? since they have no bases there why do you think they disapproved it? I already explained why.

  • you don’t have a real answer just opinion in what YOU think happened but I’m telling you the facts are there thats what Russian president said himself he had been tricked a “Pseudo-Trick” thats what he said it not me. I too been tricked by the media I didn’t catch it in till early august 2011 so it wasnt just him it was all of us but most till in the belief that gaddafi started killing his people here is the chain of events that led to the civil war

  • “in Libya yet they approve of Resolution 1973 if you been following the events you would know but it the seems the world is stupid as mule” they may have made back room deals or Russia and China just wanted to get rid of Gaddafi i don’t know but they weren’t tricked they knew what Resolution 1973 was when they at the UN when they didn’t Veto it.

  • and that goes for most imperialist countries. Russia and China is no different to say America or Britain.

  • “China doesnt have a base so what do you think they disapprove?” if China disapproves of any interventions they should get out of Tibet until they get out to me China can’t publicly be taken seriously, to me they are Hypocrites. as for Russia don’t get me started on them. simply put they are not the Heroes you make them out to be. what they say publicly is different to what say Privately.

  • This is the reason why they rejected any military action Assad and the navel base is other interest but China doesnt have a base so what do you think they disapprove? both China and Russia had contracts in Libya so now they may or may not lost contracts in Libya yet they approve of Resolution 1973 if you been following the events you would know but it the seems the world is stupid as mule

  • Russia and China tricked? /watch?v=_n5E7feJHw0&list=FLZmtjmSRbfewx4ClOM53kFA&index=141&feature=plpp_
    the only reason Russia is supporting Assad is because they want their naval base for their own imperialist agenda and for libya they were just pissed because they lost all their arms contracts to Gaddafi in which human rights watch say where killing civilians.

  • Russia and China did the right thing for Syria as in Libya they all been tricked into approving the resolution 1973 president Medvedev even said that he was tricked into beliving Gaddafi was massacring civilians which turned out to be false. Resolution 1973 to protect civilians and guess what happen? a non-stop aerial bombardment killing civilians in the process. Russia and China will not fall for this lie again.

  • no it won’t cause Russia and china is backing their Puppet regime  Assad

  • same will happen to Syria now how is off-topic?

  • off topic

  • this is exactly the reason they do that, to win back your trust in their lies. This video still doenst recognize the foreign intervention that caused the chaos in Syria. How to solve it? By helping the Syrian government in their quest to restore order. Not by sending weapons and “communication means” to the rebels. Not by recognizing the NTC or the so-called Friends of Syria. Not by sanctioning the Syrian government.

  • That g.. Is over

  • in Libya Hellary “we came to protect civilians” weeks later died civilians from NATO bombing over and over again. now how is that a conspiracy? they lied over and over again

  • I am starting to see Al Jazeera trying to be more balanced on the issue…it was all about the Syrian opposition’s and Western govs’ viewpoints before.
    Now, for whatever reason (maybe losing audience even in the West for its bias) it is trying to bring other viewpoints into the discussion, raise more issues…
    Ever sine the Libyan intervention happened, I have lost my trust on Al Jazeera, nice to see them back on more objective reporting.
    It’s a start

  • Go to Baba 3mro. Or Idlib.

  • When they try it in Israel…which was always the point…..the UN will get bitch slapped…

  • The UN is useless and a joke.

  • thesyrianfighter1

    May 8, 2012 at 7:54 am

    What the fuck are you on about??? Go to Homs they will eat you??? who will eat me???

  • Israel and the U.S. has lost it legitimacy. Not a goverment that defending the people infiltration and the attempted coup. Orchestrated
    initially by a number of dirty countries.

  • Responsibility to Protect, R2P, @ICRtoP – is the new ‘norm’ in ‘global governance’ [NWO 2.0] used to justify intervention, a creeping extension of Chapter 7. Libya is cited as the first successful use of R2P, never mind that stories of atrocities like planes strafing peaceful protesters (which death-merchant Henri-Levy still cites) have been debunked. There’s even an ‘International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect’ which share offices with… the World Federalist Movement – LOL. 

  • Go walk around 7oms they will eat you lol.

    it’s over buddy, go down with some grace.

  • I like the show host. He’s funny.

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