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Is it OK to throw American Laws out of the window in the name of National Security?

Question by Humanist: Is it OK to throw American Laws out of the window in the name of National Security?
or is the National Security claim just a diversion by the cowards that ran this country for 8 yeras?

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Answer by downwithsocialists
Is it ok to kill innocent Americans ? Whose side are YOU on?

The techniques worked and prevented any further World Trade Centers.
Cry me a river for people that blew up planes and buildings and cut peoples heads off. Your line of thought is treason just like Holder’s and barry’s
American laws? Hussein has no respect for the Constitution!

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7 comments on “Is it OK to throw American Laws out of the window in the name of National Security?

  • Wake up America!

    The American Media through Public Opinion forces Politicians to tie the military’s hands behind their backs by restricting the full use of their skills, techniques and weapons when fighting wars since WWII.

    Freedom isn’t Free Somebody Had to Pay for it!

    It is not right to restrict the military, including the CIA, from protecting all of our rights and freedoms by not using all of their skills, techniques and weapons they have to do so.

    You can’t restrict those who protect your rights and freedoms and expect to have your rights and freedoms too.

    You can’t have the best of both worlds.

    Semper Fi

  • Not under any circumstances.

    And technically the democrats could have eliminated the patriot act at any time since 2006. I guess that makes them cowards as well.

  • depends..its national security, so we may never the real answer. The constitution allows for certain rights to be suspended in certain circumstances. John Adams, Abe Lincoln, FDR all took away rights guaranteed by law. All used national security as the reason. I see you called the privious administration cowards..as such, I presume your contention of a “wag the dog” scenario is set in your mind, and no evidence to the contrary would sway you. Ever wonder why Obama…knowing what he knows now..is putting the brakes on prosecuting the last admin? Maybe, just maybe there is somthing that we dont know, that was learned, that cant be revealed because of national security issues…maybe?

  • how_would_I_know

    May 23, 2012 at 1:16 am

    I also demand that police, ambulance and fire crews stop breaking traffic laws. Just because it could save a life is no reason to drive 40 in a 35 zone!

  • do you believe its right when a murderer gets off on charges because of a technicality? people should stop putting their faith into a never ending change of law and start looking at the entire picture

  • National security take precedent over ANY other matter. Just get used to it. The media wants you to believe that the Bush administration broke the law, let me tell you, if this current administration had been in Bush’s shoes there is no telling what they would have done … my guess though? the same if not worse.
    When you face a situation like the one we faced you do not have time to make sure that your enemies, those killing your sons and daughters, are treated fairly.
    The media got you all rolled up in sugar with this stories because it is what sells.

  • I know it’s fun and easy and cool to bash the Bush administration, but it’s ignorant of you to believe you have all the information, and that you can make a judgement call and play Monday Morning QB over what happened 8 years ago.

    Why do you think Obama just wants to leave the past in the past? Perhaps he realized that the situation was handled appropriately, or that it made no sense to continue to bash something he now has all the details to.

    I know that makes your head hurt, but consider it before you speak about things you know nothing about. No one on this or any other public board knows what happened, even if they say they do.

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