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Singing Sons of Beaches – Airport Security Tips for Glacier Park International Airport

The Singing Sons of Beaches in a custom airport security video for Glacier Park International Airport near Whitefish, Montana. Bet your airport’s security video isn’t this fun. Here’s a link to the news story detailing how/why this was created – missoulian.com
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25 comments on “Singing Sons of Beaches – Airport Security Tips for Glacier Park International Airport

  • @Backlash300 TSA is one big crime. Stealing from the American taxpayers through the fraud and deception of being a deterrent to terrorists. Before TSA the contractors did the same level of protection at a fraction of the cost. TSA went wrong right from the start. Cronies hiring crony friends. Management who didn’t know the first thing about security. TSA is nothing more than a hog with its snout stuck in the government trough complete with buffoons who think the TAT probes are a ladder.

  • 🙂 they should continually play this at the airport check point!

  • What fun! Thanks for the amusing way to remind us what to do.

  • @Mavicaman 17 years? Then you know there are more thefts commited by Airline employees than TSA. The TSA officers are on camara every second so if they do commit a crime it’s on film, they are then delt with accordingly.

  • @Backlash300 I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. The TSA employee I referred to was asked several times to repeat herself. Most people in the lines were astounded how poorly this TSA employee spoke English and were commenting among themselves about it. Believe me, this individual was incomprehensible, and certainly didn’t make me or other members in my travel party feel that they were *improving* airport security.

  • Why do we need to bash the TSA on this video anyways? It’s a simple parody that is simply fun and unique. I swear, every time you have a chance to bash them, you’ll take it. Even on something like this. Can we at least give credit to the people who made this instead of doing the typical arrogant accusations?

  • @shookwood You know, all TSA workers speak english. Maybe you should have asked politely to speak slower so you could understand him/her. Or ask another screener. Simple? Yep.

  • Be sure to put your valuables close to the opening of your bag to be scanned. That will save the TSA people time when they’re stealing them! And, of course, the “rules” vary from one airport to another. Believe me, I know. I just retired after having worked 17 years at a major airport.

  • Someone should do a parody version of this telling the REAL story about TSA airport screening.

    P.S. No disrespect to you guys intended I know you’re just trying to make life easier for people

  • @c6rm3n I know these guys. The invasive pat-downs are probably Devlin’s favorite part.

  • Cool, like the music. These guys are good 😀

  • Love It!!!!!!! TSA JST

  • gets rid of the stress

  • Flying last weekend out of Boston’s Logan Airport, I couldn’t even understand what language the TSA person was speaking. Their accent was so think, that they were completely incomprehensible to everyone in all four l–o–n–g lines. Hire TSA workers that can speak English – that’ll speed things up…..

  • I lol’d. 🙂

  • Not singing about naked body scanners or humiliation of people via invasive pat-downs? Too bad.

    Singing does not make the TSA suddenly acceptable.

  • “Hope you enjoyed this fun & family friendly video. Now, DROP YOUR PANTS AND BEND OVER!!!” – Montana TSA

  • This is great! I love it!

  • What fun. Good job, guys. Brilliant idea. 🙂

  • Way cool! Great job guys.

  • This is so cool.

  • Wow! Love it! You can see my 17 foot bald eagles monument just to the right at the beginning and the end of the video…Fantastic lyrics! What a trio! Love ’em!

  • LOVE it!

  • Great job, guys!

  • I love living in Montana especially the flathead valley. Only we can get away with a video like that. Other places would have the tsa demanding to take it down. The weapon human is great.

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