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Warning!!! WHY Would FEMA hire 50K Security Officers for a Harmless Exercise in Madrid Fault Line

Originally Uploaded by havf8 on Apr 12, 2011 but deserves to be viewed again. If you haven’t watched this, please do! Hello all, here are all the links that I talked about in this video and much, much more If You Have any questions about the links just send me your questions or comment on the video and share this very important information too everyone thank you. Disasters Indiana prepares for major seismic event Published 31 March 2011 homelandsecuritynewswire.com National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council (NEPEC) earthquake.usgs.gov Earthquake Hazard in the New Madrid Seismic Zone Remains a Concern pubs.usgs.gov National Level Exercise 2011 www.ready.gov FACT SHEET (UPDATED 8/23/10) National Level Exercise 2011 (NLE 2011) Private Sector Participation www.asisonline.org Is DC Prepared for a Tsunami? After 9/11, our disaster preparedness is better — but far from ideal. nationaljournal.com Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Update 1 blog.fema.gov Midwestern Earthquake Drill Scheduled for April 2011 www.associatedcontent.com Posted at 7:00 PM ET, 02/22/2011 FEMA official in New Zealand when quake struck voices.washingtonpost.com A 7.0 earthquake in the Midwest? Planning for the “maximum-of-maximums” blog.fema.gov Armed Professional Security Officer (PSO) Services Throughout the States of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska www.fbo.gov KismetinCal 50K armed Guards The hiring of 50k armed guards has been a long time agenda, by the United States and the DHS. They started this

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24 comments on “Warning!!! WHY Would FEMA hire 50K Security Officers for a Harmless Exercise in Madrid Fault Line

  • after nibiru passes, the mississippi is at least 50miles wide, if not an inland sea. they are prepared to move you. let the UN help

  • grabherbytheneck

    April 11, 2012 at 12:16 am

    God bless you for spending all of this time with us uploader…I pray to fight alongside you in rapture..

  • Looking to the world &knowing that there are 2 factors,I see that the devil is losing and for sure at the end will be judged for all the crimes,it just makes sense!!! I think it’s better to LIVE AND ACT IN THE FREEDOM OF GOD(praying in a right form,following the INSTRUCTIONS in the Bible-keeping the 10 commandments-including keeping the Saturday as the 7th day etc)instead of in the prison &deception of devil.I found on numerous people that through Jesus Christ they did a change for the better 🙂

  • libertydogfight

    April 11, 2012 at 12:38 am

    Oh Obama’s Plan is already in the works, See “US Army takes delivery on 15,000 GUILLOTINES” Why Kill us with Guillotines, cause the BODY PARTS can still be sold, but with electrocution, poison, nerve gas, etc. the INTERNAL ORGANS can’t be HARVESTED.

  • So that is some of the trade craft by which one would attempt to gather more evidence and to possibly predict where the next event might be.Keep in mind also that it is important to them that children killed Certain dates are annual events and also are times of power in this belief system.Example 4/19-20, often date used for mayhem. Waco Texas was a 51 day seige then a pure slaughter.It was noted that one agent had a sword. Death by fire and blade. A huge sacrifice? Watch 4192012

  • Whether you or I believe that Satanism is real or has any “powers”,is unimportant. The premise is that if indeed these people exist,they believe in it.Therefore we can by “tracking” the presumed behaviors we can see them and foil plans.If you hunt or fish it is the same. Just a different thought.Satanists follow set astrologic events and make sacrifices by fire and blade. Carnage,terror,and mayhem are often trademarks of ritual sacrifice. Certain numbers also are very powerful>>>

  • Actually there is a great deal left unsaid in my coment…all space related. Only allow so many characters to make a point that may inspire others to do some research and actually seek out truth. Example…Illuminati. Many would rather believe they are a myth. Illuminati as a satanic cult. Yet another thing folks would rather believe is myth. I suggest that if there is evidence of the behaviors ascribed to Satanic ritual then it should be considered as a real possibility. 2nd post >>

  • undergroundtreasure

    April 11, 2012 at 2:57 am

    as the post says – ( I was with you up until ( ABOUT 1/2 WAY ) through your video ) THE part i don’t agree with is – ( israeli involvement )

  • obama,,,he’s a tool ,, the ones that know cant and wont do do shit and the ones that can.. dont give a shit,we all fuked up inn this muther fucker,all headed for doom,

  • You are missing the fact that they are minting 15 trillion in new world currency and Ameros which was never heard of in the senate. And an inquiry into where the 15 trillion went saw some mindless hack sit and tell the judge he cant say because he doesn’t know. That isn’t their money it’s the peoples money. People the government has taken control, taken more freedoms robbed us and think they are untouchable. It’s will happen like the movie 2012 they will rain down a shit storm.

  • You are so ignorant if you believe the events that happened on september 11 2001 weren’t an inside job. Just go and re watch some live news footage of the towers and then tell me they aren’t some bad hollywood graphics.

  • No there is no reason to bring races into a political issue. But why fuck the white people if a black guy (obama) is responsible.

  • The devil is losing and at the end will be judged for all the crimes. Live and act in the freedom of GOD (praying in a right form, following the INSTRUCTIONS in the Bible – keeping the 10 commandments – including keeping the Saturday as the 7th day etc.) instead of in the prison and deception of devil. Through Jesus Christ everybody can do a change for the better.

  • undergroundtreasure

    April 11, 2012 at 6:57 am

    I was with you up until ( ABOUT 1/2 WAY ) through your video (THEN ) you brought up 9/11 and israeli involvement . NO FING WAY DUDE !!! Your many documents are a BIG PILE OF SH*T !!! WHAT A HAY SEED !!!

  • princetruthchaser

    April 11, 2012 at 7:10 am

    Great vid!! Those who call us crazy will see in the end broth.

  • I like the way you talk..mmmm hmmm…lol. Seriously, numbers don’t lie… I work part time at a jewelry store and we now do more business in metals than in jewelry.. Funny thing is it’s a jewelry/gun store…and gun sales are great!

  • 2skullscrushing

    April 11, 2012 at 7:44 am

    Well, its one thing to spread info, but ad a did you know, or are you aware. I’m 45 and been studying this group of people for twenty years. I’ve been outside of a bilderberg meeting, and that was over twelve years ago. the problem is no one is uniting against this info, they are all wasting time comparing notes. its long past that point.so please understand where I’m coming from. take care.

  • Well, if you’re informed about everything..I guess I should just tap out..lol. Take care.

  • still was buying up to $600. Now it is headed for $2700. Why are the economists right? Because the Fed has printed 15 trillion dollars in new currency. Oh..why is that bad? We are broke!!! Only a couple months ago news was all over it. So here is a matching amount of funny money to our deficit of 15 trillion = 30 trillion un backed dollars. Translates to about $100k /citizen 313 million 23 mill out of work 113 mill working Nations debt to income 102.31% simple math says TROUBLE!

  • well…not sure about everything here…but I would say that if you live in an urban center in the northern hemisphere…find a way out to the country and make yourself valuable. Knowledge of pre electric work and tools will likely be needed in the next decade or so. Think of no electricity ever again (solar and some battery power maybe) Forget about a vehicle. Foods may not be brought in to a city. Money? Economists say by 2015 100% inflation and a true 50% unemployed. 04 I bought gold $347 oz

  • Hilary said she stands behind him…(Bill) maybe she was there and had that red dress saved ?!!

  • What you Said…quadrupal like….schiesse…I guess I just made the list

    All kidding aside…if anyone knows this fellow or you are monitoring this thread , Good voice and plenty of data links to make your point. Kudos.That being said,Your message would be much clearer if you work with a script. Watch the videos. See where redundant lines are stopping information flow. Well worth the additional effort. Thank you for doing so much “leg work” on my behalf. Respect

  • 2skullscrushing

    April 11, 2012 at 9:54 am

    Look, your going out of context now. I’m fully aware of all the drug dealers of the world you just mentioned. We arent in that elite circle, & never have been. my message is to the real people, the masses. sure get as high as you want, but dont let your neighbors suffer to tyranny when the simple thing to do is put down your selfish needs for a few of your brethren. i appreciate you trying to make an educational point, but your not telling me anything, I’m informed about everything.

  • would like to see Obama pass a piss test..lol.

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