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What civil liberties are you willing to give up in the interest of national security?

Question by harry: What civil liberties are you willing to give up in the interest of national security?
Just wondering what, if any civil liberties people are willing to dispense in the interest of national security.

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14 comments on “What civil liberties are you willing to give up in the interest of national security?

  • basically none of them for the reason that: it’s not security, only the illusion of security (you could have security guards on every block, doesn’t mean you’re safe from your own mortality). And so much blood was shed to give us those rights, who are we to trash them.

  • None, and I don’t know anyone that has lost any either.

  • None. I’d prefer an open society that openly anihilates its enemies when they attack us, to a secretive society that abridges its citizen’s rights to ‘protect’ them.

  • when we start giving up liberties and change our way of life

    BUSH wins

    and so do the terrorists

  • Your civil liberties are your security. It’s more a question of what are you willing to do to secure yourself or would you rather give up control to someone else and hope they can bring you the security you desire? Before you answer that question you should know that when you depend on the government for something(or anyone else for that matter) there’s a decent chance you’ll be let down, see Katrina.

  • None. Zip. Zero. I won’t even let Circuit City check my bags on my way out, because it is my civilian right after purchasing it to not let them inspect my bags unless they charge me with shoplifting.

    I’m not interested in living my life the “easy” way. I’m interested in preserving my rights. If I wanted to give up rights for national security, I could just move to London.

  • If the liberals take over there will be no civil liberties. I believe in Freedom of Choice, all choice. Not what a few liberals think of choice. ALL CHOICES….. Freedom please.. not just the freedom to abort, but all freedoms….

  • Maintaining civil liberties or not does not correspond with national security. None have to be given up, and none have. We have the right to travel, the right to speak, a free press, the freedom of religion, the right of assembly and numerous other cilvil liberties.

  • None at all

  • None.

    Booman myust live a very sheltered life, because ALL Americans have given up civil liberties.

    Here is a list ottomh, far from complete:

    1 – loss of habeus corpus
    2 – freedom to travel in the country without papers (passport at border, id required for train, plain, bus inter- and intrastate travel -google/wikipedia john gilmore on that last one)
    3 – right to a prompt trial
    4 – right to face your accuser
    5 – right to be free from unwarranted search and seizure
    6 – right to freely associate

    I am sure there is more but that is more then enough for us to give up, isn’t it?

  • America survived having Washington occupied by and burned by the British Army, a civil war killing 650,000 Americans when the total population was 60 million, the German empire, the Japanese empire, and the Nazis, without giving up any civil liberties (except a brief suspension of habeas corpus during the Civil War). We face no such threat now. Those who ask us to surrender ANY civil liberties are giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States, and we all know what that is defined as.

  • none of them
    Civil Liberties are our national security

  • Absolutely none.

    The founders of this nation (the U.S.) were willing to take risks in order to safeguard our liberties, hence he Bill of Rights.

    John Ross Hendrix for United States Senate

  • Some of us have.

    However – those of us who have lost civil liberties in the interests of national security did so knowingly and are aware of why it is necessary for us to have fewer freedoms than the remainder of Americans.

    As for the rest of you – nobody has ever been able to produce any specific incidence where your your civil liberties were violated. (Name, date and circumstances) All the whiners have is vague accusations.

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