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What do you see as a challenge to U.S. national security in the coming decades?

Question by rushfz1: What do you see as a challenge to U.S. national security in the coming decades?
I know everyone automatically thinks “terrorism” in response to this question. But, are there other, more likely, threats to U.S. national security in the coming decades? What do you see as some imminent national security challenges?

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The US media

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12 comments on “What do you see as a challenge to U.S. national security in the coming decades?

  • Liberalism is more deadly than terrorism. Rot us right down to the core!

  • Right wing extremist.

  • We will rot from within far before any external threat could bring us down.

  • Yes terrorism because Obama is legitimizing them. But also we depend the global economy which will hurt us. We need to be more protectionist.

  • Let’s see, Iran just launched a satellite and N.Korea is about to launch a new long range ICBM. Don’t know about you but those two sound kind of like big time threats to me.

  • Drug cartels and their gangs that are in the US and gaining a stronger foothold every day. Wake up, people, and let’s fight the dangers to us instead of fighting amongst ourselves!

  • Liberal Democrats

  • Energy is the most important security issue.
    Without a reliable energy supply, standard of living in the US will plummet.
    The US needs to transition as quickly as possible to a position where we do not have to rely on outside sources for our energy supply. As long as we must import great quantities of oil, those other countries not only take huge amounts of cash out of the US, but can also exert great influence over us simply by threatening to stop exporting to us.

  • Poorly educated people who will believe propaganda vs. think for themselves is certainly going to be more and more of a problem.
    Teachers should be paid the level of CEOs instead of people who play football, baseball and the like making millions. We have a slanted value system and with people not being trained to be thinkers, we are doomed to fail as a country.
    Look at who is elected? He is a danger to national security is well. With 17 months experience before running for office, this person can single handedly destroy us in no time at all. He lacks judgement and experience.

  • 1. Islam is the most immediate threat. Not terrorism, but a full scale war. The plan has been very slow in the making, but will definitely come to its completion in this administration.

    2. Civil war is very possible with the advent of FOCA, as this is an intolerable atrocity to the proLife community, and an undeniable human right on the proChoice side. In addition Homosexual agendas are causing further polarization and the sides that support each are almost identical.

    3. Family life is completely disintegrating due to the merciless advances of the revolution. A term coined by Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveira identifying a 500 year plan of the Free Mason cult and other affiliated pawns which has led to the French Revolution, Communist Revolution, Sexual Revolution, etc. They are a very powerful community, in which even mentioning puts my life in danger. The founders of our country were all free mason’s, and made this constitution as an experimental form of government, one which they knew would inevitably fail. The problem is that within the foundation of our American ideals exists rights which in fact are not human rights. For example Freedom of Speech, yes we have a right to speak, but not anything we want. There are and should be many limitations on speech. This seed was planted more than 200 years ago, and we are now reaping its fruit on our violent and pornographic television sets. This may sound silly to some, but to solidify the threat this imposes, let me say this: “Lennon, Stalin, Hitler, Muhammad, etc.” All used these tactics to subvert a country in there initial onslaught just before they desecrated it to almost ruins. This is undeniably our future. And it is absolutely here and now that all this is going to happen.

  • Jeancommunicates

    April 30, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    It depends upon the divide between the poor and rich. The middle class is dwindling and the financial crisis has been a major blow to the standing of the United States in the world. Our nation has been taken down a few notches because our government got careless and I would say even greedy. It is amazing how Winston Churchill couldn’t even get us into a war or get us out of our country and now we want to go globally and stick our nose into everything. It looks like we failed to manage the United States as well as to manage and help other nations.

    You can’t go globally and only consider yourself. And I know this is what every nation has done. Ever since I heard the words “NAFTA” or “WTO” we have not had equal trading agreements with any nation. There is chaos in the world. Russia is aligning itself with the Islamic nations.
    America has helped make China a superpower and China has helped America stay afloat. There is much to be said about helping one another, but if the governments are greedy do the people stand a chance?

  • The tenets of Liberalism pose as much of a threat domestically, as Islamic extremist terrorism does abroad. Imminent National Security challenges include reigning in the left-wing press as they are doing irreparable harm to our image as the GREATEST nation in the word. They are to blame for the election of Obama, which has rendered us an international laughingstock the likes of which we have not suffered since Clinton or Carter.

    Summary deportation of all illegals is something that should have commenced 9/12/01. We have enemies in our midst, more than we could even imagine. Only when we send the Mexicans and Arabs back where they belong, will the constant threats posed by these groups, whether drug trafficking or violent crimes, or terrorist attacks like those we see in Israel, be minimized.

    Thankfully, Obama will be forced out prior to the end of his first term. His administration poses the biggest national security challenge until in can be replaced by a right-wing Conservative one.

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