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Zaid Hamid on APC and American threats – ARY News special transmission

29-09-11 – Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid on ARY News analyzing national security options under present threat environment and All Parties Conference [APC].

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13 comments on “Zaid Hamid on APC and American threats – ARY News special transmission

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  • my last comment to all pakistanies and afghans,we r the army of al mahdi,that is what prophet (pbuh)said in haddies,WHEN U SEE THE BLACK FLAG ARMY COMING FROM EAST(KHURASAN)GO JOIN THAT ARMY THAT IS THE ARMY OF AL MAHDI NO POWER WILL BE ABALE TO DEFEAT THAT ARMY,AND FINLEY REACHES JERUSALEEM AND PUT BLACK FLAG ABOVE AL AQSA when,SO AMERICA AND ISRAEL KNOWS ABOUT THIS PROPHECIES,this is the reson we r in trouble,but don’t worry if we fear allah(sw)then no one will be able to defeat us inshahllah,

  • kashif shame on u,you think america is gaving you food and other,but u don’t have faith on allah(sw),pakistan does’nt need anything pakistan is food self sufesint country pakistan making it’s militri equipmnt,so why r u afraid,fear allah only for god sake.read all the haddies of our prophet(pbuh)to learn something about,spaicialy end time prophecies.

  • kashif sahab why r u afraid kafir america,fear allah(sw)only,if u say america have strong air force,navy,army,neucler missiles,F15,16,18,22,35,B52,2 ets ets,but u don’t know about ur air force and militry powers,i m gaving u only one fighter jet name,do u know what is the name,HAZRAT E GEBRAEL (AS) ALLAH’S ANGLES COMMONDER OF CHEAF,BUT IF WE FEAR ALLAH AND FOLLOW THE QURAN AND SUNNA OF OUR MUHAMMAD(SAW) MAY ALLAH GUID ALL MUSLIMS IN RIGHT PATH,AAMEEN.

  • the only solution for muslims r khelafat and sharia law,only islam can make muslims unite and solve the problem,why bcs in islamic sharia law u following the QURAN AND SUNNA,means u will be under ALLAH(SW) AND ANGLES PROTECTION,u don’t have to worry about fragilend economy,or afrade american pagon kafir munafiq,ALLAH(SW)taking care of muslim umma inshahllah,but we have to follow the QURAN AND TEACHING OF RASULELLA(SAW) then leave everything to ALLAH(SW) INSHAHLLAH.

  • Anglos+american thugs want to make us fight with each others. These pigs have been doing this for the last 2 centuries. Enough is enough, as muslims we should not take dictations from these pigs and engage them in every nook and corner in afghanistan and make an example out of them. These thugs don’t belong in this region and under garb of friendship they want to stab us on our backs. Kill them like dogs and pigs in afghanistan, these offsprings of incest.

  • SuperGreatPakistan

    December 1, 2011 at 3:51 am

    Mr. Kashif Abbas know nothing

  • Fahad confused Anchor………

  • Zaid Hamid you are lion..May Allah bless you

  • @allamaiqbal1947 well said

  • allamaiqbal1947

    December 1, 2011 at 6:23 am

    23 onwards.. Mr. Kashif Abbasi please note that if the Army made 1 or 2 mistakes in this 10 year long fasad then please also note that the corrupt politicians have made 10000 mistakes and are involved in mutiny against the Nation. Yes, Pak Army could not detect the Americans coming in through the mountains but they have also stopped them on many countless instances.

  • topercieveis2suffer

    December 1, 2011 at 7:00 am

    weldone zaid hamid,,,,shahid yousaf

  • a shaheen in vultures,Zaid hamid in this company

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