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Islam and Christianity in Jamaica Episodes 1 and 2 (Full HQ) Religious Hardtalk

FULL VERSION WITH THE SECOND EPISODE ! Three former Jamaican Fundamentalist Christians tell their stories about how they entered Islam and how it has changed their lives. The Enslaved Muslims from West Africa Recent scholarship on the Atlantic slave trade has revealed that the total number of Enslaved Africans brought to the Americas is likely to be more than twenty million. Slyviane A. Diouf, writing on the Muslim slaves in the Americas, conclusively asserts: “Therefore, if counted as a whole, on a religious basis rather on an ethnic one the Muslims were probably more numerous in the Americas than any other group among the arriving Africans”. In Jamaica from 1655 to 1807, Philip Curtin in his work on slave census, proposes 423900 Africans from Muslim dominated areas, representing 56.8 percent of the arrivals. Islam had cut across ethnic lines, social classes and state boundaries in West Africa— Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, Benin, Ghana, and Nigeria, Libya Egypt (incorporating Madinka, Fula, Susu, Ashanti, Hausa and other nations) from as early as the tenth and eleventh centuries, ie long before the slave trade. Islam in these kingdoms was first diffused by the migration of Muslim merchants, teachers, and agricultural settlers. The Muslims sometimes formed peaceful minorities in non-Muslim societies such as the Ashanti Empire. In cases such as Kano, Katsina, Takrur and Bornu the local chiefs accepted Islam as early as the tenth and eleventh centuries.

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MM AKBAR 2010 SPEECH Womens-Freedom? malayalam islam kerala niche 2011

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NATO’s support for the Libyan Al-Qaeda cell known as Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which was declared a foreign terrorist organization by the US State Department in 2004, will provide the extremist group the opportunity to seize “a stew of deadly chemicals, raw nuclear material and some 30000 shoulder-fired rockets” Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com Wednesday, August 24, 2011 www.infowars.com __________________________________________ Hear Carl Gallups(Narrator of this video) LIVE on Freedom Fridays – Every Friday afternoon from 4-6pm CST on 1330 WEBY – streaming live over the net. Broadcasting to four states on the Gulf Coast and to the world by internet. www.freedomfriday.110mb.com FACEBOOK FAN PAGE! http JOIN US ON TWITTER! www.twitter.com JOIN US ON MYSPACE! www.myspace.com CLEANTV.com CleanTV® is your safe haven for educational and entertaining television programs. cleantv.com LIVE TALK RADIO with CARL GALLUPS FREEDOM FRIDAY 1330 WEBY www.hickoryhammockbaptist.org LIVE LINK – LISTEN NOW! www.hickoryhammockbaptist.org **NEW** FREEDOM FRIDAY GIFT SHOP! www.hickoryhammockbaptist.org ***NEW*** Stauros Films Store www.hickoryhammockbaptist.org PASTOR GALLUPS/Keith Olberman! www.youtube.com EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH PASTOR CARL GALLUPS! www.hickoryhammockbaptist.org The BIRTHER Repository www.cgm.110mb.com EVOLUTIONISTS and ATHEISTS – Click HERE www.hickoryhammockbaptist.org MORE EVIDENCE emporium.turnpike.net CREATION.COM creation.com PPSIMMONS’ SHOP! http

3rd Part : The pagan moon cult called Islam. Islam is not a religion

The moon cult was thus well known to Mohammed and had been in existence for 3000 years before his birth. Al-Kindi, one of the early Christian apologists against Islam, pointed out that Islam and its god Allah did not come from the Bible but from the paganism of the Sabeans who inhabited northern Arabia. They did not worship the God of the Bible but the Moon-god and his daughters al-Uzza, al-Lat and Manat. Dr. Newman concludes his study of the early Christian-Muslim debates by stating, “Islam proved itself to be…a separate and antagonistic religion which had sprung up from idolatry.” Islamic scholar Caesar Farah concluded “There is no reason, therefore, to accept the idea that Allah passed to the Muslims from the Christians and Jews.”


Why would moon cult worship pass from the Judeo-Christian world to the Arabic? Moon cult worship has existed for millenia in the Middle East, and polytheistic moon worshipping societies, such as pre-Mohammed Arabia, were the norm, not the exception. Islam is fundamentally a moon cult, polytheistic, primitive and contradictory. Equating ‘Allah’ which is never defined nor illustrated by Mohammed with Christian or Jewish ideas of God is simply madness.


Islam is not a religion in the Western Judeo-Christian sense of that word. Probably the best definition of ‘religion’ is this one by Michael York of Bath Spa University College, Bath, UK who defines it as:


“A shared positing of the identity of and relationship between the world, humanity and the supernatural in terms of meaning assignment, value allocation and validation enactment. A religion need not accept or believe in the supernatural, but it takes a position on. Likewise, some religions deny the reality or at least value of the world, but they still take a position.”


Religion is largely monotheistic and an enterprise of spirituality, designed to provide a road map for living, a set of laws and ethics, and to regulate behavior through such ethics and perhaps ritual. At its core any religion must be based on some pagan practice. Religious ideas have to have antecedents. But here is the crucial difference between a real religion and a cult. In the cult, the individual has no free will, no independent power, no responsibility, no self-made destiny. He exists to please the cult and its symbol. Submission, follow, repent, and accept. Period. This is Islam. This is Nazism. This is commmunism.


Christianity is wholly different. There are pagan aspects to Christianity of course. Christianity was a Jewish offshoot and the Jews lived and developed their ideology in a turbulent and multi-ethnic and dimensional world. But Christianity exults the individual. There is free will. Freedom of choice. A division between the church and state. A protection of women and the weak. And there is the golden rule – ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you’. None of these concepts can be found in pagan cults. The pagan cult demands the communal and the unthinking loyalty of the mass. Christianity preaches the opposite.


Islam is not a religon in our Western sense of what constitutes a religion. It is a cult of obedience and submission. Hence Islam meaning submission, is a very good word choice indeed for the millenia old Arab moon cult.

Islam is not a religion in the Western Judeo-Christian sense of that word. The Koran is supremacist.  To read more, go http://www.western-civilisation.com

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@-EUROPE AMERICA] not one just of immigrant Muslim, should be more accepted: in Europe America, but all Muslims who do not have children? they must be deported to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turk, etc. … [where is forbidden to be Christian, where hundreds of Christians are martyred: every day]. All Muslims have a duty to go, several times in their lives, from those criminals and murderers of racists, that are the slaveholders of Saudi Arabia of satanallah. Since this migration is designed by enlightened for destabilize by the “West”. but the criminal: ie King of Saudi Arabia, he believes, that this is a good time for him to spread Islam with the tools of always: the violence bloody of criminal Muslim. are the Muslim nations that must help others Muslims. the Jewish lobbies: of Satan, are working, Effectively, for the destruction of Christian civilization, in fact: the Saudi Arabia, with the His “Islamic International”, Their “Muslim brothers “, etc. .. They Have The imperialist project: for to conquer the world: ie the Islamic “satanAllah”that is: true, true Satanism. the weapon of the poor? Is The Population Bomb / Demographic weapon! That Islamic imperialism is a demon child (Such as Nazism and communism) That is in functional: at more projects of the Greater demon: of enlightened: ie the god Marduk & Babylon Talmud of NWO-IMF: 3rd WWnuclear. In fact, the Arab League, at first Which Was The active component in favor of Aggression Against Libya? has now
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Fireworks erupted on the set of ‘The View’ today when hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar left the set during an interview with Bill O’Reilly while discussing the proposed “Ground Zero mosque.” “The mosque down here on 9/11. That’s inappropriate,” O’Reilly said of the planned Islamic community center being built near the site of the former World Trade Center. “Sure, they have a right to do it,” he continued. “But it’s inappropriate because a lot of the 9/11 families who I know, say, ‘Look, we don’t want that.'” When Joy, Whoopi and the other ladies expressed their opposition to ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ star’s opinion, he attempted to shut them down. “Listen to me because you’ll learn,” he exclaimed, adding that he believes President Obama’s numbers are falling because of his unwillingness to comment on “the wisdom of” building the community center. “You’re saying that Americans are not smart enough to recognize that while it is part of our Constitution to say freedom of religion and freedom to worship and there were 70 families who are Muslim who also died in that building. So you’re saying that his saying that they have the right to do it and not saying anymore is why his approval ratings have gone down?” Goldberg questioned. The heated discussion went back and forth, but the blowout came after O’Reilly said “Muslims killed us on 9/11.” Goldberg and Behar attempted to specify that it was an extremist sect within Islam and not the religion itself that attacked the US When O
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Islam & Freedom of Religion 2

Question: Does Islam proscribe death for the Muslim who leave their Faith Summary Answer: If a Muslims who is apostates from Islam is to given the death sentence because under the eyes of Sharia Law leaving the Islamic of Faith is the same crime as treason. There is NO freedom of religion in Islam. (Surah 4 Verse 89) – “They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them” (Surah 5 Verse 101) O ye who believe! Ask not questions about things which, if made plain to you, may cause you trouble. But if ye ask about things when the Qur’an is being revealed, they will be made plain to you, Allah will forgive those: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Forbearing. (Surah 5 Verse 102) Some people before you did ask such questions, and on that account lost their faith. A Warning About Questioning Faith (Surah 3 Verse 56) “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, and they will have no helpers. This is the first half of the video Islam & Freedom of Religion www.youtube.com 17 YO Apostate Girl -دم المرتدة حلال www.youtube.com This is a link to the full video in response to Rifqa Bary, a 17 years old who fear for her life Rifqa Bary – A teenage girl fleeing home & her honor killing www.youtube.com This is the

Islam & Freedom: The Turkish Experience. Part 1 (4/5)

The Malaysia Think Tank London organised Ibn Khaldun Seminar 1 in Dublin on 10 November 2007. The speaker was Mustafa Akyol, a prominent Turkish writer and journalist. The seminar was divided into three sessions. This is the recording of the FIRST session.

Islam Is Not A Religion, Islam Is A Cult

Islam is not a religion, Islam is a cult. For anyone to think otherwise, they are not familiar with Islam or cults. There is a big difference between religions and cults. The basic difference is freedom. You are free to practice a religion if you choose. Free to go to church. Free not to go. This is not the case with Islam. This is because those who do not practice Islam in Islamic countries are put to death. There is a great deal of pressure to practice Islam in western countries as well.


A cult isolates you from others. One of the first things a cult leader does is to get the cult members away from those who do not share beliefs of the cult. Cult members are often driven away from family members. The purpose is to make the cult member more dependent on the cult. This is how Islam works.  Islam is not a religion, Islam is a cult. Islam teaches that those who do not follow Islam are enemies. Muslims are discouraged from socializing with those of other faiths. The Koran states that those who do not follow Islam are enemies and should be driven off. Violence is even advocated for non believers. This is another example of why Islam is not a religion. Islam is a cult.


Another aspect about cults is that they get followers to do things that disturb others to force their cult on others. Most cult members are brainwashed so that they are totally under control by the cult. This is the reason why so many Muslims are willing to strap on a suicide vest and blow themselves up to take out as many non believers as possible. Regular religions do not advocate this type of violence or behavior. While a religion may ask that you give yourself to God, they do not ask that you do so wearing a suicide vest while killing innocent people. Or learn to fly a plane into buildings so that you can take out as many innocent lives as possible. No religion in the world advocates violence in the way that Islam does. 


Those who defend Islam and make comparisons to Christianity, namely the Crusades, do not realize that during the Crusades, that happened many centuries ago, it was convert or die. Again, this did not happen a few years ago, but in a time when people also killed the infirm and used leeches as a form of medicine. And people were given a choice to convert. This is not the case with Islam. You do not have a choice. Suicide bombers and terrorists kill all targets without issuing a choice of conversion. Even their own.  Islam requires total and unquestioning devotion to the cult, to the point where women and children are encouraged to die as martyrs and kill innocents. Islam is a cult. 


It is hard to realize that Islam is not a religion because for years, we were told it was. An offshoot of Judaism and Christianity with all three religions being closely related. But as Islam has grown, its true colors have come out.  Islam is not a religion, Islam is a cult.

Islam is not a religion , Islam is a cult . To find out more about the cult of Islam and how it affects the world, go to Craigread.

Differences Between “religion & Deen (islam)”

A comparative study of religion and Deen, should help us understand the vital and fundamental characteristics of each and the differences between the two: “Religion & Deen (Islam)”

? Religion is merely some sort of subjective experience and is concerned only with the so-called private relationship between God and man. Deen is an objective reality and a system of collective life. Every follower of a Religion is satisfied that he has established a communion with the Almighty, and the objective of each individual is his own salvation. The aim of Deen on the other hand is the welfare and progress of all mankind, and the character and constitution of a society indicates whether or not it is founded upon the Divine Law.

? Religion does not afford us any objective. criterion by which we could determine whether or not our actions are producing the desired results. In a social order governed by Deen, the development of a collective and harmonious life correctly indicates whether or not the people are pursuing the right course.

? Religion is hostile to scientific investigation and is an adversary of reason, so that it could flourish unhampered with the aid of a blind faith. Deen helps in the development of human reason and knowledge, allows full freedom to accept or reject on the basis of reason and arguments, and encourages investigation and discovery of all the natural phenomena to illumine the path of human life and its advancement in the light of the Permanent Values.

? Religion follows the susceptibilities and prejudices of men and pampers them. Deen seeks to lead men to a path of life that is in harmony with the realities of life.

? In every age, therefore, Religion sets up new idols and mumbo-jumbos in order to keep the people’s attention away from the real problems of life. But Deen is rational and radical: it breaks all idols, old and new, and is never variable in its principles.

? Religion induces a perpetual sense of fear in the minds of men and seeks to frighten them into conformity; While Deen treats fear as a form of polytheism and seeks to make men courageous, daring and self-reliant.

? Religion prompts men to bow before every seat of authority and prestige, religious as well as temporal. Deen encourages man to walk about with his head erect, and attain self-confidence.

? Religion induces man to flee from struggle of life. But Deen calls upon him to face the realities of life squarely, whatever the hazards.

? Religion treats the world of matter with contempt and calls upon man to renounce it. It promises paradise only in the Hereafter as a reward for the renunciation of the material world. Deen, on the other hand, enjoins the conquest of matter and leads man to immeasurable heights of attainment. It exhorts him to seek well-being and happiness in this world as well as felicity in the life Hereafter.

? Religion encourages belief in fatalism, and this tends to dissuade man from active life and self-development. Deen gives man power to challenge fate, and provides energy for a life of activity and self-development.

? Religion seeks to comfort the weak, the helpless and the oppressed with the belief that the affairs of this world are governed by the Will of God and that its acceptance and resignation helps to endear them to God. This sort of teaching naturally tends to morbidity, and emboldens their religious leaders who profess to interpret the Will of God, so that they indulge in their misdeeds with perfect impunity and persuade the adherents to a complete and quiet submission. Deen, on the other hand, raises the banner of revolt against all forms of tyranny and exploitation. It calls upon the weak and the oppressed to follow the Divine Laws and thereby seek to establish a social order in which all tyrants and oppressors will be forced to accept the dictates of right and justice. In this social order, there is no place for dictators, capitalists or priests. They are all enemies of Deen.

? Religion enjoins religious meditation in the name of worship and thus induces self-deception. Deen exhorts men to assert themselves and struggle perpetually for the establishment of the Divine Social Order, and its betterment when attained. Worship in din really means obedience to the Laws of God.

? Religion frowns and sneers at all things of art and beauty. Deen defies those who forbid the enjoyment of the good and beautiful things of life which God has created for the enjoyment of man.

? Religion denounces everything new and declares all innovation as sin. Deen holds that the needs and demands of human life keep changing with the change in the conditions of life; change and innovation are, therefore, demanded by life itself. Only the Divine Laws are immutable.

It should now be easy for us to see the fundamental difference between Deen and Religion. Islam means saying “Yes” to life; while the response of religion is “No”!

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