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Even though it’s well-known that our climate is changing, global warming has become too readily accepted. Wind turbines help a great deal (and the film urges one to consider whether one’s home or business could use one) while at the same time the land can still be used for farming or other endeavors. In the next few years America will catch up to China in being the largest pollution country in the world. Carbon emissions should be heavily fined, so that corporations desist in polluting our air.

The U. S. Military is now trying to use spray foam insulation in generators instead of coal, the dirtiest pollutant of them all. Ponds of algae used as bio-fuel are also a good solution, as are hybrid electric cars and external power units for large trucks so that they don’t have to idle for hours at a time.

No one can deny that our ice scape is melting and that 53 of our glaciers have already disappeared. And who can find even more solutions to these problems? Why we the people, of course, just like Michael Dunham who went from rocknroll promotion to recycling (highly noxious) old refrigerators. Greening creates energy security, national security, and many jobs to help with our unemployment situation.

Carbon Nation encourages us to not despair and to do what we can to save the world for future generations, because all of us taking small steps in our daily lives definitely contributes to the solution. As Director Peter Byck tells us, “We already have the technology to combat most of the worst-case scenarios of climate change, and it is very good business as well.”In the wee hours of Sept. 11, 1948, a thick fog descended on New York.


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India?s Persecution of Christians Employs Movie Producers to Launch Anti-Christian Short Films

(PRWEB) October 30, 2005

The “Doing Hard Time for God!” crusade launched by Archbishop Gary Beaver of the Old Catholic Church of Great Britain has raised concern over the recent anti-Christian films produced by India’s mainstream film producers for viewing at local cinemas.

Archbishop Gary Beaver explained that India’s Hindu based caste system is some 3000 years old and even though it is banned by India’s Constitution, it is still very much a part of modern day life. If one is born to a family or a village of a low caste, your life is damned to holding nothing better than menial jobs and almost a slave type existence under the ancient social system.

The Indian Freedom of Religion Act states that anyone wishing to convert religion must first obtain permission from district officials. Clergy and religious leaders of Christian Churches must also receive official permission before the person converts. Should anyone convert without the legal permission, then the convert and the priest may face 4 years in prison and more than $ 2000 fine.

India’s lower-caste groups, the Dalit who number around 300 million, have been the focus of anti-conversion attacks as Christianity has brought them towards freedom and dignity.

A number of Indian states have passed, and more are joining the rush to pass anti-conversion laws outlawing the right to choose your own religion.

Movie producers have even gone so far as to release a “short film” disguised as a public service film into movie theatres in order to “educate” audiences about the Gujarat’s Freedom of Religion Act. The Act in question prohibits religious conversion [ by the use of force or allurement or by fraudulent means].

The offending public service film shows a cow grazing in a plush pasture, with a narration saying “You cannot make this cow a non-vegetarian, so why attempt to change someone’s religion?”

Archbishop Gary Beaver criticised the film as being deceptive and unlawful.

The carrying of the Good News to the Dalit’s has taught them Jesus’ words and allow them to embrace salvation in Christ , overcoming the belief that they are worthless but rather, precious children loved dearly by their Creator.


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