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Freedom of Religion?…yeah Right!…as Long as it is Theirs!

This is not about us. It is about a religious right movement aimed at controlling our private lives, who we can be with, what we can do in our bedrooms, and with our bodies.

And some how, they have ordained themselves with the superiority of God in their pursuit of this righteous behaviour that their beliefs are the only way to salvation. Wow! Such arrogance…

And now McCain, with this outrageous appointment of country bumpkin Palin, in his desperate efforts to be President, is willing to allow these selfish, self-interested groups and individuals to control his choices as his payment to the White House.

A group that he fell from grace with 4 years ago, prompting him to say, ‘to hell with everything else! I MUST be President!…

…Find me a winch with the most right wing beliefs available who is in anyway affiliated with politics…even if it is remote and out of touch…like someone from the Assembly of God group! Yeah, they are out there on the fringe of sanity…do we have anyone?

Who??? P-a-l…n? Nah! I don’t need to talk to her…just get her here…by the time they find everything out, I will have raised millions!

THAT will bring them back to me! I know she’s not the sharpest harpoon on the whaling boat! But her ambition blinds her so much that she will throw herself on the sacrificial world stage, and we will look like unknowing bystanders! Those voters will never get what it all means anyway!’

He knows that if he panders to them, no matter the damage done, that he has a better opportunity to fight for the position because it is a fact that the radical fundamentalists have a large following of sheep in their flock that are simple and can be appeased with single issue candidates.

God forbid they get bogged down in trivial details like understanding the complexities of the world. But why??? It is all God’s fate and design anyway, so why put the effort into being educated?

Statistics show that metropolitan areas with denser populations, and communities with Institutes of Higher Education, with members in the communities holding college degrees, are the areas that vote with their knowledge of a variety of issues.

Conversely, areas where the higher percentage of the demographic has a High School education or less vote conservative and usually from a fundamentalist dogmatic dictate issued from the pulpit of their tax free churches.

Can you honestly tolerate anyone standing on a pulpit telling you that it is God’s dictate that we drill for gas and oil? Or develop other natural resources with complete disregard for the environmental impacts?

I am REALLY confused here! On the one hand they are saying that the END is near so why bother worrying about these pesky environmental issues for our future generations….

…Yet they are intent on dredging our resources and continuing to propagate at rates that rival the rabbits!

Leah L. Burton

Womens Life Coach & Author

“Splintering the Plywood Ceiling”(c)2008