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Ayurveda Diet as per your Body Constitution

Each and every one of us is doing what we can to keep our bodies as healthy as possible so that we can avoid getting sick. Bet you don’t know anything or much about Ayurveda and how Ayurveda diet keeps people healthy. Ayurveda is an ancient 5000 year old wisdom that treats each individual as a unique body and offers unique diet, herbs, and other remedies for that particular individual.

Ayurveda provides a manual living for a healthy life and is intended for preventing illnesses like heart disease, hypertension and arthritis. Ayurveda considers an overweight or an underweight person as one who is more prone on catching diseases. To prevent such a thing, it recommends a unique Ayurveda diet suitable to the individual’s psycho-physiological body type. The unique diet will help bring the body to a healthy state with an optimum weight.

If you are looking forward to use Ayurveda in your everyday life, try following an Ayurveda diet for clean eating recommended as per your psycho-physiological body type.  An Ayurvedic practitioner can help you with creating an Ayurveda diet.  Eating more than your body needs before the next meal can produce toxins along with fat deposits. Also, by eating foods outside of your diet list of foods can create imbalance and toxins in the body.


Try maintaining regular meal times and balance them. Uncontrolled eating habits contribute to gaining weight, which you must avoid. Also, learn how to make combinations of food items the proper way. Eating incompatible food items at the same meal slows down the digestive process of your body, making you grow fatter.

Along with other Ayurveda health tips, following your Ayurveda diet each day is the most important health tip.  Some of the very basic health Ayurveda tips that apply to everyone are:

Always start each day with a glass of warm water
Avoid eating raw vegetables and raw foods and of course avoid over cooking as well
Use ginger or cumin in recipes to aid digestion
Do not drink iced or cold water before, during or right after the meal
Perform 1-2 times per week oil massage using sesame oil
Make a daily routine and follow it religiously
Introduce meditation and yoga exercises in your routine, if you are not doing already

One additional adjustment suggested by Ayurveda is to adjust the Ayurveda diet based on seasons.  This involves fine tuning the diet which is already based on the body’s psycho-physiological constitution.  Every one’s body constitution has its corresponding seasonal herbs, foods, and oils that will enhance the body metabolism and ensure proper digestion.  Once you have your diet plan all set, you can use it for life to maintain good health.

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