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Democracy, Up Close and Personal: A Pocket Guide to the U.S. Constitution

Democracy, Up Close and Personal: A Pocket Guide to the U.S. Constitution

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 7, 2011

What does the Constitution mean? It is the cornerstone of our democracy, but many of the available portable versions don’t include the information to help us understand it. Pearson’s new A Pocket Guide to the U.S. Constitution, by Andrew B. Arnold, remedies this situation by explaining, in straightforward terms, the significance and history of each clause and amendment. In a portable format, readers are equipped with the knowledge and vocabulary necessary to pursue in more depth the topics that interest them most.

The Constitution gains much of its meaning through the ways that it has been interpreted by the Supreme Court, and A Pocket Guide lists the key opinions that give the document’s provisions the force of specific law. Focusing on how the meaning of the Constitution has changed through history in response to a changing nation, Arnold explains the Commerce Clause, the Takings Clause, the Establishment Clause, and the other named clauses that many politicians, news writers, and professors assume Americans already understand.

“The Constitution is not just a matter of scholarly or legal debate; it is part of the way Americans live, and many of the available versions leave out the names of articles, sections, and clauses,” said Arnold. “This book does not tell readers what the Constitution ought to mean, but what it has meant. It is a place to begin to understand the U.S. Constitution, and a guide to answer basic questions that arise day to day, or in a classroom, or in the course of reading more in-depth books on the subject.”

About the Author

Andrew B. Arnold teaches Constitutional History at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, as well as other courses. A specialist in U.S. labor and business history, his ongoing research focuses on the Gilded Age coal and railroad industries. Early in his career, he was asked to develop an advanced college-level course in Constitutional History. Frustrated by the lack of a basic, pocket-sized reference for his students, he wrote this book to help them gain a mastery of the Constitution as a document in itself.

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