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SA@TAC – Ron Paul’s Pledge to America

Tea Party conservatives looking for a path back to limited government need look no further than the Texas congressman who has dedicated his entire career to upholding the Constitution with no exceptions.
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25 comments on “SA@TAC – Ron Paul’s Pledge to America

  • Great Vid Ron Paul is the Father of Freedom !

  • I think Gary Johnson would actually do well; he doesn’t worry about what we shouldn’t have done so much but more about what we should do about it now. That is what my biggest beef about Paul is. He worries too much about the past when he needs to come up with how to deal with the future. I will say that he came up with a great idea of auditing the Federal Reserve.

  • Why would you bash on Newt Gingrich when he showed proven leadership of cutting government during the Clinton Administration? I generally agree with Paul but the fact is, he doesn’t have a shot. I’m sorry but he has never appeared to be very like able when speaking. I will agree with the guy but he never seems to be talking in reality. Gingrich has a record as Speaker of coming up with solutions to current problems. I’ll admit that he doesn’t have a big chance either but bigger than Paul.

  • Ron Paul 2012. He will do much better this time people! He has gotten more attention, his books are out, and he has tackled issues that people are starting to wake up to (Audit The Fed). Lets rally this country and restore the Republic and a decent society.

  • itsareligionofpeace

    October 29, 2011 at 1:58 am

    Yeah @fisharecoming , Ron Paul is really going to WIN the US Presidential race.

    Ron Paul should compete in the Kenturcky Derby horse race, he has as much chance competing against 3 year old theroughbred race horses as he has competing to win the US presidential race as an 80 year old Libertarian true believer.

    RP won all of 22 delegates last time – that’s what < 2% of the delegates.

  • itsareligionofpeace

    October 29, 2011 at 2:36 am

    @satarnag you were right when you said at first that Ron Paul comes off as “Crazy”.

    Libertarian true believers come off as “Crazy” to the American public – they never even win 2% of the popular vote. Americans like some, a lot of government.

    Social Security
    Funding for the Navy

    Here that Ron Paul you $*#@(*$@ idiot Libertarian kook, we need a large border patrol/army on our borders to stop the hordes from the Third World.

    And why does RP support the Ground ) Mosque?

  • itsareligionofpeace

    October 29, 2011 at 2:48 am

    Hey Southern Avenger – maybe you can talk Ron Paul and his never say die Libertarian cult followers in to getting Ron Paul to compete for the Miss Teen American contest.


    Enter the NBA slam dunk competition.

    He has as much chance as winning or not embarrassing our people in these contests as he does in running for President of the United States on this 100% Libertarian cult program.

    Plus the guys almost 80 years old.

    RP can’t remember writing or reading his RP Newsletter ~ 91.

  • @darinfl1 Forgive me but why did it take so long for you to get back to me on a comment I posted 3 months ago?

  • @nbenicewicz Indeed. I agree that only an incrementalism in the other direction can save the Republic. I was making the point that the real extremism is that of the enemies of human liberty.

  • @satarnag same here. i started reading his books, and doing reasearch a little over a year ago. i found myself changing a lot of my beliefs. So the goal is to at least get his name out there so people at least know who he is. The second he declares his run for 2012, in january?, im donating $1000 to the first money bomb. and painting my town with Ron Paul flyers and stickers.

  • @fisharecoming The problem with Ron Paul is that he comes off as being “crazy”. It’s not until you spend time understanding the logic of his arguments, that you realize he’s right. Every issue he talks about, makes perfect sense to me. He really changed my life. I’m glad he changed his views on the open boarder ideology he had back in the 80’s.

  • TELL YOUR FRIENDS PUT OUT SIGNS GET HIS NAME OUT THERE!! THE MESSAGE WILL WIN!! the only problem the message faces is not enough exposure. get his name out there we need the recognition…the message will do the rest!

  • I think America is ready to shut down government over a budget fight, by 2013 demanding it. Democrats screaming they’re coming for grandma and starving children and republicans screaming terrorists are under your bed isn’t going to work.

    Ron Paul is the only man that will stand firm with his constitutional veto pen.

  • @pam883r There’s hope that more are coming over to his line of thinking!

  • I agree with Jim Demint when he said that if the GOP breaks their promises than they will end. My hope is that Libertarianism rises from the ashes of Neo Conservatism.

  • @CarryANationIII This country is broke, Ron Paul is about the only one in Washington willing to acknowledge that. This country is going to have to acknowledge that Keynesian economics doesn’t work & has brought us economic ruin. The collectivists Democrats like Keynesian economics because it allows them to do all their social programs & expand bureacracy. The center right Republicans like it because it allows them to war monger & build nations. Paul supporters are not in the minority.

  • @Donovan4Senate The Republican party is being pulled apart by the extremes of the party: the so called “center right” vs. the libertarians. Mean while it seems that the Democrats are on the road to the same fate with the so called “center left” vs. the far left. The battle between the “center right” and libertarians is only going to intensify after the Novemeber elections if the GOP picks up the gains it anticipates and will intensify increasingly between November of 2010 and November of 2012.

  • Can we please get this man elected people? For pity sake it’s time.

  • CarryANationIII

    October 29, 2011 at 7:26 am

    @Donovan4Senate the Tea Party is about to fail miserably. They are a disorganized mess of random white “conservatives” who watch TV more than average. Their biggest rally was led by Glenn Beck, a television personality.

    You can blah-blah about Ron Paul all you want – Paul fans are a minority, and all Glenn Beck has to do is run a few shows and get 10 million people to show up. Ron Paul can get 10 thousand, at best.

    Jews run the media, Rick Sanchez knows it.

  • @Donovan4Senate no the tea party is libertarians/constiutionalists but has been infiltrated by phonys.

  • The Tea Party is about to be tested. Is it a group of limited government, free market, fiscal conservatives, or is it just a group of unhappy Republicans? Watch the Senate race in Arizona and Georgia to see what the Tea Party is actually made of.

  • gdgoetzpoetofmerit

    October 29, 2011 at 9:46 am

    At last, Ron Paul is receiving a review that reflects his political philosophy!

  • ron paul and alex jones listeners created the tea party. it has been co-opted by the gop, and fakes like palin and beck.

  • @fisharecoming very well put. aka co-op’d and that is some BS!

  • @bstaff88 @pam88r Make that two if we win in Kentucky!! Come on guys lets get one for Kentucky!

    From Denver!

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