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SEOPartner Serves the SEO Competition

SEOPartner Serves the SEO Competition

James Schramko – SEO Expert

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) November 11, 2011

Leading SEO company SEOPartner is operating in a spirit of bonhomie with companies that could ordinarily be considered its competition. In fact, web design firms, advertising agencies, and marketing companies, a.k.a. businesses that usually also offer SEO services, number among SEOPartner’s many clients. How was the company able to accomplish this unusual feat? Internet marketing whiz and SEOPartner owner James Schramko gave us the details.

SEOPartner has a successful record of providing excellent SEO services to various businesses. Its people have been trained so well that their work easily stands out from the rest. “We have our own team, not third party contractors. We have an intensive training program for even the newest members of our team. We do a lot of our SEO submissions by hand instead of using software,” explained Schramko. With the exemplary work ethic the company upholds and the exceptional people who work for it, output is consistently first rate, making growth and expansion a foregone conclusion. In SEOPartner’s case, growth led it to the creation of a reseller program.

SEOPartner’s reseller program has the company offering outsource SEO services not only to direct clients, but to clients of clients as well. It involves businesses, such as web development companies, advertising firms and marketing agencies, reselling SEOPartner’s services to their own clients, “white-labeled” so that these are offered under their own brand. SEOPartner technically functions as other companies’ SEO team, making it the ultimate outsource SEO company. “After all, we are the SEO supplier that many SEO companies call upon to do their heavy lifting,” Schramko revealed.

Companies that tap into the reseller program can be confident that they can’t do any better than the services provided by SEOPartner. “We have access to private assets online that other people do not have access to, we track our activity with a unique code ensuring that we get a faster and more measurable result than other companies, and it’s the mastermind of James Schramko and his team of SEO specialists who are pioneers in link profile mapping and speed of implementation,” pointed out Schramko.

Resellers emerge from the deal quite triumphant in this win-win situation. All parties essentially come out a winner, but the reseller, the most so. They are able to build a good name in SEO, earn a profit, provide top-notch SEO services without doing any grunt work, and endear themselves further to their own clients.

The idea behind the reseller program is pure genius. Its success has led SEOPartner to expand its coverage. It currently provides SEO services to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland, Los Angeles, New York, etc. True to its name, SEOPartner is the best partner any business can have when it comes to SEO matters.



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