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Thomas Dilorenzo – Lincoln versus the Constitution

Thomas Dilorenzo – Lincoln versus the Constitution

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  • Southernjuggalo63

    October 31, 2010 at 2:21 am

    @andrewl105 get away with what telling the truth?

  • @RPenta
    “Moral expediency for one’s respective goals?” And if the goal is the subjugation of one’s liberty and personal responsibility, how is “morality” defined?

  • @Graymalkin2001

    Not the party of Marx, the party of wilson, Truman and LBJ and the Wall Street Bankers–Marx has nothing to do with it except for a common love of moral expediency for one’s respective goals.

  • Ok, at the 8 minute mark, he tal;ks about Lincoln suspending Haebeus Corpus.

    Hmm, what town is considered the Catholic headquarters of AMerica? Oh, Baltimore.

    And where was it that Lincoln first suspended Haebeus Corpus?

    Let’s see here. Jefferson Davis, president of the South, was recieving letters of OPEN support from the Pope.

    Lincoln had generals that were Catholic, who had some very peculiar bad tactics, costing the North great loses.


  • Wow, I haven’t watched this video yet. I’m so excited to hear what this Jesuit, Dilorenzo, has to say about Lincoln.

    Hmm, I wonder if his catholic sources are accurate, since, afterwall, it was proven that all the conspirators behind Lincoln’s death were of catholic education.

    Who cares what protestant men like Samuel Morse (inventor of Morse Code) had to say about Lincoln. Protestants are heretics. Thats why catholic Bishop Hughes had their Bible removed from all public schools.

  • @andrewl105 “get away” with what? Telling the truth?

  • anyone who believes in a higher being and doesnt accept the facts of science as a plausable reason as to why we are here and where we came from is weak minded…this doesnt include ALL christians though…but, still…the belief in a higher being period is rather weak.

  • Guess that’s why Paul’s endorsement for President (Baldwin) and Ventura are so often on the same page? After all, Ventura called Christians. “Weak minded people who seek strength in numbers.”

  • @BigOrangeTitan

    typical misrepresentation

  • Fiscal Conservative and a Social Liberal. Ron Paul is a Conservative period, who endorsed Chuck Baldwin for President.

  • Jesse in his book said he was Fiscal conservative. go read it 🙂 “Don’t Start the Revolution Without me “

  • yeah but the constitution doesn’t allow most things to be regulated at the federal level, so it wouldn’t be that far-fetched. However, i don’t think Ron Paul is running in 2012

  • It ain’t happenin’ Ventura is a Social liberal.

  • Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul – 2012

  • “surprised that he would be able to get away with this”. I’m not attacking you, it is just the honesty in your post that I’m remarking on. The fact that all ideas are not welcome in a place of learning (such as a university)and open for discussion is evidence of the stupidity of our educational “system”. I’ve always found it in my life that if I want recognition I get a degree. If I want to learn something I do it on my own with the help of carefully selected mentors.

  • This is at the Mises Institute. Find it on google.

  • is this at a university lecture? if so i’m kind of surprised that he would be able to get away with this. Seems like a smart guy though.

  • Yeah…right! If only the South had won the war!

  • McCain, or Obama?
    The Party of Lincoln, or the Party of Marx?

    American liberty began with the Founding Fathers, and ended with Abraham Lincoln.

    Truth is indeed a bitter pill.
    At least, for those reared on myths, who must now come face-to-face with the reality of Lincoln’s tyranny.

  • Wow, interesting stuff

  • Go to mises dot org. Media. Dilorenzo.

  • We don’t need 2…they do it themselves

  • Is this video broken into parts anywhere else? I keep having to leave and I keep losing my place, lol.

  • That’s a nice example of the mental infancy we’re up against.

    I will be deleting any further comments you make but will leave this one up for display.

  • Nice job insulting our military dickhead.

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