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Bank robbed; two security guards wounded

General Jones Leaves National Security Team, Donilon Steps In
National Security
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The President’s National Security Advisor, General James L. Jones, announced his departure from the White House’s Rose Garden Friday.

Bank robbed; two security guards wounded
MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) — A Philippine government-run bank lost half a million pesos (11,261 U.S. dollars) to unidentified suspects and two security guards were wounded in a robbery incident in southern Philippines Monday morning, police said. Philippine National Police Spokesman Senior Superintendent Agrimero Cruz Jr. said that the five armed suspects robbed the employees of the …
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FBI involved in hundreds of violations in national-security investigations
The FBI disclosed to a presidential board that it was involved in nearly 800 violations of laws, regulations or policies governing national-security investigations from 2001 to 2008, but the government won’t provide details or say whether anyone was disciplined, according to a report by a privacy-watchdog group.
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People with Disability frowns constitutional review in Nigeria

Nigeria, the bottle is half way up – Kaduna state Government

No, Nigeria is half way down – Persons with Disabilities

The Persons with Disabilities have kicked against the move by the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to review the country’s 1999 Constitution by Committee on the Review of the 1999 Constitution , saying that the move is based on selfish interest of the Senators and the Government officials been decorated with propagandas in the name of constitutional review.

The Person with Disabilities welcomed the constitutional review however, said that what kind of review is it when the issue of the 19 Million Disabled Persons in Nigeria  is been left out of the review, stating, there is no single law in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that protects the disabled people.

Every day, Persons with Disabilities are faced with all kinds of humiliation from the public and they do not have right of employment left alone freedom of expression simply because they are disabled.

Speaking with the Vice President of the Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities (JONAPWD) of Nigeria, Comrade Riluwan Moh’d Abdullahi who said the constitutional review has been done multiple times in the country and at the end of the whole exercise nothing is been achieved from the review and the situation became worst on daily basis.

“One of the hindrances to constitutional review in Nigeria is the personal interest of the government officers, all the Senators have their own interest, and once the review is not in their favor the kick against it. They do not care about the masses all they care about is their own interest.”

It has been almost 3 years since the Persons with Disability submitted a Bill to the National Assembly to protect the right of the disabled people also to ensure equality, until date nothing has been done about the bill. Instead the disabled people are been evacuated from the street in the quest to keep the country clean for the forthcoming U-17 World Cup.

Commenting further, Abdullahi quoted that Nigeria will not make progress if the Senate House is not rid of the corruption and agreed.

“Nigeria is half way down if the Senators and House Representatives continue to think of themselves and get out of the review and not the masses. There is no constitutional review until there is law that states that both poor and rich, able and the disabled have equal right.”

Addressing the issue, the Special Adviser on Information and Communication Technology, Dr. Baba J. Adamu said that Nigeria needs the support of everybody and the people should bear it in mind that Nigeria is only 10 years old based on the Democratic regime and not everything can be done within the 10 years of Democracy.

“Nigerians should learn how to be patriotic and know that this is just 10 years of Democracy and it is not possible for everything to be perfect within this short period of Democracy. Nigeria is half way up and with the support of everybody the country in the near future will be better.”

Adamu called on the Persons with Disabilities to be patient with the National Assembly and with time the situation will get better however; the question is how much longer will Nigerians have to wait.

Victor Ulasi
Member of the European Press Federation

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Talking Street and The Constitutional Walking Tour Present First Ever Cell Phone Walking Tour of Historic Philadelphia

New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) August 10, 2006

Talking Street and The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia announced today the launch of the first-ever, cell phone walking tour of Philadelphia, entitled The Constitutional Cell Phone Tour of Historic Philadelphia. Visitors can now experience a totally unique and exciting way to see America’s Birthplace through user-friendly technology that’s just a call away. Talking Street, the leading audio tour guide provider and pioneer of the “cell phone walking tour” is powering The Constitutional Cell Phone Tour with its technology platform. The Constitutional Cell Phone Tour will be available beginning August 9, 2006.

The Constitutional Cell Phone Tour includes more than 20 of the most popular historical sites throughout Historic Philadelphia. In approximately 75 minutes, visitors can experience history by stepping back in time and walking in the Founding Fathers’ footsteps. Along the 1.25 mile walking adventure, tourists will learn about some of America’s most popular historic sites in the Independence National Historical Park area, which is home to The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, The National Constitution Center and The Betsy Ross House.

“We are thrilled to be working with The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia to introduce the cell phone walking tour experience to the city and its millions of visitors,” said David Solomont, Chairman & CEO of Candide Media, Inc. “The Constitutional is Philadelphia’s quintessential visitor experience, and now anyone with a cell phone can immerse themselves into the rich history and charm of Philadelphia, and it’s as easy and as accessible as making a phone call or using a handheld audio tour guide in a museum.”

With its patriotic music, creative sound effects, and entertaining storytellers, The Constitutional Cell Phone Tour is a theater of the mind experience – a virtual time machine, with the sounds, stories and sites of Historic Philadelphia. Visitors can take The Constitutional Cell Phone Tour on their own schedule and at their own pace.

“With the ever-growing popularity of audio tours, we are thrilled to launch The Constitutional Cell Phone Tour,” stated Jonathan Bari, Chairman of The Constitutional Walking Tour. “Philadelphia is best seen by foot, and as such, we are excited to work with Talking Street, the leading cell phone tour operator, to debut this extension of our critically-acclaimed walking tour programs. The Constitutional Cell Phone Tour, which is great for all ages, provides visitors with the convenience to take the tour when they want, how they want, at their own pace.”

How It Works

Grab your cell phone and go! Choose a stop, call 215-229-TOUR (8687), and enjoy an audio track about the site where you’re standing. There are also optional recorded directions from one site to the next. Visitors can enjoy the freedom to explore on their own schedule, at their own pace. The 1.25 mile journey takes around 75 minutes, including about 40 minutes of cell phone time and 35 minutes of walking time. Tourists can visit the stops in any order that they choose.

The standard price of the tour is $ 9.95. Call 215-229-8687 to listen to a free sample medley and to purchase The Constitutional Cell Phone Tour by charging it directly to your cell phone bill or credit card. Tours can be accessed within a single day, or over the course of a week.

Maps and brochures for The Constitutional Cell Phone Tour will be available for visitors at more than 100 Philadelphia area locations including the Independence Visitor Center, National Constitution Center, Pennsylvania Convention Center, area hotels, etc. You can also purchase passes, get more information, and download a map of the cell phone tour at www.PhillyByPhone.com and www.talkingstreet.com.

About Talking Street

A service of Candide Media Works (www.candidemedia.com), Talking Street uses everyday technologies, like cell phones, iPods, MP3 players and PDAs, to offer consumers new ways to explore a destination—on your schedule and at your own pace. Candide Media Works, Inc. pioneered the first ever celebrity narrated cell phone walking tour, Talking Street The Lower East Side: Birthplace of Dreams, narrated by Jerry Stiller, funded in part by Steven Spielberg’s Righteous Persons Foundation. Subsequently, Candide launched Talking Street Boston: City of Rebels and Dreamers, narrated by Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler as well as The Rise of New York, a tour of Lower Manhattan and the World Trade Center Site, narrated by Sigourney Weaver; Symbols of America; The Washington Mall, narrated by Larry King and Staten Island Ferry Bridging the World’s Harbor, narrated by Paul Sorvino. Talking Street will offer tours across the United States in various markets including Chicago, Hollywood, Miami Beach, New Orleans, San Francisco and Seattle, and these will be available in late summer 2006. Additional tours are planned for major travel destinations both nationally and worldwide during the second half of 2006.

About The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia

The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia takes visitors on a walking journey through America’s Most Historic Square Mile, the birthplace of our nation – “Where Every Day is Independence Day.” Located in Center City Philadelphia, The Constitutional includes many sites within the Independence National Historical Park area, which is home to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. The Constitutional guides visitors to walk through history where The Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution were created. The Constitutional is one of “Philadelphia’s Top 25 Tourist Attractions” as ranked by the Philadelphia Business Journal. Visitors can experience The Constitutional: 1) on their own as a free, self-guided walking tour, 2) with a lively tour guide for a fee 3) with the new Philly MP3 Audio Tour or 4) via the new Constitutional Cell Phone Tour by calling 215-229-TOUR (8687). For more information on The Constitutional, please visit www.TheConstitutional.com. Guided and audio tours are offered by The Constitutional Guided Walking Tours, LLC which is a licensee of The Constitutional Foundation, Inc. d/b/a The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia; a portion of the proceeds from all guided and audio tour fees benefits The Constitutional Foundation and its free self-guided tour.

The Constitutional Cell Phone Tour was created by Jonathan and Leslie Bari. The content was locally recorded and produced in the Philadelphia area by Wallabee Multimedia in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania.

For more information:


The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia

Leslie Bari


Candide Media Works, Inc.    

Tiffany Woolf


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Muslims share views at IceFest

Muslims share views at IceFest
Six people from an Islamic community visited Chambersburg Saturday to help clear up what they consider are misconceptions about Muslims.
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Christmas around the world
VATICAN CITY (AP) – Iraqi Christians celebrated a somber Christmas in a Baghdad cathedral stained with dried blood, while Pope Benedict XVI exhorted Chinese Catholics to stay loyal despite restrictions on them in a holiday address laced with worry for the world’s Christian minorities.
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Virginia peninsula tourists caught in Egyptian unrest
The protests this week are not based in religion; they are about social and economic reform At least 20 local residents on a sightseeing trip in Cairo are stuck there after thousands of Egyptian residents flooded the streets this week in anti-government protests.
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National Security Movie part 1

www.24hvids.com To be a cop is a boys dream.To be an officer is a police cadets dream. Meanwhile,to be a National Security officer means to be a loser…

EVENT: Twitter CO-Founder: Freedom of Expression is a Human Right

EVENT: Twitter CO-Founder: Freedom of Expression is a Human Right
Twitter’s Biz Stone argued that freedom of expression is a human right in a post on the company’s blog Friday, coinciding with Egypt’s blackout of the Internet and cellphone service. “Our goal is to instantly connect people everywhere to what is most meaningful to them. For this to happen, freedom of expression is essential,” the company co-founder said in the post, titled The Tweets Must Flow…
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Twitter co-founder: Freedom of expression is a human right
Twitter’s Biz Stone argued that freedom of expression is a human right in a post on the company’s blog Friday, coinciding with Egypt’s blackout of the Internet and cellphone service. “Our goal is to instantly connect people everywhere to what is most meaningful to them. For this to happen, freedom of expression is essential,” Stone said in the post, titled The Tweets Must Flow. On Tuesday, the …
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Alex Jones Tv 1/2:Obama’s “National Emergency” Violates the Constitution

Drew Zahn, writing for WorldNetDaily, takes issue with Infowars declaring Obamas national emergency amounts to martial law. An article by Kurt Nimmo of InfoWars took the worry a step further, wondering if the White Houses declaration engaged certain measures of the National Emergencies Act, writes Zahn. But even if there really is a plot to manipulate the H1N1 virus scare into enforcing a sweeping expansion of federal power, todays national emergency falls far short of martial law. prisonplanet.tv A state of emergency (regardless of the pretext) allows Obama to do a number of things. As Dr. Harold C. Relyea, a specialist in national government with the Congressional Research Service (CRS) of the Library of Congress, has written, when the President formally declares a national emergency, he may seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and, in a variety of ways, control the lives of United States citizens. Obamas declaration, however, is incidental because the United States has been under a state of emergency since September 14, 2001. Bush extended this emergency (against a bogus terrorist threat) on August 28, 2008. Will President Obama allow the state of national emergency, first declared by President George W. Bush on 9/14/01 and re-declared seven times, to
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Chris Future – Freedom Bunker TV With Chris Future

Chris Future – Freedom Bunker TV With Chris Future
from Freedom Bunker TV With Chris Future
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National Security – Captive in America

My story, though not over, started March 27th, 2010. My fiancée and I wanted to go on vacation. She has friends and family in Canada and wanted to visit. I needed a passport, so I went down to the post office and submitted an application.  We were set to go on vacation at the end of April. I thought this was safe because it states on the application it takes roughly 30 days to process an application. Well, this vacation never happened.

Time has flown by, It is now July 19th, 2010 and I am still waiting for a passport. We had postponed our vacation until I received my passport.  . Weeks went by; I called every week to get an update status on where my passport application was. I was simply told, repeatedly, “it is in process. That’s all we can tell you”, until July 13th when the passport agency finally returned my calls.

I was informed the reason I have not received my passport was because they believe there is identity theft. They asked me to come in to the office at 230 S. Dearborn in Chicago. This sounds serious to me so without hesitation I requested time off work and went to their office on Friday. I asked for special agent Adam Russo, the person I have been speaking with on the phone about the situation. He greeted me with another special agent and took me upstairs, somewhere on the 20th floor. Walking what seemed to be endless, then, all the sudden we came to a secluded room off of nowhere. A place that seemed to me people do not return from. I started to get nervous.  I was asked to sit down and then they started questioning me, about my application, my past, and any possible relationship to this other person.

They asked me if I ever seen this other person before. I said no. They said he has my identity and proceeded to interrogate me on any possible relationship to him. I was asked if any time in my life I lived with anyone that could have taken my information. Well, that is certainly a possibility, I replied. But, I have never seen this person before, as they opened their file and showed me his picture.  He looked like one of those guys from the Bruce Willis movie, Die Hard, where the Swedish terrorists were taking over that building and Bruce Willis was taking them out one by one.

I became very concerned and interested in my stolen identity. I was concerned if this person has used my social security number, or any financial information. They claimed he is not using my social security or any other personal information except my birth name. I became suspicious, because it doesn’t seem like identity theft to me.  This guy only has my name. Moreover, my birth name.  Let me explain, as I explained it to the three special agents. I was born under the name Gary Lee Mills. My mother left my real father and ran off with another man by the name of Eddie Dunn. I was only around five years old at that time.  Since then, I was enrolled in school and obtained my social security in my teens as Gary Lee Dunn. That is all I know or remember. I don’t even believe my mother and step father legally adopted my brother or myself. So, there would be no legal records of my name change.  So, that is why my birth certificate is Gary Lee Mills and the name my social security number was registered under is Gary Lee Dunn.  If only social security numbers were issued at birth in the 1960’s.

To further complicate matters, I joined the army in the 1970’s. I wasn’t old enough to join on my own. I was one year too young. But, at that time I was abandoned. I lived on the streets. Yes, my wonderful mother walked out on Eddie Dunn, she went to the dry cleaners and never came back home. Eddie Dunn flipped out and threatened to kill my brother and me if we didn’t leave. Well, we ran as we were being chased violently with a pole in his hand. He was a violent man, so we thought we would give him a couple days to cool off and then come back home. We went to stay at a home of a friend of my brothers in Elmwood Park Illinois. We went back on the third morning and the house was vacant. He left no food, he even took our clothes.  We lived in the house until some men walked in, asking for Eddie Dunn. My brother stood and said we don’t know where he is, look what he did to us. They looked around and left. We were on survival mode from there.  Things were different back then. Resources were not available like they are today, or we just didn’t know how to go about finding them. I essentially, lived on the streets until I met a young boy that took me home and his family let me live there through my teen years. I got into trouble and became a ward of the state.  I ran away and joined the army. The army added an additional year to my birth date so I could join without parental consent.

I explained this to the special agents from the department of state of diplomatic security service.Tto the special agents, this information only seemed to incriminate me more.  They asked to take my finger prints.  I said ok.  They called in another special agent in to guard me while they left to run my prints.  I tried to strike conversation with this special agent because I felt something bad was going on.  I wanted to know how this situation could be identity theft when the only thing we have in common is my birth name. I wanted to know if this guy did something he shouldn’t, would they come after me. The agents reply was possibly.  I wanted to know what was really going on.

I started to get really nervous, I was thinking what happens if they come back with something. I would simply disappear. I started to panic a bit.  I couldn’t get any straight answers and things just didn’t add up to me.  All they have is a guy with a passport that has my birth name, Gary Lee Mills.  Is there really a bad guy? Is this other guy doing something illegal?  Or are they simply giving me a hard time because of my life as a child? Who would figure that at age fifty this would come back to haunt me. I can understand the confusion, but, they should state the truth if that’s all it is. All I know is that there is no identity theft, and they are not being honest about what is truly happening.

I tried explaining to them that not everyone has a perfect family life and mine was just a little dysfunctional, but if wasn’t my fault. I never asked for any of this.  I suggested that they have all my information from my social security number to my finger prints, my birth certificate to my military experience and could run whatever they wanted on me to verify or qualify anything.  but they insist that I must continue to provide them information and documentation proving I am the real Gary Dunn, born under Gary Mills.

I told them I don’t have anything supporting my transition from Gary Mills to Gary Dunn. And my new father or should I say step father, did not legally adopt me.  Surprised at their response which special agent Adam Russo and his cohort said that “you may not ever get a passport”.  At this juncture, I am a little lost and concerned about the whole matter and haven’t a clue as what to do next. This is like a nightmare.  Am I really the person I thought I was for the past 50 years or am I someone else?

The problem I have is the United States Department of State Diplomatic Security has something up their sleeve and they are not being openly honest about it. Or are they just simply lazy and really mean ugly hearted souls.  As far as I know, Identity theft requires this other person to assume your identity, to actually use it or use the resources provided by it. All this guy has done is having my name, and not even the name I received my social security number under, my name from birth. I’m so confused.  The other problem that has me a bit concerned is how they held me suspect under watch and guard. I was treated as some type of fugitive terrorist bad guy, guilty by association or something.

I am 50 years old, born and raised in America. I am a self made person, obviously.  My life has been an adventure. I finally just want to start enjoying life a bit, travel, do things I’ve not had the opportunity to do before. But I can’t. It seems I am a prisoner to the walls of the United States, in the guise of this new national security program, of which I am held suspect of something.

I thought I would write and publish this article in hope to gain some attention and support from the news agencies or news groups, or maybe from a legal aspect. Such recognition or support from our media is typically the only way to resolve the really ridiculous situations involving are Government. I think that is really sad. It says it is too big for its own good. Maybe the easiest thing to do would be to change my name to my birth name? I am one hundred percent positively confident that I am not the only one in the United States with a story like mine.

Gary Lee Dunn

BS Aurora University

Worked as Engineer for over 20 years, from development of embedded controllers, to data centers.

Article from articlesbase.com

Does the Constitution or any amendment require the purchase of goods or services to legally reside in the USA?

Question by Handymam: Does the Constitution or any amendment require the purchase of goods or services to legally reside in the USA?
Does anyone know where, if at all, it says in our Constitution or any Ammendment that a citizen can be required to purchase a good or service in order to legally reside in the United States of America?

For instance, if the government decided that apples were good for a person’s health, can you be legally complelled to buy them? What about shoe leather, blueberries, toilet paper, or Health Insurance?

Best answer:

Answer by brother_lu
according to the constitution we don’t legally have to pay taxes, but you still get in a buttload of trouble if you don’t 😛

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!