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Benefits of Second Citizenship

Citizenship and national identity are shifting in a global zing world. An increasing number of people carry two or more passports and affluent citizens’ travel, study and work in multiple lands. Mass migration means that the poor as well as the rich have ties to more than one nation. What does citizenship mean when passports for many countries can be purchased outright and some people even hold elected office in more than one country simultaneously? Clearly, citizenship and national identity are changing — a sign that the nation states is itself in flux as an “imagined community.” Purchase of citizenship means becoming citizen of two countries at the same time and enjoying all the legal rights and other amenities provided to any other citizen of those respective countries. This system of second nationality is widely honored because of the benefit associated with it. You can buy citizenship for tax planning, citizenship for wealth management, citizenship for tax reduction or citizenship for visa free travel. After becoming a second citizen, a person can escape complex tax and custom regulations, enjoy visa free travel to England, visa free travel to United Kingdom avail legal rights and border rules. It also offers a facility to enjoy the better socio-economic conditions of another country. Dominica’s citizenship program requires making an economic contribution to the country. In exchange, applicants and their families are granted full citizenship without residence. The economic contribution takes the form of a direct non-refundable payment made to the government.

Citizenship for sale-To accommodate this new demand, purchase of citizenship or purchase of nationality has become common in many countries. As a citizen of Dominica you can live and work in Dominica at any time, and as a Commonwealth citizen you will enjoy special rights and privileges in the United Kingdom as well, e.g. your children may go the UK to study without having to obtain a student visa; after graduation, they may take up employment in the UK for two years without having to obtain a work permit. The Foundation has been designated a special approved project for the purposes of Citizenship by Investment. Contributions to the Foundation at prescribed levels can qualify foreign nationals to Citizenship by Investment. Acquiring economic citizenships is one of the wisest decisions a person can make. As a real worth of the money, such US citizenship by investment, European citizenship by investment helps an individual to gain a larger workable tax benefits. People can enjoy and freely travel to country of their choice as and often they want without much hassle. Getting economic citizen provides benefits not only on business but on personal front as well.

Dual citizenship programs available by Second Citizenship Ltd. can open up a whole new life of opportunities, visa free travel to England, visa free travel to United Kingdom and visa free travel to Switzerland. These professional second nationality services are for those people who are migrating to the United States, migrating to European Union and are willing for residence in United States, residence in European Union, residence in England or residence in United Kingdom. Obtaining multiple nationalities, foreign passport or foreign citizenship is one of the wisest moves you can make if you truly value maintaining your international freedom. A second passport from Dominica is also ideal for high value individuals seeking to retire to the Caribbean and/or avoid restrictive taxation laws in their own country.  For these applicants, the Dominica citizenship offers zero taxation on foreign earnings, capital gains, wealth, gift and inheritance tax.

Payment for citizenship is like taking out an insurance policy. Only the asset you are insuring is not your car or home, but something much more precious: your freedom.

Second Citizenship Ltd. provides professional and efficient services for obtaining second nationality in Dominica. Obtaining second passport for Dominica is helpful for Caribbean citizenship, European Union citizenship, American citizenship, US Citizenship, Foreign citizenship, foreign passport. Offers you the services to purchase Dominican nationality, dual nationality, multiple nationalities, second citizenship in Dominica will help you for visa free travel to England, United Kingdom and to Switzerland. SEO services provided by Jigney Bachech, CEO Opal Infotech, India.

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Programming and Religion

Aristotle is considered to be the first to offer the idea that the human intellect, “is like a clean table on which nothing is written.” He referred to this as tabula rasa or unscribed slate. The idea is that you are born with an empty slate and your influences, experiences and authority figures “program” you in your formative years. While there is little doubt that certain instincts and genetic “wiring” also play a role in development, sexuality and intellect, this idea of programming is more about how you are conditioned to view the world.

Everyday it seems we see images of religious fanatics blowing up themselves and innocent bystanders in the name of their religion and their strongly held beliefs. While religious diversity exists in countries allowing such freedom, the fact remains that what religion you subscribe to is strongly influenced by your parents, authority figures and location. There are not many Christians being raised in Afghanistan.

Imagine five children born at the same moment but in five separate locations. America, Thailand, Iran, India and Israel. As adults odds favor each child believing in the teachings of: America-Christianity, Thailand-Buddhism, Iran-Islam, India-Hinduism, and Israel-Judaism.  You could say each was given a different program about religion and the hereafter. Some of these programs are so in conflict with other programs that people have been fighting to the death for centuries to prove the superiority of their belief system.

Here’s what’s interesting about this programming and virtually all of our programming. The programs were installed without our permission when we are children.

These imaginary five children had no say in where they were born nor what they were taught about religion. However, each would grow to believe their religion to be the supreme religion and, in many cases, are willing to die in that belief. You could say that are staking everything on that belief.

So, who is your programmer? Actually, you have a lot of them. For most of us, our programming comes from a conflux of our family, authority figures such as teachers, clergy, doctors, friends, the media, role models both good and bad, our community, the circumstances of our upbringing (contrast the programming a child received being raised poor in the depression era to being raised now in a middle income home), good and bad experiences and influences.

Understanding programming is important because it helps you understand why other people act the way they do. This doesn’t mean you condone their actions or even like them, but once you understand that we are all products of our programming, it helps you to place the actions of another in a larger context.

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Afghan National Security Forces & Coalition forces defend village

National Security
Image taken on 2010-03-13 15:37:49 by The U.S. Army.

Study the LDS view of the Constitution

This video is mainly for an LDS audience, since it contains quotes from past and present church leaders. All of these quotes supports the platform of Ron Paul and his desire to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. This an updated version of this YouTube video. (www.youtube.com

Prayer at PeeWee football games contentious issue in Vernon

Prayer at PeeWee football games contentious issue in Vernon
The age-old seperation of church-and-state argument has surfaced again here in the panhandle. Vernon’s city council meeting was packed Monday night with people upset over a complaint about prayer at PeeWee football games.

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Using Religion to Escape the Church

Although from time to time as you read my books and articles you may get the impression that I am against religion. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am not against any belief system and I believe that all beliefs are appropriate in their time and place.

What disturbs me the most is how the Churches use religion to disempower people. It keeps them captive in a belief system that is less than life affirming in that it holds back the believer from evolving past the Church or the religion itself.

It must be the mission statement of any organization to move its members to a higher level outside of their current beliefs, or the agenda becomes one of preservation of the organization over the welfare of its members. For me, the purpose of going to a church or attending any kind of a meeting would be to enlighten myself – not to be shackled or imprisoned. Moving from one box to the next is okay as long as you continue to move. Every step you take should take you to the next one.

The power of the church is obvious, and after thousands of years of mankind, humanity has moved very little spiritually. Today about 84% of the world’s population is religious. Men of importance and of high stature continue to practice outdated beliefs, and although they do it for their own personal reasons, fear is the common glue the binds them to it.

As enlightened persons, those who have moved out of the box may learn from the practices of the church. It is easy to see how organized religion can manipulate their congregants to remain loyal. The same practices are used in just about every religion – damned if you move; damned if you stay. Don’t ask questions about outside the box and don’t look outside the box or you will be damned.

Humanity is slow at catching up and religion is testament to that. In order to evolve, one must be ready to evolve. You can not walk from here to the corner unless you are willing to take the first step. You will when you are ready, and because so few have taken the step, it is obvious that they are not ready. It is no different outside the box as it is inside, except that you don’t have the four walls holding you back, nor do you have the protection of the four walls, but what you do have is an escape route and a chance to move somewhere else.

It is scary being outside the box and moving to places you know nothing about. However, with time the fear disappears as the unexpected becomes the expected. When one assumes responsibility for their lives, they also accept responsibility for the awesome, infinite power that comes along with it. The power and freedom to do, have, or be anything that you desire on demand and not be limited by ones own thoughts.

It is only when humanity looks to itself to create what it desires, does he truly know he is free and has joined with his God as one. The practices of the church, such as praying, worshipping, and letting go can give us example of how to focus on what we want to create. But, at the same time one must know that he/she is focusing on his own power to create; not any symbols or Gods outside of himself. If you are in denial of your own power, then you are at the whim of something that cannot hear you. You are past help, past hope, and past cure. That is not to say that prayers are all unanswered, but when credit is given away, so is the ability to tap into the power to create at will and from the true source.

When I talk or write about religion, I am not against it, nor am I for it. What I want to do is empower my readers to go past their beliefs, and create something that is even better than what they are experiencing now. I want to give them an opening in the box that they can squeeze through from choice, and move on to something even better. What I want to do is wave at you from where I am, and you are, and let you know that the distance between us is full of opportunities. I made it and so can you.

I am not looking for followers, I represent opportunity and not an end, I am not a guru or a savior, and I am a free spirit moving along a different chosen path. The pieces of paper that I drop along my path are my landmarks and acknowledgement that I have been here and gone. Either way, if you keep finding these papers or if they have all piled up in one spot – you will not find me, for I have moved on. It means I am life itself, always moving and always changing – just as you are.

Empower yourself, set yourself free to think outside the box, fear was meant to conquer; not imprison your soul. Give yourself permission to move on and experience all that you can be. The best belief is the one that demonstrates that it works for you in this life – that it offers you what you want to experience now, and not a promise of something that may come in another time and place. I am not God fearing, I am God loving!

Roy E. Klienwachter is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. A published author, a student of NLP, New Age Light Worker, Teacher and Phenomenologist. Roy’s books and articles are thought provoking, and designed to empower your imagination, and take you to places you would never have thought of.

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