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Turkey’s Erdogan: Yes to integration, no to assimilation – Summary

Citizenship and Freedom
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Army Lt. Gen. Harold Moore, ret., and Gen. George W. Casey Jr., Chief of Staff of the Army, answer questions during a press conference at the conclusion of the American Citizenship Trust National Freedom ceremony in Montevallo AL, Feb. 15, 2010. Moore who was portrayed by Mel Gibson in the movie "We were Soldiers" was the first reciepent of the National Freedom Award gave the keynote address during this years presentation to the joint recipients Maj. Gen. George W. Casey, Sr., posthumously, and Gen. George W. Casey, Jr. US Army photo by D. Myles Cullen (released)

Turkey’s Erdogan: Yes to integration, no to assimilation – Summary
Dusseldorf – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday warned Turks living in Germany against losing their own culture, echoing a similar speech of his which caused outrage three years ago.
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Clash of views on foreign workers’ status-again
Community members again shared opposing views on what to do with long-term nonresident workers in the CNMI during a Senate-hosted public hearing that drew some 300 people Thursday night.
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The Arrivals pt 34 The Infiltration of Religion

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Dinesh D’Souza Debates Dan Barker (FFRF.org) at the Prestonwood Christian Academy Plano, Texas November 19, 2009 The Question: “What’s So Great about Christianity?” christianity christians freedom from religion foundation ffrf god jesus islam bible big bang

Ability to Obtain Social Security Disability Representation Threatened

Ability to Obtain Social Security Disability Representation Threatened
As Congress fights along party lines to determine the budget for the 2012 fiscal year, new blows are delivered on a nearly daily basis to federal funding and programs. Social Security Disability claimants may have to prepare themselves for another potentially crippling blow, and law firms that represent these claimants, such as Disability Group Inc., may suffer the same fate. Los Angeles, CA …
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Sarkozy shakes up French Cabinet to boost ratings
French President Nicolas Sarkozy shuffled his Cabinet’s top diplomatic and security posts on Sunday, jettisoning his foreign minister who has been roundly criticized for her ties to Tunisia’s ousted regime.
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LIBYA: U.N. names names, identifying inner members of Kadafi regime in travel ban
The U.N. Security Council might have limited resources with which to intervene in the uprisings in Libya, but it named names — and birthdays and passport numbers — in its resolution Saturday imposing travel bans and freezing the assets of…
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‘Pak security agencies behind killings in Balochistan’
Islamabad, Feb 25 (PTI) Pakistan’s security agencies are behind the kidnapping and killing of political workers and national activists in Balochistan province of southwest Pakistan, a leading PML-N parliamentarian has alleged.
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Riz Khan – Kenya’s draft constitution

How can Kenya heal its divisions? After post-election violence rocked the country in 2008 resulting in the deaths of more than 1000 people the country has been working to move forward. On August 4, Kenyans will vote on whether to alter the country’s power structure.

Nice Freedom Of Information photos

A few nice Freedom of Information images I found:

Human behavior from inside the tree’s point of view
Freedom of Information
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Freedom of Information
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Loan Modification Programs in Minnesota: What’s the Big Deal about Owning a Home?

For most people buying a home is one of the four or five biggest decisions they make in a lifetime. Most people long to have a place of their own that they can call home and feel secure there.  I’m sure you would like to have the freedom to choose how it looks and develops. If it actually belongs to you it is without a doubt, a status symbol. It is a sign of achievement.  On a more practical level you want to own something that has value and that can grow in value as the years go by. It is an investment. It is security for your old age, when you can no longer work as well as something to leave your children.  When you own something of the value of a house, you can even use it as collateral should a serious emergency arise.  Should someone in your family, for instance, need expensive surgery, you could raise a loan on the value of the property to help you over the crisis.

What financial demands will be made of you?  Are there any hidden costs that you cannot now foresee?  You can approach several Realtors to discover the basic things like interest, taxes and utilities.  But there are ‘hidden costs’. You need to find out from family and friends what they are. They mostly involve upkeep and repairs and can amount to quite a substantial sum over the years.  Even just cleaning and day to day upkeep can be considerably more than you spent, for instance, in your rented apartment.  Most financial arrangements for buying a house involve many years – perhaps thirty – and you have to calculate into your budget how much your family is likely to increase and how stable your income is and whether it will grow over time to keep up with additional expenses.

When you buy a property, unless you are one of the few fortunate ones who can pay cash, you will most likely buy with a home loan, called a mortgage bond. A first time home buyer should usually be prepared to put down a payment of from 3% to 20% of the price. This depends on what kind of loan you get and how good your credit rating is. Occasionally loans are available from some banks to qualifying applicants with no deposit.  Your monthly repayments are usually about 0.75% to 1.15% of the purchase price per month.  You will also need up to 8% for closing costs, as well as miscellaneous costs.  Your realtor should be able to fill you in with these details.

When you are busy calculating whether you can afford to buy your own home, you have probably wondered what would happen if you were unable to make a payment one month.  This is a serious consideration and you need to find out what your options are, way beforehand.  One of them is loan modification.  This needs to be done with the help of an expert, and obviously you need to be sure that only a major crisis, such as losing your job of long standing would require you to take this measure.

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Latest The Constitution News

Flag equality cry from PDP
Srinagar, Feb. 26: Kashmir’s Opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) proposes to introduce a bill that seeks to treat the state flag on a par with the Tricolour, days after the party released a controversial map of undivided Kashmir.
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Tamir Moustafa: Amending the Egyptian Constitution: 6 Critical Articles That Test the Military’s Commitment to Democracy
How should we judge whether the military’s proposed constitutional amendments are significant? Here are the articles with the most egregious roadblocks to further reform.
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Lawmaker Proposes Change In How Maine Elects Its Governor
Sen. Tom Saviello, R-Franklin County, is sponsoring an amendment to the Maine Constitution that would require a candidate for governor to receive at least 50 percent of the vote cast in order to be elected.
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Franken: Net Neutrality “Biggest Issue Since Freedom of Reli

Net Neutrality is the biggest issue since Freedom of Religion, which until last week I thought we had worked out. AlFranken.
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What civil liberties are you willing to give up in the interest of national security?

Question by harry: What civil liberties are you willing to give up in the interest of national security?
Just wondering what, if any civil liberties people are willing to dispense in the interest of national security.

Best answer:

Answer by ohiofirefighter42

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Constitutional Scholars Blast White House, Dobson Collaboration On Miers

Washington DC (PRWEB) October 14, 2005

The Campaign to Defend the Constitution today asked the White House to end the special access given to James Dobson and other leaders of the religious right in the selection of Supreme Court and other judges and to reaffirm publicly the President’s and Harriet Miers’ recognition of the Constitution as the highest law in the land.

“The special access and undue influence that James Dobson and other leaders of the religious right are given by the President and his staff are troubling and disturbing,” said Erwin Chemerinsky, professor of law at Duke University. “The President and his aides can consult whomever they wish, but the process of choosing a Supreme Court justice should be based on merit and, of course, understanding of and loyalty to the Constitution. The blessing of the religious right should not determine a person’s suitability to serve on the Supreme Court.”

Reports in recent days have made clear that Karl Rove gave special notice to James Dobson and possibly to other leaders of the religious right and sought their approval in the days leading up to the Miers announcement. While Senators constitutionally empowered to approve the nomination were kept in the dark, the White House actively courted the religious right, making the case for Miers and seeking their support.

A CNN report this morning called James Dobson and his 26 million-member network “an empire” with “enormous reach” in the Bush White House and on Capitol Hill.

“I am deeply troubled by the appearance that the President is applying a religious litmus test for his judicial appointments,” said Professor Isaac Kramnick, professor of government at Cornell University. “Such a test violates the Constitutional prohibition on religious tests as a qualification for public office.

“Since 2002, the President has repeatedly said that he will appoint judges who believe that God is the source of our civil rights. The notion of asking judges to acknowledge a source of law other than — and perhaps higher than — the Constitution is unacceptable. It shatters the fundamental premise of our founders that the Constitution itself is the supreme law of the land.”

Professors Chemerinsky and Kramnick are members of the Advisory Board of the Campaign to Defend the Constitution. Chermerinsky was the lead attorney in Perry v. Van Orden, the case decided in June by the Supreme Court on public display of the Ten Commandments on government property. Kramnick is author of “The Godless Constitution.” Both are considered among the country’s leading scholars on religious liberties and separation of church and state.

The Campaign to Defend the Constitution was launched this month to bring together a diverse coalition of Americans concerned about the growing power and influence of the religious right over American politics, culture and science. The Campaign’s Advisory Board includes leading scientists, legal scholars, clergy and other activists. In its first weeks, the Campaign has already attracted thousands of supporters through its website, www.defconamerica.org.

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