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The Arrivals pt 34 The Infiltration of Religion

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Dinesh D’Souza Debates Dan Barker (FFRF.org) at the Prestonwood Christian Academy Plano, Texas November 19, 2009 The Question: “What’s So Great about Christianity?” christianity christians freedom from religion foundation ffrf god jesus islam bible big bang

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50 comments on “The Arrivals pt 34 The Infiltration of Religion

  • @kirbeyz well because white people were seen as aliens back in the age of exploration in the 18 and 17th centurys. they were used as slaves becuase they werent white to day they r misttreated because the people who are racist their ancestors wwere racist as well so i reckon its a genetic thing

  • @Shimshamina your agenda here seems foul. how can i look into allah’s lineage? allah is another word for god. It seems you know a lot about muslims but you hold something against them as a whole. I hope you know that is not how god wants you to deal with your troubles. Where are you from?

  • @thedollhouse10 NEVER call allah & the God of the Bible the same. This is a lie broadcast by muslims to give authenticity to allah & the “prophet” mohammed. If you look at the lineage of allah you will find that he comes from Sumeria & was found in the Kaaba along with his consort Alat by mohammed.
    Muslims take great pleasure in saying that “even Arab Christians call God – allah”. They WILL do so as they have been born in to the culture but that does not make allah into a god.

  • @kirbeyz If mohammed is the “last messenger: then WHO is the Bab of the Bahais. They say Bab is the “last messenger” & they are a sect of Islam. Whom do we believe?
    Mohammed did not know anything about the Christ. Mohammed did not even know WHO Messiah was or WHAT Messiah meant
    All that Mohammed knew was that he was born to demean the Christ & insult the Cross. That is why he says Christ will “break the Cross” on the last day. Why should He do that when He saved you, Mohammed & me from it?

  • @shimshamina hey bro you by criticising the last messenger Muhammed(pbuh) you’ve just spoke bad about prophet Jesus!!! Meaning you are idol worshiping God has no partners!!! I pray for you brother that when the final hour arises you don’t fail the test!!!

  • Or maybe the true Temple Is in Ethiopia God knows what has been happening to the earthcrust (movements of plates) for the past centuries!!! Solomon could have been the black king and maybe so is Jesus!!! The question is why are Blacks so mistreated in society??? Anyone got a clue!!!!!

  • @Shimshamina in other words same God different disciples and prophets but the good message is the same. at some point the divide will come together so i am not worried about it. God said he would put the churches together when he returns.

  • @Shimshamina i apologized because i thought it necessary i am looking to be a good person. i understand that there are differences in Muslims and Christians, but if you do read the bible there is a scripture that says if you believe in God you believe also in me. Muslims believe in the same God so a true Muslim just like a true Christian is a believer. there will be differences because Christians came after Judiasm so the followers of Christ are called Christians.

  • @thedollhouse10 Nice of you to apolgise but you dont have to. You have hit the right button in saying that Satan always denies God. This brings us to the point that mohammed too denied Christ & His diviinity & made Him “just a man”.
    This attitude of the muslims really gets my goat. They have been brainwashed about Christ & fail to see even on reading the Canonical Gospels that Christ has two persona Man & God which is shown in these Gospels many times.
    & do not apologise to mohammed & muslims

  • @Shimshamina satan always denies God. God said that his advisary is the devil. when i was referring to the movie i saw what would be satan’s reaction for Jesus’ sacrifice himself. Since he is the opposite of the truth and good his reaction would be blasphemy. i was simply stating that i did not see that before. i get the interpretation. i do not think anything bad for Muslims or Mohammed, forgive my interpretation.

  • @Shimshamina i think you misunderstood me. i understand now what Jesus did was the “ultimate” sacrifice. satan is against God and humanity he did not want Jesus to do this for us. satan even tried to argue with Jesus not to do it. why would he do that if humans mean nothing to God? I believe Jesus died for us because remember the trials of Jesus. The priests asked him who are you? why? because Jesus said “i am he” and they sentenced him to die by the hands of the romans.

  • @thedollhouse10 You must have been watching the movie with your eyes closed. The scene is just an interpretation about how the devil must have felt because Jesus was giving Himself as a living sacrifice for the remission of the sins of humaity. Nothing blasphemous about it.
    Muslims believe that Christ did not die on the cross. This belief comes from statements by mohammed who picked up these things from fake Gospels in circulation around this time.
    Christ did die on the cross for us.

  • i cant believe what i saw when i looked at this with an open mind and heart. because it never saw it until today even though i have seen this movie scene many times. At the crucifixion of Jesus clip 55-58 i always thought was a creepy woman holding an evil baby! but it’s not. look closely, you will see that this is a man or possibly satan dressed like a woman holding another man who is deformed, look at the babies face it is not innocent they were mocking Jesus for serving God! blasphemy.

  • @pushpakanitin Surprising your post has been flagged as spam. I suppose muslims are afraid of coming to terms with the fact that the Quran has changed over the years. This is because they have been taught since long that “nothing has been changed in the Quran & that it is “straight from God”.
    The 2 references of yours to Surah 33:6 is a case in point. Moreover if one digs further one will see that the Qurans in use in Africa differ greatly from each other in grammar, punctuation & sentences.

  • Hey I agree with allahscommand I am not even Islamic not yet

  • @ByAllahsCommand Thanks FOR ACKNOWLEGING that the KORAN HAS CHANGED.
    But Surah 33:6 – Zaid text – Wa azwaajuhuu ummahaatuhuu – “and his wives are their mothers”

    Mas’ud text – Wa azwaajuhuu ummahaatuhuu´╗┐ wa huwa abuu laahum – “& his wives are their mothers AND HE IS THEIR FATHER.”
    is in no way just “added punctuation”.
    Do not tell people to “get off the page” You Jihadis HAVE SOME SORT OF ALLERGY to being shown the truth since YOU’LL HAVE BEEN FED LIES for so long.

  • @pushpaka nitin, its been changed in the sense that its been made easier for the people to read and recite.The context is exactly the same.Just added punctuation…and ppl if you don’t like Islam, then get off this page.your words of slander don’t effect a people who have contentment in their hearts because of islam

  • amgonnafucktheworld

    February 28, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    Truth reject-er a thing you cannot deal with, such a mind waste what a petty

  • thanks GhadahMe ­čÖé

  • @DirtyThePig Whether it is called Quran or Koran it will still be bullshit. Just like the lying “prophet” mohd who used allah for his own ends & who spoke bullshit

  • Can everyone stop calling the “Quran” the “Koran”.
    It’s not right.

  • @JUNAID187 Forget Sanaa korans WILL´╗┐ YOU ACCEPT this change FROM THE SAMARKHAND & TODAYS KORAN.
    Surah 33:6 – Zaid text – Wa azwaajuhuu ummahaatuhuu – “and his wives are their mothers”
    Mas’ud text – Wa azwaajuhuu ummahaatuhuu wa huwa abuu laahum – “& his wives are their mothers AND HE IS THEIR FATHER.”
    There is more proof of the korans BEING CHANGED Caliph Uthman DESTROYED THE MANY KORANS in circulation to MAKE ONE “STANDARDISED” koran
    Jihadis as usual deny this BUT HISTORY SAYS DIFFERENT

    You Jihadis are so grounded in the BS fed to you by your maulanas, mullahs, kazis & imams that YOU’LL HAVE STOPPED THINKING for yourself.
    Moreover The koran was´╗┐ gathered AFTER MOHDS DEATH from bones, stones, palm leaves, tree bark & other materials on which the text was written. NONE OF THIS EXISTS TODAY.
    So question of “writing” anything does not arise.

  • @pushpakanitin
    lol this is just hilarious. please provide me solid evidence to back your gigantic claims? oh yeah you cant because its a load of nonsense!
    from what i am aware, origional transcripts of the koran are still around (the koran when it was first written) and people who have learnt the modern koran by heart have confirmed it is perfectly identical. yes you get spin of versions but the common version is unchanged. i think your confused with this.

  • I like how this debate opens from an obvious, undeniable christian point of view. That really isn’t neutral ground, is it? what a bunch of shit.

  • How similar the paths that we have walked Dan.
    You only see something for what it truly is when you step away from it.
    It is good to have a life in freedom now.
    ALL religion is pure fantasy.

  • skip to 3:46 for debate starting.

  • @DeanTheMarine I was a “true believer” as well. I left.

    Try to think for yourself and objective and you too may begin questioning not only what it is you have been coerced into believing…. but why.

    One of the hardest things I’ve EVER done in my life was “deconverting” from the mighty grasp of religious doctrine on not only my brain but my emotions as well.

    I would HIGHLY recommend that you at least begin your own research… by visiting unbiased sources.

    Regardless I wish you luck.

  • if dan barker was a “true believer” he wouldn’t have left his faith.

  • Dan Barker is complete filth. He’s not even worthy to stand on the ground

  • SevenRiderAirForce

    February 28, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    Dan Barker: Wins debate before it starts.

    If Dinesh concedes that he has a complete and utter void of evidence, then it’s not a debate. It’s a statement.

  • I was forced to go to this school for two years out of my life…. needless to say they are abusive, manipulating, hateful, controlling, judgmental, ignorant, and answer every question a child might ask with God made it that way.

  • The biggest problem with the debate is that even given theism, it would still not justify where morals come from. So, neither atheism or theism really accounts for morals. Morals are accounted for by secular philosophy for some people or religion for some people.

  • 1982witchcraft

    March 1, 2011 at 12:52 am

    Dan barker’s filthy godamn eyes looks devilish. His fingers are just nasty disgusting looking. He Hates God, because God is not like he want him to be, or like he thinks in his filthy devil hell bound mind he should be.
    he’s mad and he’s gonna burn forever in hell.
    I can’t stand to even watch that filthy beast!

  • theocratickingdom30

    March 1, 2011 at 1:23 am

    @bonfirejovi : Then you haven’t spent much time looking for an answer.

  • atheism is NOT a belief but rather the absence of a belief. i do not believe in atheism if i am an atheist. also as far religion and moral. what enables a christian to cherry pick the good verses and throw out the bad verses that would have been acceptable at one time? this is a question i have never seen answered.


    When an Atheist tries to talk about Christianity moralities, ask them for theirs and by what means do they justify them and by what obligation do they even keep the basic ones like thou shall not kill. Atheism is not about moralities, as a matter of fact, all individuals have their own set solely based on on their own personal preference like a favorite color, with No obligation to any single rule or set of ethics.

  • What is the science of proof without a God for a need for any ethics in mankind and what was the mechanism that made us in nature so unique without a God to even get to ask these questions? If evolution is true, are we not way too young in this world to be setting rules like ethics that often oppose Nature?

  • Dan barker is excellent. Let’s see more debates like this. Very useful and enlightening.

  • Ive never heard of dan barker… but he is a good debator!

  • This is so interesting that this Evangelical Christian church would host a debate between an Atheist and a Roman Catholic. What these audience members didnt know was that dinesh was not fighting for their evangelical “protest”ant Christianity. He is fighting for Catholicism and yet they clap for him and not dan as you see throughout the debate. According to the doctrine of this church, the catholics are idol worshipers. Dan barker is better off in their eyes. LOL great debate(: Go dan!!

  • Eye0fTheStorm

    March 1, 2011 at 5:29 am

    Its easy. I’d tell him to read surah Kafirun (The Surah of the Disbeliever)

    “Oh disbelievers!
    I worship not that which ye worship.
    Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
    And i will not be wont (persuaded) to worship that which Ye worship.
    Nor will ye be wont (persuaded) to worship that which I worship
    To you be your way, and to me mine”

    Case closed. And thats how muslims have treated it for a thousand years. Its christians who go on their ‘holy wars’ to wipe out the ‘infidels’

  • Infidel (literally “one without faith”) is an English word meaning “a person who does not believe in religion or who adheres to a religion other than one’s own”.

    EyeoftheStorm- Good luck convincing the Radical Muslim that their is a big difference between me and you.

  • Eye0fTheStorm

    March 1, 2011 at 6:24 am

    Funny considering throughout the Muslim world, christians/jews have lived in muslim countries for literally 1500 years

    There are thousand year old jewish/christian communities living in Morroco, egypt, etc

    Now tell me where are the muslim communities who used to live in Europe? Burnt alive & broken on the racks of Christian Europe

    Remember the crusades to wipe out the muslim “infidels” Who started those?

    The hypocricy of christians would make satan himself blush

  • The odds are fact too. For a singularity to explode and then come together to amount to a “you” is highly unlikely. Kind of like you taking a pocket full of change and throwing it on a table and having the coins come to rest on their edge.

  • that’s fact. ??? i don’t get it.

    either you’re really clever or i’m just really dumb.

  • If you jump out of a plane I think you’ll fall. You can think differently.

  • umm the atheist: ???????

    you don’t know cause we all think differently

  • Awesome debate!!! thanks for posting!

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