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Microsoft Office 2007 Customization is Supported by Add-in Express, The First Toolkit with Office-Specific Visual Designers and Components

(PRWEB) January 31, 2007

Add-in Express Ltd. has released Add-in Express 2007, the first RAD toolkit that empowers software developers to customize all end-user applications of Microsoft Office 2007 using visual designers and Office-ready components. Now Add-in Express 2007 allows programming secure and isolated, version-neutral and feature-rich, deployable and updatable extensions for all available Microsoft Office versions, from 2000 to 2007.

Add-in Express 2007 supplies software developers with all necessary tools to build any scale solutions based on the Microsoft Office extensibility in minutes. Visual designers provided by Add-in Express make possible to customize the revolutionary Ribbon UI as well as the old-style Office GUI, which makes equally easy to create new or to customize existing Ribbons, Ribbon tabs, Task panes on Office 2007 and to build toolbars, menus and sub-menus on all previous versions of Microsoft Office. Add-in Express components simplify accessing any Office objects, provide handling of any Office events, and allow writing a version-neutral applied code that works transparently on all Office versions. Project templates embedded into Add-in Express support all Office extensibility technologies including COM add-ins, smart tags and real-time data servers, and are specially designed to make Office solutions secure, isolated, automatically deployable and updatable.

In addition, Add-in Express 2007 enhances Microsoft Office with its own unique features such as the Advanced Outlook Form and View Regions that allows Outlook developers to use any controls on any Outlook windows and run regions on Outlook 2007 as well as on Outlook 2003, 2002 and 2000 ( http://www.add-in-express.com/outlook-extension/ ). This gives Outlook based solutions much more freedom in customizing Outlook views and forms with standard and 3d-party controls and components.

With Add-in Express 2007 all developers can create both application-specific extensions, e.g. Outlook plug-ins or Word smart tags, and shared extensions that work on all end-user applications from the Microsoft Office family: Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, MapPoint, Publisher, Access, FrontPage and InfoPath. Moreover, Add-in Express 2007 delivers its own Office-interoperability run-time that interacts with all Office suites and packages, from Home and Student to Enterprise and Ultimate.

Add-in Express is developed for two major programming platforms, Microsoft .NET and Borland VCL, and can be installed on professional IDEs, such as VS 2005 Team Suite and Borland Developer Studio 2006, as well as on free and low-cost Visual Studio 2005 Express and Turbo Delphi.

For more information about Add-in Express 2007 please visit the Add-in Express for Microsoft .NET http://www.add-in-express.com/add-in-net/ and Add-in Express for Borland VCL http://www.add-in-express.com/add-in-delphi/ pages.


Freedom vs. Equality: The Saga of NoMan’s Land, Riley W

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A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) isued to block implementation of the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) — European Connections & Tours, Inc. vs. Gonzalez, et al., No. 1:06-cv-00426-CC, U.S.D.C., N.D. Ga. (Temporary Restraining Order, March 07, 2006, Cooper, D.J.)

Crestview, FL (PRWEB) March 10, 2006

Citizens Against Dating Discrimination (CADD), U.S. international online dating Webmasters.

United States District Judge Clarence Cooper out of the Northern District of Georgia Atlanta Division issued the TRO on March 7, 2006, barring the government from enforcing the International Marriage Broker Act of 2005 against European Connections & Tours Inc. A Preliminary Injunction Hearing in this matter is now scheduled for March 20, 2006. (European Connections & Tours, Inc. vs. Gonzalez, et al., No. 1:06-cv-00426-CC, U.S.D.C., N.D. Ga.)

CADD’s stance is that IMBRA fails to protect immigrant women from abuse and also violates American men’s privacy rights in the process.

As one CADD member said:

“This law requires international dating webmasters to be policemen and collect background information on male members. The law requires this background information to be forwarded to any lady a male wants to meet at the introduction stage without regard to his privacy. Without the gentleman getting to know the lady,this information could be used as leverage by an unethical lady for financial gain and U.S. law has no jurisdiction in her country to stop her from spreading his personal information throughout the internet.”

CADD maintains that it is not fair for giant sites like Match.com to be exempt from doing background checks. Members of CADD are appalled at the law’s hypocrisy for protecting immigrant women from abuse by exempting larger corporate sites like Match.com and other similar corporate dating sites from having to abide by the law’s guidelines.

One CADD member said that we have asked the following question of feminist, politicians, and other supporters of IMBRA and yet to get an adequate answer:

“If the intent of IMBRA is to protect immigrant women from abuse, why exempt larger corporate sites with their huge male membership base of U.S. men interested in meeting immigrant women?”

Further elaboration by the same CADD member said:

“Immigrant women are just as likely to meet an abusive male on one of these larger exempted sites and maybe even more so since they have a larger male membership base than many of the smaller international sites combined”

In CADD’s research they found that Federal judges don’t often issue a TRO barring the enforcement of a federal law. CADD believes the court has shown a substantial likelihood of prevailing in this case on the merits of IMBRA being unconstitutional, unfair business practice, an invasion of male’s privacy and does not offer substantial proof that the law’s intent to protect immigrant women from abuse has merit without prejudice and equality under the law.

As one CADD member said:

“We have been working night and day to save our mom and pop websites. But, more importantly, to preserve our freedoms, liberties and the right to date whom we want without concerns that our personal information will be used as public record by citizens from other countries. It’s a tough law to fight because of popular buzz words like human trafficking, but we ask the politicians and lawmakers to look beyond the buzz words. Instead, look at the law’s prejudice and unjust implications to U.S. male citizens while at the same time it imposes stiff requirements on smaller international sites and exempts larger corporate sites with their huge male membership base.”

CADD’s other Public Release addressed many of our concerns about this law and even addressed a common sense solution at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2006/3/prweb354100.htm CADD believes that once lawmakers read the law (it was passed on a simple undemocratic “voice vote” in the House and a “unanimous consent” vote by the Senate) it will be repealed and replaced with common sense legislation.

CADD believes that IMBRA cannot survive serious legal challenges or media scrutiny. As stated on page 9 of the certified statement by European Connections:

“The number of foreign women profiled who are listed on websites exempted by law such as Match.com, Yahoosingle.com and Friendfinder.com dwarf the total number of profiles listed by International Marriage Brokers worldwide. For example, I have performed a search at Friendfinder.com. I found 354,166 foreign and 553,976 women listed on their site. None of these women, whether foreign or national, are protected by the act.”

CADD believes the government should repeal IMBRA now, work on common sense laws to protect U.S. male’s privacy and provide practical solutions to protecting immigrant women from abuse without causing undo hardship to smaller international dating sites in favor of exempting larger sites from the same requirements. Until such time, CADD and its members will work hard to raise awareness about these issues.


The following links are to documents issued by U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

Certified Court Statement by European Connections: http://www.online-dating-rights.com/pdf/ConBrief.pdf

Brief by Lawyer for European Connections: http://www.online-dating-rights.com/pdf/ConBrief.pdf

TRO issued by the court: http://www.online-dating-rights.com/pdf/TRO.pdf

You can read IMBRA 2005 here: http://www.online-dating-rights.com/pdf/IMBRA2005.pdf

The following website is a place to discuss our online dating rights: http://www.online-dating-rights.com


Equality is the Secret to Happiness and Freedom

At the moment every dollar or euro, etc… issued is a debt-note, which is being loaned for interest. So money is not really here to make life easier for human beings as children are being thought, but to facilitate mass exploitation, with the result of half the world being poor. Nobody seems to have a problem with banks printing unlimited amounts of money for profit out of nothing- so then why not issue unlimited amounts of money as an unconditional income for everyone instead? www.desteni-money.net FOR DISCUSSION I REFER EVERYONE TO THE FORUM desteni.co.za — THANKS “Law of Atraction” “the Secret” wealth equal equality “Angelina Jolie” debt Davos “National Labor Comittee” Bilderberg equalmoney FIFA “World Cup” fashion “Gerald Celente” “Vandana Shiva” G20 exploitation “Raj Patel” famine starvation Unicef polulationcontrol hollywood Oxfam worldfood program worldbank IMF UN “Michael Moore” Somalia Ethiopia Max Keiser nwo Haiti “venus project” zeitgeist “doctors without borders” South Africa desteni desteniproductions destenigeld Equal Life Foundation – Equal Money – Equality
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Academic Freedom v. Equality: A Debate Inspired by the Dr. Li-Ann Thio Appointment Deb Ellis, Assistant Dean for Public Interest Law Center Kenji Yoshino, Chief Justice Earl Warren Professor of Constitutional Law
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Is Equality Damaging Freedom of Speech?

Angela Eagle MP in Debate with Controversial Journalist, Melanie Phillips
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Sexual Harassment Bill introduced in LS; domestic workers excluded

Sexual Harassment Bill introduced in LS; domestic workers excluded
New Delhi, Dec 7 : The Government today introduced the much-awaited and much debated Protection of Women Against Sexual Harassment at Work Place Bill, 2010 in the Lok Sabha to ensure a safe working environment for every woman, fixing the responsibility on the employer and district authorities.
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Free Capitalist Radio – Free Capitalist Radio

Free Capitalist Radio – Free Capitalist Radio
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Colonial Williamsburg and Pearson Introduce “The Idea of America,” Ground-breaking Interactive U.S. History and Citizenship Program

Williamsburg, VA and Boston, MA (PRWEB) February 8, 2010

American History will come to life for high schoolers through a partnership announced today by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the education, services, and technology company Pearson. Through “The Idea of America,” a new interactive, fully digital, Web-based curriculum, students will learn lessons from history and the principles of American citizenship by exploring 65 individual case studies of the nation’s most important historical events, debating issues that changed America, listening to the perspectives of contemporary historians, and accessing primary source documents of enduring significance.

Colonial Williamsburg’s interactive program, “Virtual Republic,” also can be integrated into “The Idea of America,” providing the opportunity for students in one region of the country to discuss and debate their findings and conclusions with students in another region. With social networking tools, students will post their ideas, creating a nationwide discussion forum. During this process, classrooms will work to develop positions and viewpoints that they then can carry forward into their community, giving students an opportunity to actively participate in the responsibilities of every citizen.

“‘The Idea of America’ is the most ambitious educational outreach initiative Colonial Williamsburg has undertaken to date. By partnering with Pearson, the world’s leading education technology company, as our exclusive distributor, we now have the ability to offer this interactive curriculum to students everywhere,” said Colin Campbell, president and chief executive officer of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. He added, “This entirely digitally-based secondary school history and civics curriculum ties critical moments in American history to the events of today. As students examine the case studies created by our staff of educators and teachers across the country, they will discover that Americans have been debating fundamental principles for generations.”

Pearson’s vice president for social studies Michael Gee said, “With ‘The Idea of America’ program, we are harnessing the power of technology and placing it in teachers’ and students’ hands, engaging students with yesterday’s history to make connections to their lives today.” He added, “We believe the program provides the knowledge and skills that students will need to fulfill their responsibilities as active citizens in our participatory democracy.”

Available for school implementation in the fall 2010, “The Idea of America” utilizes case studies, each introduced by students, to make the content relevant to today’s learners and to encourage active citizenship. To support the lessons, teachers select from among resources and interactive tools including dramatic readings of key text, documentaries, and interviews with contemporary figures. In addition, primary sources such as newspapers, works of art, diaries, journal entries, speeches, and wills also are provided.

“The program enables students to do the investigating,” said Bill White, director of educational program development for Colonial Williamsburg. “They become part of the great debate – the ongoing process in which we, the individual citizens of the nation, participate as we work to realize the potential of our democratic values. By examining how previous generations of Americans met the challenges of their time, our students will be more prepared to meet the challenges of America’s future.”

Four pairs of contrasting American values – unity vs. diversity, private wealth vs. common wealth, law vs. ethics, and freedom vs. equality – are presented to guide the discussion of each case study, with every case study linking to a current event Web site where students can examine the issues in the context of the current political debate.

For example, students might investigate America as a nation of laws, but also grapple with the understanding that laws are not always ethical, as was the case with the Jim Crow laws that discriminated against African Americans. They will learn that lawbreakers like Rosa Parks sparked the Civil Rights movement by challenging the ethics of the law, thereby changing the lives of millions of Americans.

Other case study examples, which are available to review online, include The Great Debate, Jacksonian America, and Reagan and the End of the Cold War.

“The mission of Colonial Williamsburg is that the future may learn from the past,” said Richard McCluney, vice president of productions, publications and learning ventures for Colonial Williamsburg. “What better way is there to inform the future than to teach young people their duties and responsibilities as American citizens through the lessons of the past? It’s the essence of our mission.”

To learn more about “The Idea of America,” including sample case studies and author videos, visit www.pearsonschool.com/IdeaofAmerica or follow “Colonial Williamsburg’s The Idea of America” on Facebook.

About the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Established in 1926, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation is the not-for-profit educational institution that preserves and operates the restored 18th-century Revolutionary capital of Virginia as a town-sized living history museum, telling the inspirational stories of our nation’s founding men and women.

Williamsburg is located in Virginia’s Tidewater region, 20 minutes from Newport News, within an hour’s drive of Richmond and Norfolk, and 150 miles south of Washington, D.C., off Interstate 64. For more information about Colonial Williamsburg, call 1-800-HISTORY or visit Colonial Williamsburg’s Web site at www.history.org. Purchase of Colonial Williamsburg products and services supports the foundation’s preservation, research, and educational programs.

About Pearson

Pearson (NYSE:PSO), the education, services and technology company, reaches and engages today’s digital natives with effective and personalized learning, as well as dedicated professional development for their teachers. Pearson’s comprehensive offerings help inform targeted instruction and intervention so that success is within reach of every student at every level of education. Pearson’s commitment to education for all is supported by the global philanthropic initiatives of the Pearson Foundation. Pearson’s other primary businesses include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group. For more information, visit www.pearsonschool.com.


Colonial Williamsburg: Barbara Brown

(757) 220-7280

Pearson: Stacy Skelly

(800) 745-8489


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