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You Can Make Your Own Website

Not usually a topic on this blog, but of interest just the same. I find many out there would like to know how to make your own website … and honest, it isn’t all that hard. In fact, most people look online on now for just about anything. Even electronic readers are putting well established book stores out of business.

It’s almost a necessity to have a website it you want to be successful in business, even for those who simply what to propose a bit of change as in libertywalk.org need one as well. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to start a business, but couldn’t afford the brick and mortar fees that put so many under within the first three years of existence.

Or maybe you just want to put up family photos someplace other than Facebook, so you don’t have to worry so much about security issues.

If any of these (or a whole host of others) are of interest, then head on over to make my own website and have a look. If not … no issues, just browse on and forget I mentioned it!

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Concerned about the lack of information on Freedom Pass renewal
Freedom of Information
Image by lynnefeatherstone
Lynne Featherstone MP meeting local resident Betty Cairns who is worried about the lack of information on renewing the Freedom Pass, Alexandra, February 2010

Freedom Ocean Podcasters James Schramko and Tim Reid Release Episode 20

Freedom Ocean Podcasters James Schramko and Tim Reid Release Episode 20

James Schramko – Internet Marketing Expert

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) August 03, 2011

A report on the Canadian Press say that entertainers, comedians in particular, have found podcasting to be the new way to advertise their talents via the internet. Talented individuals serious about making a name for themselves turn to podcasting to grow their fan-base and sell tickets to live events. Unlike in the past few decades, up and coming talents no longer had to rely on clubs and television shows in order to be discovered. While podcasting has opened up huge opportunities in the comedy niche, the possibilities for internet marketing yet remain largely untapped, says Freedom Ocean podcaster James Schramko. He and his podcasting partner Tim Reid have just released their 20th episode on internet marketing. He says:

“The general idea behind Podcasts is to get your name out there and establish authority in a given market, much like entertainers are doing today. Success depends largely on the content, of course, and much like comedy, it all depends on the delivery.”

Aussie marketing genius Tim Reid, who has had a podcasting show called “Small Business – Big Marketing” running for over two years now, partnered with countryman James Schramko to form Freedom Ocean several months ago. The show, which talks largely about internet marketing, quickly gained popularity with several episodes consistently in the top 10 of the internet marketing and business categories. It is rated as the top internet marketing podcast in Australia according to iTunes.

The Canadian Press report quoted technology analyst Carmi Levy saying “The idea is to maximize your audience and then use that audience to market your other offerings”, a statement James Schramko agrees with and believes to be an accurate description of what podcasts should be. He explains:

“Much like advertising, podcasts are meant to do the selling for you and not rely on the podcast itself as a source of income. In my line of work, which is internet marketing, Freedom Ocean has provided a means to drive valuable traffic to our sites, because first and foremost, we deliver what is referred to as gold nuggets in each episode. The fantastic thing about podcasts is that it’s free, meaning the creator can advertise himself without paying a cent and can easily distribute his audio ad via iTunes where listeners can download it for free.”

“Like comedy, it all depends on the delivery”, says James Schramko, who attributes part of the show’s success to having a partner in Tim Reid. He continued saying “unlike comedy, discussing internet marketing topics can become quite boring, especially when delivered in a monologue format reminiscent of classroom lectures.”

In Freedom Ocean podcasts, audiences get to listen to conversations between marketers James and Tim in a casual setting, where Reid gets Schramko to reveal many of his secrets through a series of queries.

“Our conversations tend to appear like talk shows on radio or television, only without the commercial breaks, topic and time restrictions. Doing the Podcast on my own might have had a completely different outcome. While our educational topics usually go deep into internet marketing, an entertainment factor is added through meaningful dialogues. The feedback we’ve been getting is awesome and we look forward to providing our listeners with even more valuable takeaways in future episodes.” – James Schramko

Episode 20 of Freedom Ocean talks about Delivering High Quality Information Products and can be streamed and/or downloaded via http://www.FreedomOcean.com and iTunes, free of charge.

About Freedom Ocean

Collaboration of The Ideas Guy, Tim Reid and internet marketing expert James Schramko. Together they tackle some of the hottest topics in online marketing. Tim poses a million questions and James provides a million answers. Podcasts can be streamed or downloaded at http://www.FreedomOcean.com or iTunes.



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Freedom Blogging Profit Scam

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Science weblog – it will be the mode used to disseminate information and information. However, scientists only use this mode for easy scientific data and information because they believe that it could harm the credibility of their science as many individuals can study it.
Collaborative weblog – this sort of weblog using Freedom Blogging Profit strategies is written by two or much more writers. Specific website is open for all of the writers to jot down together with others.
Educational blog – that is used by students to record the things they discovered from their teacher like the actions applied in each day.
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Freedom Or Safety ? What Would You Choose?

After recent experiences and awareness’s in my life and also from what is happening it the public domain, I felt it was right to talk about my views and understandings of these two incredibly important areas of life.


The Dichotomy


On one side we have a great need to feel safe and on the other side we want to be free. However, as our need to be safe is so strong, our freedom is often compromised in the process. And it is easy to see which one of these usually takes precedence in our own life.




The need to feel safe could be described as our egos main priority. With the ego operating from around the stomach area, this is where our survival fears are and is also said to be the oldest part of the brain.




When I think about the need or wish for freedom, I see it as a calling from the heart. I would also describe it as a higher, more evolved side of the human experience, as it is not essential to our own survival. So although we might have the longing for freedom, our body will still function without it.


Better To Be Safe Than Sorry?


The question is, how does our own ego decide what is safe and what isn’t? And might it be acting out of past experiences and old information? Might we also fear freedom at an unconscious level?


So while the ego is doing this incredible job of keeping us alive, the information it often uses to asses whether something is safe or not is coming from our history. So as one reflects on this, it is easy to see that we might well be living in fear in the present moment not because of what is currently happening, but because of old memories and associations that are being triggered.


And as the result of holding onto these old experiences and patterns, we might also be interpreting present situations in such a way that they comply with old experiences, when in reality they might have nothing to do with it.


Trust Or Control?


So as the ego has such a great need to be safe, this naturally creates a life where just about every part of it is created to correspond to what our own ego perceives as being safe.



And then we have the kind of life that Bill Murray had in ground hog day; where the same things keep showing up and these are not always what we want to happen to us.


This can include our relationships, health, self image and many other areas. Whether these things make us feel empowered or disempowered, they exist because our mind perceives there existence as being what is safe for us.


And even though there is an association of safety, it doesn’t mean they are functional or like I said above empowering to us, as familiar is safe to our mind.


After looking at the nature of the mind; the importance of being conscious and questioning what we perceives as safe, starts to surface.


Although the ego is controlling by its very nature, the heart is more delicate and subtle in its workings. Our ego also allows one to be an individual to have an experience that is unique to them; the problems arise when we fall completely into this and think we are separate and therefore alone.


The more we include and live from our heart the more we will begin to trust our life and that we our not separate or isolated beings.


Being Conscious


The more we question our own mind and the perceptions we have, the more we will begin to attract what empowers us and not just what is familiar.


However, questioning and observing our own mind is not something that is usually taught or encouraged today. This can cause us to become identified with our ego, to lose our ability to observe and as a consequence become a slave to our own mind.


We then just become a machine and a person that has no control or awareness of themselves. Of course we might develop materialistically, however when it comes to our mental and emotional health we could be primitive in nature.


What Is Freedom?


Today there is a lot of talk of governments and similar figures offering us freedom and such things.  Even cars and the latest phones are associating there products with freedom. And I believe to some degree or another they do give a certain amount of freedom.


But what is freedom? Is it something we can receive from others or is it something we create ourselves? And are we responsible for our own freedom?


By living in a society or culture that encourages us to identify with our mind, it is easy to see how our freedom is going and will continue to disappear. If our own ability to be conscious and to question has been eroded, which leads us to live completely in our body, and then it is no surprise that safety continues to be the choice.


When we are filled with fear and overpowered by emotions, there is not much chance of our critical abilities being utilised.


And as a result of this we will quite easily give away our own freedom all to the promise of someone else giving us safety. So ultimately we end up living in survival mode, our own conscious potential being momentarily arrested.


If our own mind is filled by emotions and thoughts from our past, it is hard to see how we can feel freedom at all.


Letting go


If our own mind is interpreting what is safe based on what is familiar from our past, could it be that our own attachment to our past is causing us present problems? And that the present moment is constantly clouded by our past?


This to me shows how important it is for us as individuals to take responsibility for our projections, to see what we are responsible for and what we are not.


This is why I believe that experiencing real freedom, which could be classed as freedom of the mind, is an evolved and a higher level of consciousness. If we are controlled by our fears, our emotions or our thoughts, it won’t matter how much external freedom we might have.




I hope I have explained each aspect enough. My main intention here is that this has made you think and question, regardless of whether you agree with what I say or not.


My name is Oliver Cooper, I been have been interested in this area for over seven years and I have just started to express my current understanding with these writings. One of my aims is to be a catalyst to others, as other people have been to me.

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Freedom Interactive Looks to Google to Power Web Search for More Than 40 Freedom Web Sites Nationwide

Freedom Interactive Looks to Google to Power Web Search for More Than 40 Freedom Web Sites Nationwide

Ferndale, WA (PRWEB) January 29, 2007

By working with Google, the world’s largest search engine, Freedom Interactive is helping the online audiences of more than 40 Freedom Interactive web sites from coast to coast quickly find the information they want on the web. Users will be able to use Google search from any page of Freedom’s web sites by simply accessing the Google search bar prominently displayed at the top of every page. Search results will be displayed on site-branded pages providing relevant, accurate search results.

Google’s search was designed to make the Internet easier to use and help people find the information they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. Now, Freedom Interactive users can access Google search capabilities without leaving any of the Freedom Interactive web sites.

In addition, Freedom Interactive is launching Google’s AdSense application across its network of web sites, offering advertisers a new way to promote their products and services to millions of Freedom Interactive users. The targeted text-based ads are related to what Freedom Interactive visitors are looking for – providing an engaging user experience.

“Freedom Interactive is dedicated to providing our online audience with easy access to the wealth of information on the Internet. Our alignment with Google exemplifies our commitment to enabling our consumers to access information about anything, anywhere, anytime,” said Michael Mathieu, President of Freedom Interactive. “Working with an industry leader like Google will enable Freedom Interactive to bring the power, functionality and convenience of Google Search to millions of users everyday.”

Google search has launched on thirteen broadcast web sites, including KTVL.com in Medford, Oregon, WLAJ.com in Lansing, Michigan, ABC6.com in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts, News12Now.com in Palm Beach County, CBS6Albany.com in Albany, New York, WTVC.com in Chattanooga, Tennessee and WWMT.com in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition, Google search will launch on two Freedom newspaper-related web sites, OCRegister.com in Orange County, California and ENCToday.com in Eastern North Carolina, by the end of January.

About Freedom Interactive:

Freedom Interactive is the Internet subsidiary of the nation’s 12th largest media company–Freedom Communications–a national, privately owned information and entertainment company headquartered in Irvine, Calif. Freedom Interactive owns and operates web sites coast to coast, each offering local, up-to-the-minute breaking news stories, extensive content with a unique perspective, and trusted local news coverage on demand. The company’s web sites are associated with various Freedom Communications media properties including over 70 newspapers and magazines, such as The Orange County Register and The Gazette in Colorado Springs, and nine broadcast television stations.

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Freedom High School Joins with FreedomBands.com to Raise Money to support American Troops

Freedom High School Joins with FreedomBands.com to Raise Money to support American Troops

(PRWEB) April 20, 2005

The aptly named Freedom High School’s Student Government Association has teamed up with Freedombands.com maker of the colorful Freedom Bands. With the support of this Orlando High School, Freedombands.com hopes to jumpstart their drive to $ 25 million for the troops.

The idea behind Freedom Bands came from a family in Utah. Basing their product on the wildly successful Lance Armstrong “Live Strong” bands, they created Freedom Bands that show support for the US military. Kib and Lisa Jensen and their four children started the foundation in the home with a goal of raising $ 25 million to send to the soldiers and their families. They’re original red band has now been joined by five other colors and patterns. With the help of schools like Freedom High, they are stepping up sales on their new Freedom Bands.

Freedom Bands inscribed with “Life Liberty Freedom” are now available in red, brand-new white, blue, swirl, camouflage and glow-in the dark. The more prominent black lettering of these new Freedom Bands allows wearers to clearly show their support for our American troops.

The proceeds from the sale of Freedom Bands is used 100% to support the US troops and their families back home, but they also give all Americans a reminder of the daily sacrifice out soldiers make and allow the wearer to show a visible sign of their support.

“It does not matter what party you belong to. These bands are to support those who fight for our country and say we are proud to be American,” says Lisa Jensen.

Freedom High is only the latest in the list of high schools, radio and television stations , as well as the troops themselves, who have generously bought and distributed the Freedom Bands, leading to the $ 30,000 that has been raised and donated to charities and organizations devoted to helping soldiers and their families. FreedomBand donations have already been made to the American Red Cross, USA Cares, Armed Forces Children’s Education Fund, the Fisher House Foundation and A Million Thanks.

For more information on what Freedom High plans to do with the bands, contact the school or Freedombands.com.


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James Schramko & Tim Reid – Freedom Ocean Profitable Internet Marketing Business Podcast

James Schramko & Tim Reid – Freedom Ocean Profitable Internet Marketing Business Podcast
from Freedom Ocean Profitable Internet Marketing Business Podcast
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Michael Klim – Online Privacy Guide: Protecting your privacy is to protect your freedom. » Podcast

Michael Klim – Online Privacy Guide: Protecting your privacy is to protect your freedom. » Podcast
from Online Privacy Guide: Protecting your privacy is to protect your freedom. » Podcast
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