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Memorial Day Offer Gives Fast Forward Academy Students Free Membership to the National Society of Tax Professionals (NSTP)

Memorial Day Offer Gives Fast Forward Academy Students Free Membership to the National Society of Tax Professionals (NSTP)

Tax Preparer Course and Exam Study Guide

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) May 27, 2012

Fast Forward Academy and the National Society of Tax Professionals (NSTP) are giving tax professionals another reason to purchase Fast Forward’s Tax Preparer Course and RTRP Exam Study Guide with a free membership to the best tax society in the country.

NSTP offers its members valuable educational and professional development services. Members receive a multitude of benefits including discounts on tax resources; access to newsletters, the Tax Research Hotline, conferences, workshops, self-study courses and seminars; and other valuable information for registered tax preparers.

Fast Forward Academy is now partnering with NSTP to offer a Memorial Day special for tax professionals. Anyone who purchases Fast Forward Academy’s Tax Preparer Course and RTRP Exam Study Guide 2012 and Unlimited Practice Exams until June 30, 2012, will receive a free 2012 membership to NSTP.

Fast Forward Academy CEO, Rain Hughes says, “We’re thrilled that the National Society of Tax Professionals has partnered with Fast Forward Academy to offer those studying for the tax preparer exam more access to resources. The support that a NSTP membership includes is a natural fit with our tax preparer course and exam study guide, and any tax professional who takes advantage of all these resources will no doubt succeed.”

The tax preparer examination complete bundle offered through Fast Forward Academy includes the Tax Course and RTRP Exam Study Guide, 700 Q&A Test Bank, Unlimited Practice Exams, and 15 Hours of CPE, and costs $ 279.

Alternatively, registered tax preparers can also purchase one of two smaller bundles: The Tax Course and RTRP Exam Study Guide, Free Online Test Bank, Unlimited Practice Exams and 15 Hours of CPE for $ 239, or the Tax Course and RTRP Exam Study Guide, Free Online Test Bank and10 Hours of CPE for $ 129.

The 2012 NSTP membership offer applies to any of these three bundles purchased from Memorial day until June 30, 2012.

Click here to find out more about how Fast Forward Academy can help you pass the RTRP exam, get tax preparer certification, and reap the benefits of the National Society of Tax Professionals.

About the National Society of Tax Professionals

For over 25 years, the National Society of Tax Professionals (NSTP) has been dedicated to “Serving the Tax Professional.” NSTP strives to organize the tax professional community and support certified public accountants, attorneys, enrolled agents, financial planners and other tax professionals. Instructors practice a hands-on approach teaching both tax law and applicability to client situations. Members receive access to a wealth of resources and benefits that includes both live presentations and a variety of self-study courses.

About Fast Forward Academy

Fast Forward Academy, LLC provides companies and individuals around the world with the tools to help them efficiently manage their professional education needs. The name Fast Forward Academy reflects the scope of our mission—helping students and professionals accomplish more in less time. To realize this goal, we make every effort to provide the most useful and efficient exam prep material in the market place, all designed to help our students Learn Fast and Pass. Our principal focus is to supply rapid training and streamlined continuing education to professionals in the fields of taxation, securities and insurance.

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More National Security Press Releases

Army Col. briefed Kennedy on UFOs

Col. Philip J. Corso served in many important roles during his Army career, among those he was on the staff of President Eisenhower’s National Security Council and would brief the president personally. He also worked at the Pentagon for sometime serving as the chief of the foreign technology division. Here he says he handled debris from the crash of an alien spaceship in Roswell, and was privy to many of our government’s secrets regarding extraterrestrials. In this video he claims that he briefed then Attorney General Bobby Kennedy directly on this issue, who he believes briefed the President, JFK. For more information visit: www.openminds.tv www.openminds.tv www.openminds.tv en.wikipedia.org
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www.opencongress.org STATEMENT OF ADMINISTRATION POLICY EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET WASHINGTON, DC 20503 S. 1867 — National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2012 (Sen. Levin, D-MI) www.govtrack.us S 3081, Indefinite detention, habeas corpus, posse comitatus, Enemy Belligerent Interrogation Detention Prosecution Act, judge napolitano, freedom watch, john mccain, carl levin, lindsey graham, rand paul, military, arbitrary arrest, us citizen, battlefield, prepper, food storage, weatherproof ammo, suspected terrorist, smargus.com www.dakotavoice.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.aclu.org www.whitehouse.gov www.washingtonpost.com secure.aclu.org www.youtube.com Thank you for contacting me regarding the new provisions for detainees proposed in Sections 1031 and 1032 of S. 1253, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012. I welcome your thoughts and comments. Section 1031 of the NDAA establishes guidelines to allow US Armed Forces to detain “covered persons” captured during hostilities as unprivileged enemy combatants, pending disposition under the laws of war. The provision defines a “covered person” as a person who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This provision also applies to individuals who support al Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners. Section 1032 requires US Armed
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Former Defense Secretary Perry and Former National Security Advisor Hadley

Some cool National Security images:

Former Defense Secretary Perry and Former National Security Advisor Hadley
National Security
Image by Talk Radio News Service
Former Defense Secretary William Perry and Former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley testify before the House Armed Services Committee.

Photo By Sarah Mamula

Former Defense Secretary Perry And Former National Security Advisor Hadley
National Security
Image by Talk Radio News Service
Former Defense Secretary William Perry and former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about the QDR.

Photo By Sarah Mamula

Anonymous: Operation Defense Targets

LINK: webchat.anonops.com Channel: #OpDefense — #OpDefenseII (physical protests – t.co Please click “Show More” for an important message. Follow @TheAnonMessage on Twitter for the latest updates. I’ve been noticing lately that people are negatively reacting to this operation by saying that “we can’t do anything other than DDoS a website” or “we don’t do anything at all”. Let me remind those people that Anonymous is not your personal army. If you want something done right, do it yourself. However, we can be a tool to assist you. On May 1st, it’s YOUR chance to speak out…and know that we will be standing by your side. We will defend our homes. Operation Defense, engaged. Read CISPA here: www.govtrack.us Track down the bill here: www.govtrack.us TRANSCRIPT _______________ Citizens of the United States. We are Anonymous. Phase I of Operation Defense is running smoothly. We’ve managed to disable most of our targets. Our targets include any corporation involved in the support of The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act and those who were responsible in creating it. Some of these targets will include the following. AT&T Boeing BSA Business Roundtable CSC COMPTEL CTIA Cyber Space & Intelligence Association Edison Electric EMC Exelon Facebook The Financial Services Roundtable IBM Independent Telephone & Telecommunications Alliance Information Technology Industry Council Intel Internet Security Alliance Lockheed Martin. Microsoft National Cable & Telecommunications
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Paul Craig Roberts: Osama bin Laden’s Useful Death 1/2

Osama bin Laden’s Useful Death Paul Craig Roberts www.infowars.com www.prisonplanet.tv May 3, 2011 In a propaganda piece reeking of US Triumphalism, two alleged journalists, Adam Goldman and Chris Brummitt, of the Associated Press or, rather, of the White House Ministry of Truth, write, or copy off a White House or CIA press release that “Osama bin Laden, the terror mastermind killed by Navy SEALs in an intense firefight, was hunted down based on information first gleaned years ago (emphasis added) from detainees at secret CIA prison sites in Eastern Europe, officials disclosed Monday.” “No credible image to show Osama killed by US Special Forces.” How many Americans will notice that the first paragraph of the “report” justifies CIA prisons and torture? Without secret prisons and torture “the terror mastermind” would still be running free, despite having died from renal failure in 2001. How many Americans will have the wits to wonder why the “terror mastermind” who defeated not merely the CIA and the FBI, but all 16 US intelligence agencies along with Israel’s Mossad and the intelligence services of NATO, who defeated NORAD, the National Security Council, the Pentagon and Joint Chiefs of Staff, the US Air Force, and Air Traffic Control, who caused security procedures to fail four times in US airports in one hour on the same day, who caused the state-of-the-art Pentagon air defenses to fail, and who managed to fly three airliners into three buildings with pilots who did

Is it OK to throw American Laws out of the window in the name of National Security?

Question by Humanist: Is it OK to throw American Laws out of the window in the name of National Security?
or is the National Security claim just a diversion by the cowards that ran this country for 8 yeras?

Best answer:

Answer by downwithsocialists
Is it ok to kill innocent Americans ? Whose side are YOU on?

The techniques worked and prevented any further World Trade Centers.
Cry me a river for people that blew up planes and buildings and cut peoples heads off. Your line of thought is treason just like Holder’s and barry’s
American laws? Hussein has no respect for the Constitution!

Give your answer to this question below!

How does national security relate with human rights?

Question by : How does national security relate with human rights?
The question is: Should governments be allowed to infrine upon human rights if national security is at stake? If so, to what extent?
But I have no idea how national sec. and human rights have any relation…

Best answer:

Answer by Robert Justice.
National security,the vital defence of your hearth and home takes precedence over everything.We dont care about “human rights!”

Give your answer to this question below!

Can We Stop A War With Iran?

If Israel attacks Iran will President Obama lead the United States into another war? What can you do to help prevent it? The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down (featuring a cameo from Steve Oh). www.thedailybeast.com www.nytimes.com www.washingtonpost.com twitter.com Subscribe to The Young Turks: bit.ly Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here: www.current.com The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: www.gplus.to Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com
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Check out this exclusive footage obtained from TheJuiceMedia Rap News (youtu.be ). This music video is about the Pentagons ultimatum to stop WikiLeaks from releasing several military documents. The rap battles back and forth on behalf of WikiLeaks to release the info and the Pentagon telling them not to, take a look!
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Military to Designate Americans as Enemy During Collapse: DOD Contact Joe Joseph Reports 3/3

FEMA Continuity of Government Plans Prep Total Takeover of Society, Dispatching Military Domestically Under Economic Collapse Emergency Aaron Dykes and Alex Jones www.infowars.com www.prisonplanet.tv oriontalkradio.com December 21, 2011 UPDATE: Government censors document revealing plans to wage war on Americans. READ HERE. NOTE: Within an hour of posting this article and linking to the pertinent document, the feds at FBO.gov have pulled the link and implied that it was a classified posting. We believe this was public and of interest to American citizens, taxpayers and peoples of the world and are in the process re-establishing an archive link of the material. Obviously, however, this information is revealing and certain parties do not wish it to be widely known. If you believe this material is important, please archive it and share it with your contacts. In the meantime, here are links to many of the pages: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, Page 9, Page 10, Page 11 Infowars has discovered new FEMA documents that confirm information received from DoD sources that show military involvement in a FEMA-led takeover within the United States under partially-classified Continuity of Government (COG) plans. It involves not only operations for the relocation of COG personnel and key officials, population management, emergency communications and alerts but the designation of the American people as ‘enemies’ under a live military tracking system known
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Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director Robert Mueller held a press conference about a foiled terror plot involving the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the Israeli Embassy, a Mexican drug cartel and more. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur explains why many journalists aren’t buying the story. The Young Turks on Current TV: current.com The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: www.gplus.to Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Support TYT for FREE: bit.ly

Wayne Madsen: Ballistic Missile was Fired by Chinese Submarine! – Alex Jones Tv 2/2

Alex talks with Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author and columnist Wayne Madsen about the mysterious missile that appeared off the coast of California. Madsen is a US Navy veteran. He worked for RCA as a government consultant on contracts for the National Security Agency and later worked for the Navy’s Naval Data Automation Command as a civilian employee and at the State Department. Since 2005, he has worked as a freelance journalist and blogger and currently edits the Wayne Madsen Report. www.waynemadsenreport.com www.infowars.com www.prisonplanet.tv

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) on his weekly Daily Rant segment on the Dylan Ratigan show on MSNBC explains the influence of money on the Afghanistan war and GOP obstruction to the START treaty. ______ WASHINGTON (Nov. 16) — An agreement between the United States and Russia to slash their nuclear arsenals was in danger of collapse Tuesday after an influential Republican senator said it should not be voted on this year. With a terse statement, Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., dealt a major setback to President Barack Obama’s efforts to improve ties with Russia and to his broader strategy for reducing nuclear arms worldwide. The treaty, known as New START, had been seen as one of Obama’s top foreign policy accomplishments. Without the support of Kyl, the leading Republican voice on the treaty, Democrats have little hope of securing at least eight Republican votes, the minimum they would need for ratification in the Senate. His stance, unless reversed, would delay the vote until the newly elected Senate, with an expanded Republican minority, is sworn in next year. Democrats would then need the support of at least 14 Republicans. The White House has been trying to avoid a vote next year, knowing that ratification could slip out of reach in the face of opposition to the treaty from most Republicans and an increasingly partisan political environment. At a minimum, a 2011 vote would probably set the treaty back for months, because Republicans are likely to demand new hearings in
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