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Wayne Madsen: Ballistic Missile was Fired by Chinese Submarine! – Alex Jones Tv 2/2

Alex talks with Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author and columnist Wayne Madsen about the mysterious missile that appeared off the coast of California. Madsen is a US Navy veteran. He worked for RCA as a government consultant on contracts for the National Security Agency and later worked for the Navy’s Naval Data Automation Command as a civilian employee and at the State Department. Since 2005, he has worked as a freelance journalist and blogger and currently edits the Wayne Madsen Report. www.waynemadsenreport.com www.infowars.com www.prisonplanet.tv

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) on his weekly Daily Rant segment on the Dylan Ratigan show on MSNBC explains the influence of money on the Afghanistan war and GOP obstruction to the START treaty. ______ WASHINGTON (Nov. 16) — An agreement between the United States and Russia to slash their nuclear arsenals was in danger of collapse Tuesday after an influential Republican senator said it should not be voted on this year. With a terse statement, Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., dealt a major setback to President Barack Obama’s efforts to improve ties with Russia and to his broader strategy for reducing nuclear arms worldwide. The treaty, known as New START, had been seen as one of Obama’s top foreign policy accomplishments. Without the support of Kyl, the leading Republican voice on the treaty, Democrats have little hope of securing at least eight Republican votes, the minimum they would need for ratification in the Senate. His stance, unless reversed, would delay the vote until the newly elected Senate, with an expanded Republican minority, is sworn in next year. Democrats would then need the support of at least 14 Republicans. The White House has been trying to avoid a vote next year, knowing that ratification could slip out of reach in the face of opposition to the treaty from most Republicans and an increasingly partisan political environment. At a minimum, a 2011 vote would probably set the treaty back for months, because Republicans are likely to demand new hearings in
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49 comments on “Wayne Madsen: Ballistic Missile was Fired by Chinese Submarine! – Alex Jones Tv 2/2

  • theonlyone1998

    May 15, 2012 at 11:25 am

    we aren’t the super power any more…

  • the Chinese want our heads. They r gettin ready

  • Right, he at least allegedly takes those ships to India which is totally unprecedented and leaves us with an ornery Chinese submarine, thanks a lot Obama.

  • Cocaine and heroine?  You mean Obama did those? Could someone explain this? This guy keeps getting stranger if that is true.

  • yep !

  • if it was china perhaps something to do with the tungsen thing 3 miles is intl wateres but come on if they fired a missile wouldnt we be on red alert or is that just for airports lol.. starwars not money wasted and not dead

  • get a life and do some real stuff, yankees. talking trash and spooking yourself is NOT cool

  • Gnostic279, your argument was that I was brain washed, and it was context that would suggest you believe that I overestimated the US military, if anything I’ve under estimated, in the context of what you were saying you suggested that China would be able to fight the US on an equal level, when this is clearly not true due to their lack of experience and up-to-date weaponry/equipment. It’s clear that you’re only trying to save face by denying it completely. Clearly you’re uneducated.

  • WOW if only I had looked at this guys channel I would have seen his complete lack of substance and avoided the trolgument.

  • OMFG dude stfu. I’m going to block u now and i hope that stops me from recieving ur posts.
    Ur so smart with all ur data and all ur proof. Yet, I never once disagreed with u about that data or the proof. Idiot, I do know how powerful we are but that has nothing to do with what I was trying to say. My point, which u openly admit to not realizing, by saying I had no point, has went right over your head. Stop, think, read, think some more then understand it. Again STFU and reread posts

  • That’s a pathetic argument. I have proof that Russia in fact stated it’s afraid that we’ll conquer them by 2012-2015. And I love how you can’t even bring up a single point, or address any of my mine. This attests to your lack of intellect. China is a pathetic Soviet Union wannabe. It can’t even develop it’s own weapons and equipment, it relies on Russia for EVERYTHING.

  • chinese come!!!

  • that kind of thinking may help u sleep at night but 1 day u will awaken to a reality that shames u to greif and u won’t have a clue how to handle it. Wake up don’t be brainwashed cow man.

  • China wants to extend their military presence in pacific
    but in the pacific US navy , Japan, South Korea navy are there. therefore, if Chinese submarine really fired the missile at the coast of the US…
    this could be 2nd cold war. Communist China and corrupted international bankers are same shit.

  • ww3 is soon…and collapse too… get ready….

  • You had no point, you don’t understand how powerful the US is, if we wanted to, we could destroy ALL of the middle east, without WMDs of any kind. We don’t, because we don’t think that killing innocent civilians at such an enormous level is a good thing. If China were to fight us, we’d go all out, and stomp china out of existence. Do some research and learn to spell you sub-pared human. The US is the sole super power of the world, even Russia admitted this.

  • if only your mom was gay we would have to deal with tards like you.

    Sterilize the whack and start over, your first fooktard

  • 1112223333111

    May 15, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    what? I thought it’s illegal to be gay in the army…….wtf?

  • centervilletn

    May 15, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    this missle fire was just China giving Obama the finger…they wanted it known by the “adminstration”that they could shoot up a EMP weapon and turn the light out any time they want…and we cant stop them or prove they did it…i figure it was also meant as a warning to Benidict Arnold Bernanke to stop fucking with the currency

  • politicalratfinder

    May 15, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    I agree and Obummer is going to let it happen… Obama is such a coward and a buffoon

  • @bossmario Soon comes the Alien invasion, then a war of huge magnitude. Those who survive, will be able to start a world without slave masters. Though, those ‘masters’ will be deep under ground while us sheep get slaughtered, this is satan’s final move, question is, when does the Good Lord show up? Imagine, we are so blessed that we might get to see this happen…changes what this world means when you see it in this realm. It’s much more real than the TV realm.

  • Get a fucking grip. If you believe this shit you’ve been living in the city too long. Get outside and get some fresh air.

  • I was thinking the same thing too.

  • I guess China is getting into the submarine bussiness. Some American admiral owes some Chinese admiral a dollar.

  • Cenk was great on MSNBC. 

  • rustyschackleford100

    May 15, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    My cousin died in Afghanistan for lies and money. It makes me sick, I lost all my happiness and patriotism because the government flat out lies to us. I will devote my life to exposing these scumfucks! There is no way he would have joined the army if he wasn’t brain washed by the Catholic church.

  • Cenk big shit

  • Jank?

  • msnbc isnt the same anymore with out jank.

  • Authors like Khaled Hosseini and Shafie Ayar make people more aware of the great country of Afghanistan. Just the same, this kind of video allows us to understand Afghanistan with a stronger lens.

  • If the monetary system is eradicated, we can live a peaceful life. No hunger, no poverty, no greed, no discrimination, no status, none of that crap. We can all work for our common benifits.
    The trillions of dollars spent on war and defence in the world and the millions of genius scientists that are paid to upgrade and create weapons of mass destructions, if pointed towards human benifits, we can be hundreds of years ahead of our time.

  • Guys kind of mislead most of the taliban army is from Pakistan

  • jon kyl a worthless piece of shit…and that most certainly is a factual statement.

  • ja ja, danke.

  • Sorry dude. English is my third language. You weren’t that clear.

  • lol I never did that retard. And you do realize that this post is 4 months old right? I never pretended I knew any youtuber. And No real life? you’re the one who bothered replying to a comment I posted months ago. It’s sad if you can’t let something go. Did you follow me around looking for my comments?

  • irak and afganistan so much money spent for nothing irak some of it ok to taking down saddam but afganistan so sick

  • ha ha and MSNBC is owned by GE and GE my dear monsters is a Defense Contractor that even has plead guilty to accounting fraud

  • The president is influenced by those who surround him – the secret service.
    Obama: ” I want to cut the military budget.”
    Secret Service:” We don’t protect you no more.”
    Obama:”Ha, I was kidding.”

  • How would the Afghani people have known about 9/11? They had no access to TV, international news and wore isolated from the world…We are just invaders.

  • flyingmagiccarpet

    May 16, 2012 at 4:00 am

    @ toppless09:

    To many American politicians it is the BASIS for ANY profitmaking in their job to whore for the military-industry. Tens of thousands of U.S.-jobs are connected to this business, and if it will not be “profitable” any more to produce death-tools, some voter will be VERY pissed. If only these people´s intelligence would reach beyond producing death.

  • oh, no, the “C” in his name is pronouncesd “J”. :)

  • Yeah it’s funny they pronounce it like ‘yugır’…and it isn’t going to change. At least they pronounce Cenk right.

  • Yeah it’s funny they pronounce it like ‘yugır’…and it isn’t going to change.


    May 16, 2012 at 5:10 am


  • oh man, they pronounce his surname so wrong.

  • 12235117657598502586

    May 16, 2012 at 5:52 am


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  • Im a college student. Because of the economy many of my friends can’t find jobs and are struggling to buy food to eat… and this is what were spending our fucking money on….

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