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Study the LDS view of the Constitution

This video is mainly for an LDS audience, since it contains quotes from past and present church leaders. All of these quotes supports the platform of Ron Paul and his desire to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. This an updated version of this YouTube video. (www.youtube.com

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25 comments on “Study the LDS view of the Constitution

  • We need 2 defend the constitution

  • The Oath Of Office is the thread by which the Constitution hangs. He who has taken this oath and violates it must be warned of their violations, onced warned this warning automatically brings a wrath of vengance upon their heads if they do not change their course. Spread the warning!!

  • Mormon church gets initial approval to build controversial meetinghouse in Brookline

  • Munson said the other area missionary, Josh Baum, was based in the northern section of Santiago. Munson said church headquarters in Salt Lake City, which directs the mission program, had not been in touch with Paul Hintze, president of the church in the St. Louis region. Hintze took that as a good sign, according to Munson.

  • “Sidneys speech´╗┐ of exterimination”

    are you referring to the SALT speech?

  • Are you paranoid about something that happened in the 1800s? You never mention Sidneys speech of exterimination. Regulated? Is this like destroying a press or burning books that displease you?

  • Interfaith is not about losing faith; its about strengthening your own faith, said Alan Bachman, music chair for the performance and Jewish representative to the roundtable. He compared different faiths to different notes and explained that only when your own note is strong can you harmonize with another note and make beautiful music. Thats what will make the world work.

  • “I know that most members would like to see this as water under the bridge”

    one thing I know is that after MMM, there were NO longer threats to EXTERMINATE the Mormons! Now your types are regulated to throwing stones on youtube!

  • You’re right. I know that most members would like to see this as water under the bridge, but the doctrines, leaders and wild west mentality produced the MMM. Not all of the guilty of MM were convicted and punished in this world.

  • From the Ames courtroom on the Cambridge, Massachusetts campus, Elder Dallin H. Oaks, of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, discussed the tenets of his Mormon faith seeking to illuminate several premises and ways of thinking that are at the root of some misunderstandings about our doctrine and practice.

  • SALT LAKE CITY 26 February 2010 An apostle for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints addressed students at the annual Mormonism 101 Series convened at Harvard Law School (Read the full transcript of the speech).

  • Apostle Addresses Harvard Audience on Mormon Faith

  • polygamy laws were post-facto and MMM the leaders were tried and the guilty parties punished.

    MMM was NOT a Church wide endeavor, so your accusation holds NO water.

  • Mountain Meadows and polygamy ring a bell dingaling?

  • He said, “I felt that [volunteering] was a good way to give back to our great community here in Vancouver and help the world enjoy and appreciate the beauties of our area.”

  • Part of the reason President Walker was selected as a volunteer was because he is bilingual; He learned to speak French while serving in the French East Mission. He noted that he was given a surprise test on French ability when an Olympic staff member telephoned him and spoke in French. “Apparently I passed as my uniform has ‘Bonjour’ on it to indicate that I can assist French-speaking visitors.”

  • Vancouver British Columbia Stake President Thomas Walker, a dentist, is volunteering as a host with Event Services on Cypress Mountain, the location for snowboarding and free-style skiing events. Among his responsibilities are taking tickets, directing crowds, answering questions and ensuring that the guests and athletes have a safe and enjoyable experience

  • FACT. The lds church will only confide in the law when it is convenient or agrees with their doctrine. Earlier in the history of the church they ran from the law, hid crimes away from the eyes of justice.

  • Is that the reason that Jesus abdicated to the laws of men in renouncing polygamy and allowing blacks the priesthood?

  • jphenicie, this video is about the Constitution and is sharing the views Mormons have about the Constitution. Your viewpoint about Mormonism itself is close to being irrelevant here. In fact, we are in the biggest take-over of the government and trashing of the Constitution in our nation’s history and all you can talk about are Mormons?
    I would easily bet that I could trash your religion in a heartbeat myself… with facts. Just talk about the topic here. Thanks and no thanks for your hatred.

  • Mormonism is a ridiculous scam created by a fraudulent self-obsessed liar trying to win back credibility for being convicted in a court of law for being a fraudulent. He was sued by the state for telling people he was “a finder of precious metals in the earth” , and he was getting paid when he never found anything. Its so ridiculous that so many people follow this complete moron. i feel sorry for all these people. “Momonism” should be called “moron-ism” Joseph Smith is a Moron.

  • Actually they are more careful in their speech. They talk a lot about secret combinations if you listen carefully.

  • I’m not sure I trust the private sector any more than I trust the government, ‘Radont.’

    We need to uphold the law, and shall expect others to do the same. We must always work to change unfair/unjust laws, and vigilantly preserve the right ones. And then keep the government and corporations obeying them.

  • It depends on wording etc. Usury would still be illegal if not for evil judges in this land that deliberately misinterpret the constitution for their own personal gain, money. I’m all for protecting the right to property but not one jot or tittle more than is necessary. Otherwise the gov’t gets too much power and uses it to gain money and power, all to the detriment of the people it is supposed to protect.

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