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Language Vs Freedom

The independence of our country has been achieved through different movement before and after 21st February but it is a significant fact that we are solely indebted to 21st February to accelerate the movement of freedom and consequent upon such critical composure, the 26th March has been emergent as a realm of the foundation stone of a nation’s birth. In the next when men and women were expediting the resistance against all sorts of evil doings like exploitation, corruption and injustice, the movement of 21st February was a milestone to flourish and to direct the way as to how our freedom and salvation from unbounded restless would be terminated from socioeconomic life of the people. The common people of this C. We think that we could not achieve our freedom if 21st February was not emergent in 1952. Due to the movement of this day, we have shown our agitation against the rulers of the then Pakistan. To speak the truth, the 21st February, as a symbol of blaze illumination is our rectitude for which our survival as Bengali nation has been reflected through out the whole world.

In order to keep prestige of language and freedom of the country irrespective of all classes of people of our country have bequeathed to create resistance against the conspiracy of our survival like the people of a free stste. They have intensified the movement by degrees and being polemical, the then rulers have trespassed them and ultimately they had shot them dead. This is such a movement where our heroes have laid down their lives for the cause of elevated deportment of our mother Language. In the whole world, such unprecedented movement has never been taken place. With due advantage of our mother Language, we need to be particular in carrying out responsibilities from our different positions and the state of being enthusiastic for constructive work for the nation. But as ill luck would have it, some of ours young university and college going students are sheer from their education and as a result, they are not being able to be dutiful for the country. They are busy with capricious and reprehensible work of the society. We cannot expect such harvest from them because their guardians are conscientiously spending money for them. But they are making quintessential crimes and stigmatizing them to a great extent. After the emergence of our country as a free state, we have been passing through great hardship of ideal expedient personnel to build effective workforce in our country. If we would like to serve our country, we need to pay homage to our national hero who have been dedicated for the cause of national prominence towards our mother language.

Like the bounded responsibilities, this year has carried out the day of language and freedom with due somber mood and prominence. We celebrate both the days’ day with honour according to the heritage of the country. As the day of our mother language is mixed with our Independence Day, it has been mixed with our blood. In different seasons, in the climate of our country, new dimensions of beautified nature are reflected which is treated as the symbol of progress and prosperity in question. In every stage of development, the mainstream criterion of realism of our mother language is transparent and unpremeditated to the realm of our belief and religion. There is no denying the fact that we have accepted such a trend of life, which is uniquely coherent and not related to the lively-beings of western culture. These are ultimately the vital points to save us from being stigmatized by others. Ours is a developing country and we are passing through a great perturbation against terrorism, bribing, perfidiousness and capitulation and the cause of policies of misleading the people. We want all the ends of such mischievous activity from the social life. We should memorize the great sacrifice of the martyrs who had saved our mother Language by dedicating their lives. Consequent upon this, we achieved the 21st February as an ‘International Mother Language Day’ in 1999. This is a great achievement in the world to show our best regards to our Bengali Language. It is a rare example in the history of mankind.

In fine, if we would like to preserve the prestige of Bengali nation, we need to pay great eulogy praise to the martyrs for the cause of our mother language and freedom. To speak the truth, ours some dedicated young men have come forward to protest against the decision and aggression of the then Pakistani rulers. In the face of strong opposition, the Pakistani soldiers had killed uncountable people for their self-callous gluttony and power to suppress this nation. The two incidences rare in the history of mankind. If we observe the history of the world, we will see that no nation has resurrected their blood for the cause of language movement. They had laid down their lives for the restoration of democracy and freedom of economics. Their activities are undoubtedly of heroic deeds. If we dedicate ourselves for the cause of equality and liberty of our country, their departed souls will be complacent and effulgence. In every year, we celebrate this day by showing homage to them and shower the flowers to the ‘memoirs in order to solemnize their great bestowal achievements contributed to the dignity of our mother Language. In this respect, a remarkable statement of Robert Frost is worth mentioning:

“ The wood is lovely dark and deep,

I have promises to keep

And I have miles to go before I sleep

And I have miles to go before I sleep’’

Mr. Kh. Atiar Rahman is an M.A in English. He has written a vast number of articles on society, friendship and love. He was born at Meherpur. He has a brilliant academic record. At present he is serving as a Counter Part officer of Financial Management Reform Programme under Ministry of Finance, Finance Division, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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